BlogShare: “The Innate Nature of Spiritual Love versus Emotional Love” by Lisa Ann Bush-Saxton


“The Innate Nature of Spiritual Love versus Emotional Love” by Lisa Ann Bush-Saxton

Love brings about a mysterious energy in which science or any person has yet been able to define.

Love is the highest form of energy and the greatest energy of life – providing us with a high frequency of healing, awareness, and existence. Love nourishes our flesh, whereas negative emotions nourish the death of “self”.

Love is experienced by connecting with the flow of the Universe.  Love is Life in action. The energy that we put into our actions will be received by those whom our actions affect.

Many are focused on love in the emotional sense – the feeling – instead of unconditional Love: the state of merely being (energy). We are guilty of confusing emotional love with spiritual (unconditional) love.

Emotional Love possesses elements that feel temporary, confusing, and anxious. Often our desire for love is expressed as a fear of being shown the awful truth that we are truly “unlovable”; and we attract people who mirror that very thought.

When we are in the energy of Spiritual Love we are in the energy of acceptance. We know we are worthy of love and our being no longer holds doubts, confusion, and fear. We are able to approach others with the energy residing in our hearts and truly love them as they were meant to be loved…as God loves us!


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