Travel Journal

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

11/10/11: The Asheville extension of the Season 5.0 Tour keeps going on! Such a wonderful and wonderfully educational time at Earthaven EcoVillage followed by a couple of simply resplendit days at the enchanting Mountain Light Sanctuary. Now a night in the city right downtown before heading down to the Dove’s Next Retreat Center for the big 3-day Zenergy 11.11 event. The Dharma Bums even made the event page of providers and performers! Sweet! Sending our love to most recent tour departing member Ryan Butler! Thank you, Ryan, for all the energy and special gifts you brought to the tour. May your journey continue to expand you and help you find the joy and purpose you are seeking in the world. We love you! xo, Da Bums

11/05/11: After three days at Earthaven Ecovillage, a couple of beautiful days/nights here at Mountain Light Sanctuary just south of Downtown Asheville, NC located on the edge of the Pisgah National Forest!

Earthaven Ecovillage Earthaven is an aspiring ecovillage in a mountain forest setting near Asheville, North Carolina. We are dedicated to caring for people and the Earth by learning, living, and demonstrating a holistic, sustainable culture.
11/04/11: Greetings from Carborro, NC! We’ve been having a really great time here with our awesome host, Whitney and her son Jack! Carborro has a cool vibe with all the coolness of the big city (without the attitude) and the charm of a small hip(pie) town. It’s been a good blend of both worlds and one much appreciated by many of the Bums who were a bit challenged by the D.C. frequency. So, we’ve been exploring the many aspects of the Carborro Community from checking out the downtown Halloween street party scene the first night we arrived to chillin’ in Whitney’s super cozy comforts reading and relaxing, taking meditations by the garden, and of course, sharing some inspired music and conversations around the campfire in the back yard well into the wee hours of the night. Carborro also marks the three and half week point of the Season 5.0 Tour and the welcoming of three new Bum members… Chris Rowland, Eric Freedom and Chloe Kuhl. All three bring some beautiful musical talents of their own to the tour, and we look forward to trying out some new sounds tonight, our final night in Carborro before we push towards western NC to Ashville, NC! Well, actually our first stop is in beautiful Black Mountain to Earthaven Ecovillage just north of Asheville. Meanwhile, our fearless activist Izzie has traveled back northward to Washington D.C. to join fellow Tarsands protesters in an effort to surround the White House and send a message to President Obama about the people’s concerns about the proposed oil pipeline from Canada U.S. Gulf Coast refineries. Keep Izzie in your thoughts and prayers as he goes to represent the concerns of millions of who believe this is not a good idea for us, the economy or our continued dependence on unsustainable oil resources. Thanks for following and with much love and appreciation, ♥ da Bums
11/01/11: Had an awesome time on the town celebrating Halloween in very cool Carborro, NC with another awesome DB host, Whitney Dean! Looking forward to a nice fire and playing some beautiful music tonight in the back yard. Check out the latest videos from Yogaville and D.C. tour legs on our facebook wall! live, laugh, love and share lots of music! -Da Bums =)~
10/30/11: Hey, guys! Sorry it’s been a while since an update. D.C. was good with some visits to some of the national monuments, some singing at the New Deal Cafe in nearby Greenbelt , MD and some wonderful music and meals with host, Katie Mogelgarrd (Izzie’s daughter) and some of our campsite neighbors in Greenbelt National Park. The gang we eager to push off to Yogaville, VA however by the end of day five and get out of tent and into a warm house. Tamara, Jonny K. and Jay jumped off the tour at the end of D.C. which cut the Bum’s numbers in half with Izzie, Pheonyx, Ryan and Clarity continuing the tour to Virginia. Elizabeth and Shanti Fales (some of you may know them from Omega) have been wonderful hosts and we are especially grateful for their hospitality and generous sharing of their home a bit early than scheduled due to Twin Oaks not being able to receive us this year. That has allowed us some time to explore the beauty and quiet surroundings and community of Yogaville a little longer, which is a nice contrast to the hustle and bustle energy of D.C. We celebrate our final evening here in Yogaville with an invitation to play a song or two and then hang out and dance at their annual All Hallow’s Eve party this evening. AND it looks like we may have picked up two new tour members, Chris and Eric, both of whom are skilled musicians in their own right. So, all is well and we look forward to or next stop, Carborro NC, at the home of fellow Omegan and friend, Whitney Dean! After that, Asheville NC! And the anticipation of the gang to be in Asheville is very high, and with good reason. They don’t call it the “Sedona of the South” and “Ashe-Vegas” for nothin’! =)~
10/27/11: new pics are up from our recent visits to Gnome Countryside, PA; Greenbelt National Park, MD; Washinton, D.C and a few current ones from our first couple of days here with Shanti and Elizabeth Fales at Yogaville in quaint and quiet Buckingham, VA. more updates and videos coming soon!

New Deal Cafe logo10/21:11: Hellooooooooo D.C.! After a quick breakfast a repack of gear, the Bums pushed off from Pennsylvania “Gnome” Country yesterday morning, albeit it somewhat reluctantly for some. But a few hours later we found ourselves in our new “home” for the next 4-5 days smack down in the middle of the Greenbelt National Forest Park just a few miles from downtown Washingtion, D.C. on the Maryland side of things. We knew it was going to be too soon to put away the pup tents and sleeping bags as we get to bring a little bit more of the “Omega experience” with us with some camping out for the next few days and nights. Only down side is that we don’t have the awesome Omega Foodworks team traveling with us on this leg of the journey. But we’re makin’ in work and no one has gone hungry on the tour as of yet. =)~  After a night of some rousing open mic at Greenbelt’s New Deal Cafe, a co-op within a co-op. really! check it out…!), we headed back to our urban woodland home for some one-on-one DB time together. It really was our first night alone as a group since launching the tour on the 10th as we had been in the practice and in service of music with our three sets of wonderful first leg tour hosts. We chatted up thoughts, ideas, stories and jokes around the camp fire about everything from movies to aliens to Weird Al music videos. LOL… it was good time. Today “Uncle Izzie” showed gave us a personal tour down the National Mall, the Washington Monument, and WWII, MLK and FDR Memorial monuments. After that, most of us split off to take in the sites and sounds on our own. Ryan, Clarity and Pheonyx decided to take in some authentic Chinese food up in Chinatown before heading over to check out the hipster to hippie’er scene over in the Dupont Circle district. Izzie will be staying in town with his daughter, Katie, tonight. This will be the first night with papa cat away. Hmmmmmm… a wonder to how he hippie/hipster mice will play?? =)~
10/18/11: Wow!  Yesterday marked the one week point on tour and it has been quite a ride already.  Currently in beautiful… and I mean BEAUTY-FULL!… Pennsylvania Amish country.  Location #3 of 14 stops on this five week musical journey.  We all absolutely love Rich and the beautiful haven he has created which he calls Gnome Countryside.  After a hearty oatmeal breakfast we set out to visit local farms to gather some basic necessities from the local surroundings… three dozen fresh farm eggs (for less than $4 too!!) from one local family farm, fresh raw milk (non-pasteurized) from another, a quick stop for some basic staples from an Amish owned/operated discount grocery store and fresh produce from a local farmer’s market.  Between meals it was like working on a farm ourselves as we broke up into groups to clean the “gnomery”, a room where rich begins every group tour (usually children) of the mystical grounds; cutting down overgrown vines, mowing the lawn, clearing the trails, laying down fresh mulch, and helping repair parts of both the people bridge as well as the one that the trolls (and little people) prefer to traverse that runs below.  As you can imagine, appetites were hearty after all that which we satisfied with an equally hearty meal of eggs, rice and local veggies roasted to perfection prepared by the well-skilled hearts and hands of our own Tamara, Clarity, Ryan and Jay.  And, of course, the night would not be a DB night without the sound of post-dinner music as we gathered in circle and serenaded each other with some soulful sounds. Not a bad way to celebrate the one week mark of the Season 5.0 tour.  Each experience with each one of our hosts is special, unique and so beautiful in each their own little ways.  Just like the people and communities themselves whom we are meeting along the way.  Huh, imagine that.  =)~  Lookin’ forward to the big hootinanny tonight in the big barn!!

10.14.11 Some After-Dinner Jammin in Teaneck NJ  : Nice little jam with the Dharma Bums and fabulous hostess with the mostest,Lauren Hooker in Teaneck, NJ! meeting up with fellow Omegan bud, Andrew DjMarvl Li, today for lunch before we head further south to Amish country, Lancaster PA, to Gnome Countryside ( created by our next host, Rich Humphreys! “Rich
 visualized a place where he could promote and protect the two things he felt most important to future generations: stewardship of the environment and a sense of community in the out-of-doors, in nature. Woven into these possibilities was a third enchanting element, that of little people, the gnomes. ” First
– week of the tour is wrapping up nicely. Hard to believe it’s already been a week since we pushed off from Omega. Thank you to everyone for all the love, support and following along with us in the virtual world!
10/12/11: Last full day in VT. Pheonyx was up and early and out the door with host, Joni, to lead a qigong class for the students of the Touchstone Healing Arts Massage School up in Burlington about 20 minutes away. The rest of the gang took their instruments to the street with the intention of busking, but turns out one needs a “permit” to even play music in the streets (ohhhh, the rigors of municipalities), so they spent time exploring the town and greeting and meeting new people along the way. Jay ran even ran into a few folks who he first met at COSM, Alex Grey’s Hall of Mirrors home and exhibition hall/house in upstate NY. We had the privilege of their company for the Ten Stones Hootinanny last evening which was a true hoot with great food (we’re a bit spoiled on this first leg of the tour), lively music, and the connecting of new friends. Everyone is up and at it early this morning in prep for our 6 hour drive to Teaneck, NJ to the home of jazz musician and friend of the Bums, Lauren Hooker! much love from the road, da Bums ♥
10/11/11:  A wonderful day clearing out the tomato plants in the community garden and some tree trimming in the back of our hosts’ home. Some of the Bums road bikes into the small town of Shelburne a couple miles away followed by a nice walk to theShelburne Apple Farm around the way. Got to sample some homemade apple and ginger ciders and another bountiful meal with stuff from the garden including some awesome fried green tomatoes compliments of Pheonyx’s southern know-how. “Even great with ketchup!” according to Ryan and Izzie. =)~ “Good too with soy sauce!” confirms Tamara. A brief visit with local artist, activist and neighbor, Cami, who dropped in and shared with us her with‘s Bill McKibben. And, of course, a close out of the evening with some singing, guitar pickin’ and drummin’ as part of how we pay for our meals around here. LOL… not a bad gig at all. Lookin’ forward to the big community potluck DB5.0 Hootinanny tonight in theTen Stones Community Common House!

10/10/11:  Dharma Bums Tour 2011 (DB 5.0)  After a hectic morning of packing, final planning and saying our “see ya laters” to friends and loved ones atOmega, we launched the Dharma Bus Caravan with a wonderful ceremony of sage and poetry and song around noontime for a five hour trip up to Charllotte,Vermont.  Beautiful country up here.  My first time to the state of Vermont it looks like many of the pictures I have seen of it in books and magazines.  The leaves are in full peak and spirits are high.  There are a total of seven of us traveling together at the moment and our hosts for for the first 3 days of the trip are a wonderful couple, Joni and Pair (he’s Dutch =) and their two sons, Kai and Jasper.   Izzie met Joni back at Omega just this summer when she was there leading Journey Dance classes to the staff.  They hit is off and she invited the Bums to visit for a few days on the first leg of there tour.  So, we have been welcomed to the lovely Ten Stones Community.  We shared a beautiful meal made from elements fresh from their garden, played some wonderful after dinner music and sang some songs.  I could definitely get used to this lifestyle… =).  I took the opportunity to take a nice walk in the light of the full moon before bedtime, and up with the sunrise this morning.  So, we’re off to a good start.  Much more to come. And check out the links to the DB5.0 tour videos (coming soon) and join the virtual tour on facebook at!