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The Full Moon in LEO-AQUARIUS on JULY 22nd is the third of three Super Moons, looming larger than usual because the Moon is at perigee, closest to Earth. Bee-you-tee-FULL! I was just outside to watch the close to Full Moon gaining altitude in the East across from Venus sparkling so brilliantly in the west.

The SUN is brand new in LEO creating a Full Moon on the front edge of Aquarius. This cusp between signs, the meeting point of Capricorn and Aquarius, is a curious one, inviting an ancient mythic image. Capricorn is the Sea-Goat, Aquarius the Water Bearer. A mythic figure that beautifully illustrates this cusp is the crafty Sumerian god, Enki, often pictured with one foot on a (Capricornian) mountain with (Aquarian) streams of water flowing from his shoulders.

MERCURY in CANCER has just turned into forward motion. Whew! Many people experienced this last 3 weeks of Mercury in retrograde as rather rigorous! Mercury is turning forward at 13 degrees Cancer, interfacing with the over-arching Uranus-Pluto square that has us all in major transformation mode. We have all the information we need now to move on toward growth potential, using the opportunities which present themselves. Black Moon Lilith accompanies Mercury with a Mona Lisa smile.

The Full Moon squares SATURN in SCORPIO, with its resilient strength. Deep waters surge upward and outward. Saturn is a strict timekeeper. When it turned forward on the July 8 New Moon, it gave a loud and clear signal to proceed on issues harking back to last October. What was going on for you then? This Full Moon furthers the situation that claimed attention at that time. What have you accomplished since then? You have until this coming October, when Saturn completes its first round in Scorpio, to finish up, resolve, bring to fruition what has been indicated. It is no use resisting! The tides of change are too strong. The evidence is clear. Accept and get it together.

Also on this Full Moon day, VENUS enters VIRGO, adding some needed common sense pragmatism to a rather emotional month. Virgo responds to the situation at hand with a practical, no-nonsense approach. Do what has to be done.

MARS conjunct JUPITER brings confidence or, on the other hand, potential reactivity. There is a surge in the waters of change. The combination is ready to jump-start into action, one way or another. Keep your face forward. Something calls for our attention. Someone or something needs support or perhaps we respond to an opportunity at hand. The benevolent, caring side of Jupiter in this sign is activated. Remember to take care of yourself as well!

STAR OF DAVID.  There is a buzz going —youtubes and websites galore— about the Star of David pattern in the planetary alignments when the Moon moves into Taurus on the 29th. There will be two intertwining grand trines, making a 6-pointed star around the Zodiac, creating an especially lovely and beneficent energy field, representing As Above, So Below.

The ongoing WATER grand trine involves Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune/Chiron. Mars joins Jupiter, adding extra oomph and oom-pa-pa motivational energy. The Moon in Taurus makes a practical EARTH grand trine with Venus in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Attend to your garden and the seeds of desire that you have planted in your field of dreams. Do something constructive and productive, or simply enjoy the Earth, its beauty, its landscape vistas and beings large and small. Hug a tree. Feel your own roots connected deep into the heart of the Earth. Allow her energy to rise in you and guide your steps forward into richer well-being. This is a manifestation window of great power, like magic.

Enki is the Sumerian magician. His Word is Good. When the goddess Inanna (Venus) is trapped in the Underworld, Enki creates two little creatures from the clay under his fingernails (he was likely sculpting mountains). These tiny beings enter the Underworld unseen by the threshold guardians, and go right up to Ereshkigal, the dark goddess of the Underworld, who is in a distressed state of grief, pain and rage. These critters groan and moan with her, thereby acknowledging and soothing her. She allows them to revive Inanna and bring her back from her land of the dead. Joy and Love return to the world above.

We are each living this story in some way and we each have a bit of revitalizing magic to bring up from the underworld, from deep inside ourselves. As we feel our own taproot reaching into the Earth, our core energy is revitalized. We are interconnected with the life force and each other in the ways of creation and recreation.

When swimming, I like to watch the shimmering interconnected webs of light on the sandy bottom, cast by the Sun through the ever-shifting waters, moving to the wind, waves and currents. I am sure this is a reflection of the invisible cosmic web that shimmers with dark energy, the cosmic brilliance that contains and supports each of us on our quest in life.

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