Pheonyx Feedback: “Brand New Spaces & Sorting Through the Shift of the Ages”


LIA R. WROTE: Woah, very strong waves coming. Do you know what’s happening? I just felt and saw everything around me spiral inwards. I got dizzy and had to lay down. Just breathing the through it.


PHEONYX FEEDBACK: Yes, some big things are comin’ down from the great beyond. It’s also important to remember that we are smack dab in the middle of a double merkabah (grand trine) re-alignment (see of more info if you missed my post about it before). And there’s A LOT of wacky energy doing some REALLY wacky clearing and sifting of people’s psyche right now! Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 7.12.27 AM

But on another level, for those already a bit more connected, there’s a shift in the matrix and the veils of illusion are becoming thinner and more clear. REALITY ITSELF is literally shifting, and on a 3rd to 4th dimensional level (we’re not anywhere near 5th at the moment) certain aspects of the way the world works around us is making some major adjustments. Some may begin to see more spirits or other light-bodied beings, not necessarily from this dimension, begin to appear more often. Others will begin to tune into the audio frequency/vibrations a bit more… increased ringing or humming in the ears, perhaps even more clear voice instructions from guardians and spirit guides. And others are beginning to receive increased messaging through visions and dreams in very intense and specific ways.

In a recent response to a comment posted by one of the administrators of the Global Lightworkers facebook group who was wondering why the sudden surge in membership to the group, I responded, “More light workers are waking up and beginning to take flight….… It’s a good thing. Thank you for giving them a place to land!”

And this is what is occurring. Everyone with half a sense of awareness knows that “something” is going on here on the planet today. Whether one subscribes to the “hippie-dippie” (LOL… I watched the movie Wanderlust last night and a character used that phrase, and it cracked me up) notion that this IS the dawning of a new age, the Age of Aquarius (now we all have that song in our heads… =)~, OR whether one simply realizes a surface level that the human inhabitants of this world can no longer continue to go with “business as usual”, everyone KNOWS that something has got to change. In fact, the changes have already well begun and are well underway at this very moment.

gfl-message-02-09-10And… we are not alone in this. Waves of support energy are flying through the cosmos towards this little blue planet of ours. The Sun is heating up and sending out cosmic flares with lots of energy (aka information) to the entire solar system of planetary children that mommy (the Earth) and daddy (the Sun) are going through some big changes and a quite a few new upgrades are being made to the system. Think of it like a home renovation. And like in all renovation projects (as above, so below), some things have to torn down and removed in order to make room for the additions, improvements and expansions to the home.

So, here we are… some/many/most (eventually all?) of the old structures of the world are being torn down to make room for the new. It’s happening both from within as old paradigm structures collapse under their own weight and old age. Also, it’s happening from without as new energies of support are affecting and making upgrades to the very fabric of the Universe which supports our own neighborhood in our little neck of the cosmos. It’s not just us going through the Shift. All of our planetary neighbors are in on the renovation project, and we’re all feeling the sometimes uneasy, unstable effects of our support structures going through massive changes. NASA even reports sudden strange activities taking place on the surfaces of both Jupiter (the mover and shaker) and Saturn (the taskmaster and remover of obstacles/limits). Coincidences? Not likely.

So yes, keep breathing and keep trusting the Universe to take care of the details. This has been a long time, and I do mean a looooooong time, coming, in the planning stages for mankind’s evolution. Why do you think 7 billon plus souls have agreed to be here at this particular time? And by the time the renovations and improvements have been done, we’ll top ourselves off to about 10 to 12 billion souls present to come together for the big new cosmic house-warming party! Woohoo!

Love-En-Lights,  Pheonyx Roldan


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