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941175_10200370920409851_859588219_nPheonyx Roldan Smith melds ancient teachings with modern understandings for personal self-healing, greater mental awareness, and increased emotional and spiritual growth.  Since 2007 Pheonyx has been offering private consultation and group classes and workshops on topics including qigong, yoga, shamanic breathwork, meditation, energetic healing, manifesting greater abundance in all areas of Life.  Since 2011 he has been traveling around the world sharing and documenting his journey presenting his current programs, “Channeling for Change: Workshops for Truth and Expansion“, through private and public groups and organizations along the way as the opportunities arise and Spirit presents.

Private and public training and workshop locations include:

The Center for Awareness – Atlanta, GA (USA)

The Self Discovery Center – Atlanta,  GA (USA)

Yoga Samadhi – Atlanta, GA (USA)

The Open Mind Center – Atlanta, GA (USA)

The Sacred Embodiment Center – Asheville, NC (USA)

The Crystal Music Co-Op – Asheville, NC (USA)

The Omega Institute – Rhinebeck, NY (USA)

Ibah Resort Hotel & Spa – Bali (INDONESIA)

Songmay Meditation Retreat Center – Ho Chi Minh (VIETNAM)

Home of the 12 Senses – Quezon City/Manila (PHILIPPINES)

ISIS International – Quezon City/Manila (PHILIPPINES)

Ninoy Aquino Wildlife Sanctuary – Quezon City/Manila (PHILIPPINES)

Tantra Yoga Center – Makati/Manila (PHILIPPINES)

One-of-a-kind work/play-shops experiences at the following 2012 transformational festivals and conference gatherings: Bhakti Bliss and Three Days of Light in Asheville, NC;  the Visionary Art Fair with Alex and Alison Grey in Atlanta, GA; and The OHM Talks Holistic Wellness Convergence in Manila, Philippines.  Pheonyx is currently expanding his level of commitment to such gatherings worldwide for 2014 and beyond.

To learn more about the various workshops and classes being currently offered, visit To learn more about the overall mission of the project, visit Namaste.



To book a private appointment or book a public workshop, please email him at or via facebook at with your name, website link (if you are a retreat or learning center) and daytime phone number.


Pheonyx Roldan Smith

“When individuals begin to truly understand how to actively create consciously that which is within themselves, the moment of Truth is revealed and the peace, love, and acceptance which they are seeking from others outside of the self becomes fully present in all areas of their lives.  Life automatically begins to manifest more fully within his/herown experience in the world in a very real and tangible way.  It is a simple, immutable, universal law: by waking up to your own inherent abilities to create consciously without fear, you not only accelerate your own conscious advancement but also contribute to the overall growth/evolution of all mankind towards greater awareness, compassion, and spiritual consciousness.  This can do nothing less than contribute to the overall expansion of  Universal Source Consciousness Itself to which we are all connected.  There is no better time for that to occur than right now.” –Pheonyx Roldan Smith


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