“An Allegory for Love” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

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“An Allegory for Love” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith

Friend #1: I love you.
Friend #2: No you don’t.

Friend #1: Yes… I do.
Friend #2: No you don’t. I can’t see how you can say that.

Friend #1: I can see that you can’t see.
Friend #2: So, prove it to me.

Friend #1: No. I can’t do that.
Friend #2: Then you don’t love me.

Friend #1: Is that so? Can you see the air between us?
Friend #2: No, of course not. You can’t “see” air. Everyone knows that.

Friend #1: So, since you can’t see it, it must not exist? It must not be true or even real. Is that what you mean?
Friend #2: No, I’m breathing and I can FEEL the air and I know it’s real.

Friend #1: Exactly…. [pause]

Friend #2: Well, I can’t feel that right now.

Friend #1: So, shut up, stop thinking and breathe.
Friend #2: I don’t know how. It’s hard. I’m still angry.

Friend #1: I understand. Which is why I’m not going to stop loving you.
Friend #2: Fine… [crosses arms]

Friend #1: Fine. [smiles internally with ever fiber of being from the heart]

Friend #2: But I’m still angry… and hurt.
Friend #1: I understand. But that’s not me, that’s you. I know that makes you angry when you hear me say that, but sometimes the Truth is difficult to hear. Especially when you are still angry. Now breathe and try again…

Friend #2: Well, I still don’t believe it right now.
Friend #1: I understand. Perhaps one day you will. But don’t worry… I do love you. It doesn’t really matter to me if you ever believe me or not. Again, that is not up to me, and I’ve already let all those attachments to outcomes go. That’s how much I love you. It’s just like air. It’s just there… every where, constant and ever flowing. It’s up to you to feel it… inside. Then you will be able to see it in everything. Even in this moment…

[bows and walks away across a ground of broken glass that was once their friendship to await in the field on the other side…]



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