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PHEONYX FEEDBACK: This is NOT to put a scare into parents with infants who are on formula regimens. We are just sharing this as a general PSA (public service announcement) because many of us have friends who are brand new parents and MAY be utilizing baby formulas either out of necessity or convenience, and so I urge anyone who comes across this to be aware. A quick preliminary web search to see if this was a hoax reveals (at least currently) that it is not and the facts stated about “cupric sulfate” in the article ARE accurate.

Also, has come to be known as a well-respected resource of information for safer/organic/natural/alternative/holistic healthcare, so I see no reason why they would stray from their trustworthy format. BUT, as always, I encourage YOU to not take everything for face value and DO YOUR HOMEWORK and make your own decisions. A simple two-minute Google search of “what is cupric sulfate” (here let us help you… click here) can turn up a lot of interesting if not further accurate information from hundreds of different sources.

Apparently, there are two forms of it the alleged culprit here, one is white and the other version is blue. The blue kind is used more in pesticides/herbicides/bacteriacides, but they are connected and the white version is derived from the blue version. Again, I’m no expert. That’s just what was garnered from the first 5 to 10 minutes of reading from the top of the page results in the search. BUT the one that was most disturbing was what had to say about Cupric Sulfate (and I quote)…

Cupric Sulfate Pentahydrate Label
Active Ingredient: Cupric Sulfate [Powder for use in solution]
Purpose: Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate powder is used as an aid in hoof rot management under veterinary guidance.

Warnings: Copper can be toxic to sheep. Do not allow animals to eat or drink the cupric sulphate powder or hoof bath solution.
Know the volume of the hoof bath and calculate the amount of cupric sulphate carefully.
Do not overdose by using more cupric sulphate than what is recommended by your veterinarian.
When Using this Product: By placing a clean water bath ahead of the treatment bath, animals will clean their hooves to some extent and keep the treatment bath clean longer. Hoof baths should only be part of an overall program that includes proper nutrition, regular hoof trimming, and hoof injury prevention.

Keep out of reach of children.

(… end quote)

That was enough for me to say to myself that if I had a child, I think I’d just leave any cupric sulfate that doesn’t come naturally from his/her mother’s breast or some safer organic baby formula… if one should so exist. I can’t say. I have no clue on that. I’m sure one could make one’s own through and chuck the corporate grade powdered stuff all together though! So, I have no clue what the benefits of such a chemical as cupric sulfate, at any level, would have on infants. Perhaps deeper research may reveal something not seen here on the surface. If there is a chemist out there who happens to know, please feel free to enlighten us here in the comments section for the sake of any parents out there seeing this.

However, another thought came to me to query “what are the benefits to babies is cupric sulfate?” into the good ole Google search bar and see what the dice reveal. Apparently, at least according to Google… nothing. Now that’s a bit disturbing, too.

So, the question IS, “Why ARE baby formula companies putting an apparently toxic chemical INTO their baby formulas which also seems to reveal no real apparent benefit to the child??” One could deduce many a theory, but we won’t go there.

Just pay attention, folks. We know we can’t be too safe with our food these days with government and corporations altering the standards and safety of what goes into the food these days. And here’s just one more little tip for those who are beginning to pay attention to the labels on the bags and boxes that their food comes in the days (assuming even those labels are honest).Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 5.49.41 PM  THE TIP: IF you can’t properly pronounce or understand the name of no less than two or three ingredients on the label, put… it… down… walk away and look for a more natural alternative. Don’t be lazy. Our being lazy (or too busy) is what got us into this mess. We put all our trust into the companies and stopped paying attention to what they were doing to the farms, the food and the pharmaceuticals that they were/are pumping into them in order to respond to our lazy/busy demands for more. When was the last time you grew your own food? Case in point.

So, do your research. I mean just look at the list of ingredients listed on the sample label REALfarmacy cites at the bottom of its article (see also below in comments section)! The thing reads more like a science experiment than BABY food.

Please wake up and be wise. It’s time we decide it’s time to go back to more natural or go home. I love you.  Hi, Mom!  In-light, Pheonyx

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