“Lightworking 101 – Sending Light Beyond the Source of One’s Suffering” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


We may never fully understand why certain people make certain choices. Someone once asked me my thoughts on why some people seem to suffer more than others. That’s kinda like asking why do some people like pickles and others can stand the smell of them. I’m not sure. It’s something in our nature perhaps. Simply a part of what we are here to do. To learn from, in fact.

Until one becomes fully aware of one’s true nature, one will always choose suffering over non-suffering either consciously or unconsciously. And with the latter being more likely than the former, one can do nothing but repeat the cycle of self-suffering ruled by doubts, worries, fears, and on survival instincts until one is ready to wake up one day and make a set of different choices in everyday life… starting from the moment one opens his or her eyes.

And if you know you are called to do light work on this deeply suffering planet, it’s not a necessary for you to understand WHY people choose suffering in order to help apply the salve that also serves as the antidote. To listen… to love… to hold others in complete compassion without judgment… while they work through the letting go of (or holding onto) their own patterns of self-doubt, self-loathing, even seemingly self-annihilation in this crazy-mad but beautiful world.

Sometimes the work of supporting others is an open process with both parties fully engaged and flare guns pointing skyward signaling the way home. But other times, and more often it seems these days, the work is silent and from afar without a single word spoken. Instead, we engage in silence through hearts flowing daily with prayers and affirmations in support of someone’s safe passage through the fiery depths of self-transformation as they find their own way through the darkness.

This may be especially true with family and friends whom you love dearly but who choose to work through their suffering alone WITHOUT even your best of loving intentions meddling in their affairs. That too is necessary for some. The journey is an individual one. However, you wait in the wings and perhaps from a perch somewhere high above simply watching as they navigate the labyrinth of their own dark night of the soul. You know that if they so will it, just as you have, that they too will see the signs that Source shines upon those dark places which point the way home.

Either way, our job as light workers is not to get caught up in the need to understand one’s suffering in order to help them find the cure hidden deep within. Our job is to simply shine a mirror… hold a light… mark a turning point… set an arrow… all signs pointing in the direction towards self-revelation of where one life begins and the patterns of an old, pain-bodied life ends.

We are innately called to sound the sirens and float some rafts upon these great waters of change so that all beings, by their OWN will power and in their OWN right and perfect time (if ever at all), can see that they are THE ONE with the ultimate choice. There are but two choices in Life… To live while still dying, or to suffer death while still very much alive. Hey, here’s a little secret for you… no one makes it out of life alive. So, why not choose Life? Is that not truly what you came here to do in the first place?

Debilitation, one’s inability to make a move or to be hindered in one’s progress, is a condition of the mind as much as it is of the body. The cure to one’s illness, like in nature, is always in direct proximity of the cause of the dis-ease in the first place. The answer is in the question. The question is the one many still choose to ignore as it screams to be answered from somewhere deep within. One only needs to look to the source of the question to find the ultimate soul-ution.

So back to the question, why do people choose to suffer? Because they refuse to answer the question fully. What’s the question… ?

Answer: “Who would you be if you weren’t your story?” You know, the one filled with all that drama, fear, anger, and self-doubt.

Choose to discover the answer to THAT by choosing to not be the character in your own drama play, and your suffering will begin to unravel and the old story will soon come to an end. What comes after that? Well, try it and see. Write a new story perhaps. What have you got to lose? A life filled with anger, regrets and frustrations? Doesn’t sound like such a bad thing to me.

Keep breathing. I love you. One way or another we all make it back home. It’s only a matter of how and when. Choose wisely.  xo, Pheonyx


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