Travel Journal (2013)

“That which you are looking for, you are looking with.” -Francis of Assisi


1236918_10151724927858267_771522387_n09.09.10 [MANILA, PHILIPPINES]  (and oh look, it’s 11:11am just as I sit to write this… perfect.  ) : Gosh, what a whirlwind ride it has been! A few months ago, I was sitting quietly among the rice fields of Bali (Indonesia) writing, reflecting and teaching my dear Balinese buddy/brother/friend, Tjok Gde, some totally awesome one-on-one qigong and dreaming up designs for a healing center in central Bali! Shortly after that, I found myself bouncing between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh (both in Vietnam) being utterly amazed at how many millions of motorcycles can exist in a single country. It LITERALLY seems like yesterday that I was sitting by the mountain lakeside and hiking the Himalayan foothills of central Nepal. Following my two-and-a-half months in the mountains, it was back to the southern Philippines to reconnect with my mother’s side of the family. Turns out those next two-and-a-half months would be set aside for some deep inner work and final level energy clearing of some old relationship patterns that were no longer going to serve the new time/space of being I/We have been stepping into these past few months/years.

Then on July 27th, 2013 it was time to take flight once again! This time, back the big city of Manila (Philippines), and boy oh boy, was I ready! The energy of August whipped up into a learning, sharing, growing frenzy with three straight weeks of back-to-back Channeling For Change Workshop Series with Pheonyx Roldan programs all over the city. This visit marks the magical #3, as in my third round in the Philippines since embarking on the The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project and Teaching Tour back in March of 2012 (see for more info); and the light and learning has expanded in SO many beautiful ways beyond the confines of the classroom. Special thanks to Jake Jariolne Batoon, Nathan De Leon, Luisa Mondonedo-Armovit, Marion Salazar, Marian Alonzo, Jen Elizabeth C. Siarot, Gigi Velarde Bartulaba, and SO MANY people (way too many to list here) who have attended, supported and helped spread the work we have been doing here.

Like I said, it’s been a whirlwind and I’m just now this week catching my breath after an amazing program sharing weekend (and a teeny bit of R&R) at the immensely beautiful, highly regarded and internationally reputed holistic healing resort center lovingly referred to simply as The Farm (see yesterday’s wall post for a few more little details on that. Yes, photos are coming soon… still taking it all in really.) The visit has inspired both the and Ohm Talks Manila teams to think even BIGGER for round #4 here in the Philippine Islands come late 2014 to early 2015! Saying that we are humbled and excited about what the future holds is definitely an understatement beyond a doubt! 

Meanwhile, we still have a bit of work to do these last few weeks here in the P.I. with one more week of offerings here in Manila/Makati/QC. On Sunday, September 15th, we carry the programs to Cebu and Davao cities in the south!

Tapos (then) I’ll be boarding a flight back to the U.S. the first week of October (seems like deja vu) for some amazingly fun and soul-expanding good “plwork” (play/work) with the rainbow light-working tribe that is The 3DL (Three Days of Light) Gathering/Festival just outside my sweetly held home-away-from-home city (though I like to think of it as a village really) of Asheville (North Carolina). Of course, not without a requisite and gratefully anticipated reunion with dear family (biological and otherwise) and friends in Atlanta (Georgia), and a quick wardrobe change from island wear to that which is more appropriate for those crisp autumn nights in the mountains of North Carolina. I really can hardly wait!

I hope to see some of you (again!) at 3DL or at some point thereafter while I also travel around the southeast doing workshops and programs. I will be in Asheville at least for a week or two following 3DL and heading to Savannah (Georgia) and/or Charleston (South Carolina) first couple of weeks in November. Then back to Atlanta by end of November and home for the holidays with family during the month of December.

January will launch the year’s travel/teaching tour line-up for 2014 beginning in central and south Florida (details still underway but will be announced soon)! And February brings current plans to share/facilitate a few programs at a transformational gathering called the Envision Festival in Costa Rica just in time for my birthday (fingers crossed  ). So, join us there too if you are able! But if you can not, don’t worry… there’s a ton of gatherings coming into awareness and fruition in the clear and present future now. Bookmark or like us on facebook at for future announcements if you are interested in knowing where to catch up with and do some really really beautiful plwork WITH us!

So, that’s pretty much the loose plan right now at least. We’ll see what the Universe has in store with all those spaces in between. I love you. Keep breathing. More to come! Stay tuned. In Love/Light/Life Eternal,  Pheonyx


1174894_10151854287261183_613316160_n09.07.13 [Lipa/San Benito, Philippines] : Taking a break from my facebook break to come online as say that I AM beyond grateful for ALL of it. This initial visit to The Farm Holistic Healing Resort Sanctuary (Philippines) is proving both fruitful and inspiring. The staff was extremely grateful for the Energetic Space Clearing workshop and SoulSounds singing meditation last night. This morning, led them through a beautiful sunrise qigong session by the lake, and everyone is looking forward to talking ALL about ABUNDANCE tonight in the “Oriental Room”! LOL… but of course, we are. =)~

The staff has been nothing less than wonderful to us, and the food (all vegan btw!) ranks up there with the best of the 4 and 5 star resorts. And the grounds themselves? Well, words really do them no justice so I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves (coming soon). And none of this would be without the invitation of our dear friend, soul sister, fellow lightworker and all-around awesome person, Dr. Marian Alonzo‘s invitation to present at this very special place. Thank you, “Doc Marie”! We are forever grateful to you and the whole Farm team. 

The energy of the place definitely brings up beautiful memories of my days back at the Omega Institute (upstate New York), and I can see how the Universe is lining things up for some bigger weekend and week-long programs in the not so distant future. The Esalen Institute (northern California) is next on the list and, Source willing, would set up a perfect triangle (the first of two important double tetrahedronic… aka merkabic… lineups for‘s future!) and for future Channeling For Change Workshop Series with Pheonyx Roldan global program offerings. We shall see how it all plays out however. I’m just listening and doing what I’ve come here to do while paying attention to the signs. Much more to come. We’ll see what the Universe has in store. Aho… 

In the meantime, my heartmind is filled with gratitude BEYOND gratitude indeed. Thank you all for supporting the work and hitching your carts for this truly fascinating ride. Put on your seat belts, darlin’s, because things are about to speed up and get REALLY fun and interesting as we move into 2014! And clear, conscious, compassionate co-collaboration is truly going to be the key to accessing the future many of you have agreed to come here to help bring into being. Keep doing your work and letting go of the issues that stand in the way of that. Until then… Love, Light and Life,  Pheonyx


About this photo: Halo-halo (from Tagalog word halò, "mix") is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture of shaved ice and evaporated milk to which are added various boiled sweet beans and fruits, and served in a tall glass or bowl. Ingredients include boiled kidney beans, garbanzos, sugar palm fruit (kaong), coconut sport (macapuno), and plantains caramelized in sugar, jackfruit (langkâ), gulaman, tapioca, nata de coco, sweet potato (kamote), cheese, pounded crushed young rice (pinipig). In terms of arrangement, most of the ingredients (fruits, beans, and other sweets) are first placed inside the tall glass, followed by the shaved ice. This is then sprinkled with sugar, and topped with either (or a combination of) leche flan, purple yam (ubeng pula), or ice cream. Evaporated milk is poured into the mixture upon serving. (via [Southern Philippines] : After traveling for nearly 24 hours from Nepal (which seems a little more than a dream now) to the southern Philippines only a few days ago, it was little rest for the weary as the first two days with the mother’s side of the family were filled with local annual festival in honor of the town’s patron saint, and a family birthday celebration. Day three brought some much needed rest and mental relaxation as thoughts circulated around the next leg of the journey. Time to finalize some solid plans for a fall teaching tour through the Philippines over the next few months and possible reinactment as co-host and presenter at the annual Ohm Talks summit in Manila in the fall. Following these final months in Asia, I shall embark upon another return to the U.S. in October to again be a part of The 3DL (Three Days of Light) Gathering/Festival this year in North Carolina. I also look forward to being with family and friends for the fall/winter holidays while also preparing a workshop and Transformational Festivals tour featuring the “MerKabah Method Lightbody Activation” and “Totally Awesome QiGong” programs around the U.S. throughout 2014.


Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 1.29.43 PM06.01.13 OCG PROJECT TRAVEL/TEACHING TOUR UPDATE: It’s been a busy couple of weeks researching and putting things together but the bigger picture is coming together quite nicely. I just received this amazing list of U.S. west coast, Canadian and a smidge of midwestern transformational festival (TF) gatherings… … which was like a MAJOR godsend, as I have been piecing together a list of gatherings and dates simply by googling and paying attention to TF info posts that have been coming across my newsfeed.

If anyone is interested, you can also scroll down the right-hand column of this page to “2013 Gatherings” to see the current working list of TF’s which I have identified as potentials for personal participation in as a workshop facilitator with the MerKaBah Lightbody Activation work as the primary offering and qigong, yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, energy work, etc. as possible smaller scale offerings. Whatever there is space and interest for, I shall provide. If you are a festival organizer or know some who is, please let me know and i’d love to connect with you and forward you a proposal. Best to reach me by facebook email or at if outside of facebook.

Here’s the current list of possibilities. Keep in mind that some of these have obviously already passed for 2013, but I have them listed here (weblinks via the OGG link above) for consideration for 2014 teaching tour…

JAN 25-28: Rainbow Serpent in Lexton, Australia
JAN 30-FEB 06: Luminate in Aotearoa, New Zealand
MAR 20-24: Bali Spirit in Bali, Indonesia
FEB 15-18: Earth Frequency in Queensland, Australia
FEB 27-MAR 3: Envision in Uvita, Costa Rica
APR 12-14: Lucidity in Santa Barbara, California
JUN 13-16: Sonic Bloom in Georgetown, Colorado
JUN 14-17: Inshala in Alberta, Canada
JUN 20-24: Tangra Fest in Sandanski, Bulgaria
JUN 28-JUL 01: Enchanted Forest in Navarro, California
JUL 11-15: Lightning in a Bottle in Temecula, California
JUL 25-28: GratiFly Festival in Westminster, South Carolina
JUL 25-28: Mystic Gatherings in Selma, Oregon
JUL 26-28: Unify Festival in Georgetown, Colorado
AUG 09-11: Unitus Festival in LaFayette, Georgia
AUG 1-4: Illumination in Tidewater Falls, Oregon
AUG 15-18: Rootwire Festival in Logan, Ohio
AUG 20-22: Symbiosis in Oakdale, California
AUG 26-Sep 2: BurningMan in Black Rock, Nevada
AUG 9-12: Beloved Festival in Tidewater Falls, Oregon
AUG 9-12: Shambhala in British Columbia, Canada
SEPT 21: EarthDance in Manila, Philippines
SEPT 5-8: Culture Fest in Pipestem, West Virginia
OCT 11-13: Three Days of Light in Asheville, NC (confirmed!)
OCT 17-20: LEAF Festival in Black Mountain, NC

We’ll see what this little bird, his team of spirit guides, the Universe, and anyone else who is interested can create, shall we?! Stay tuned! More to come. Much much more. xo, Pheonyx


Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 1.32.57 AM05.15.13 [Pokhara, Nepal] I’m considering a transformational festival teaching tour for late 2013 and/or throughout 2014 to share several programs such as the Totally Awesome QiGong training, MerKaBah Method LightBody Activation breathshops, and Channeling for Change learning series and few other lovely things making themselves known.  I’ve got a list of several festivals already running in my mind, not the least including the wonderful The 3DL (Three Days of Light) Gathering/Festival in Asheville, NC and the Ohm Talks Manila, Philippines which I had the privilege to be a part of in honorary fashion last year. Both have left indelible impressions upon me, and I can not help but feel that there is something bigger for me to do here with the growth of these consciousness-expanding, transformational experiences which seem to be popping up all over the U.S. and around the world, especially as it relates to the real work and awareness that has been building around the The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project, part two of the overall OCG project which will be of primary focus over the next year or so.

I have a list of gatherings listed under “2013 Gatherings” section under the community links column at if you’re interested in learning more about them, too. However, the list itself and these thoughts are still very much a recent work-in-progress, but I’m curious to know what consciousness/community-based building festivals some of YOU may be involved with and/or attending this year?? Yes, I’ve already googled “transformation festivals” and gotten a few more leads. And yes, I’ve got some lovely contacts and beings of inspiration such as Scott Love with Emergence: Earth; my dear friend Chip Conley who has launched his own “best festivals of the world” journey and website at; and whom I’ve only met briefly at 3DL but feel genuinely connected with, Ms. Rebecca French, who is doing some good work with the Beloved: Sacred Art & Music Festival 2013 and bringing all that into fruition on the west coast! (I haven’t forgotten about our conversation Becky! Thanks for holding tight) just to name a few. And I’m paying attention to the BLOOM SERIES of short films focused on the recent phenomenon of growth of global conscious gatherings (see for more on that).

But as I allow the ingredients of both heart and mind come together before turning up the heat on this little dish of an idea, I’d like to hear from you about some of your favorite rainbow family, cosmic tribe gathering places. So, tell me… what’s your favorite festival(s) and perhaps a brief reason why? And if you can provide a link to their website, that would be so awesome and helpful as well. Thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to seeing where all this is about to go.  love and light, Pheonyx


ghorepani105.12.13 (The Roof of the World, Nepal). Just back from 6 days trekking in the Himalayas. Two words… beautiful and challenging. Good to be back in civilization here in Pokhara. A big shout-out to my new friend and trekking buddy, Brian Peters, who helped make the trip interesting, fun and certainly not boring (watch your steps! =)~. Time to catch up on some physical rest, quite a few emails and handful of life coaching calls, and plan the next move. Though India is on the list, it’s not a strong enough call to head in that direction just yet.

It’s been a eye-opening and heartmind strengthening month for me looking at all the bits and pieces of how this journey halfway around the globe (so far) and the first 14 months of The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project has played out. I have met SO many wonderful people from all around the world, and shared some truly lovely and deep resonant conversations about life, love and healing. The list is too long to name them all here, but you know who you, and for you I AM grateful to have met you and look forward to continued communication and path-crossing in the future. If not in the physical realm, then in that which lies both in between and beyond. But for now, it’s feeling like it’s time to head back to the Philippines soon to start teaching again with stop-over in the southern islands to visit with the aunts/uncles/cousins with maybe a short pass through Thailand and/or Singapore on the way up. We’ll see where the path leads after that. Hard to believe it’s already the middle of May!

With that, a big, bold heart-felt “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!” to my dear and supportive mother, Virginia F Smith (I’ll call you in the morning, mom… =) ), and to my dear sis-in-law, Dreama Smith, and ALL the mothers out there in the world! You know who you are, too. Thank you for all that you do as moms. And you dads out there too who serve the roll of both mom and dad to your sons and daughters! Oh, and to all of you beings who serve as mothers/caregivers to others despite maybe not ever having physical children of your own! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh, heck! Happy Mother’s Day to us all!! LOL… I love you guys/gals. Thank you for just being you. All right… photos will be arriving soon. Sleep well, western hemisphere. Good afternoon, eastern half! Get ready, we’ve got some work/play (plwork!) to do. It’s time to gear things back up indeed. More to come. Peace, love, and lots more living, laughing and learning to do, ♥ Pheonyx


473411_10151616460951183_1134135879_o05.05.13 (Pokhara, Nepal] Last day in Pokhara… for now. Head up tomorrow for a week long (+/-) trek through the foothills of the Himalaya’s. It’s a solo trip although I’ve run into a few other trekkers heading up the same way in just the past couple of days, and the trail is a well-marked one with plenty of lodges and tea houses along the way (yes mom, i have a map. ). Pokhara has been lovely and is definitely more my cup of tea compared to Katmandu and other recent places I’ve been. In speaking with a few close friends of mine recently, I came to the realization that Nepal has been an immense teacher for me in the art of allowing… simply letting go and allowing things to be. It has also been a great opportunity for me to practice the art of relaxation… no workshops, no classes, no conferences or even volunteer gigs. Just being. Just allowing. Just breathing.

Of course, there has been some wonderful eating and cultural exploring. Here’s a little secret… it’s pretty much the same everywhere you go. Yes, the faces may be different, and the language may be different, and the food, and the money, and the local drink of choice, and even the religion, but for the most part, it’s all pretty much the same… people are people with all their varied selves, but there is very little difference once you see under the skin of it. I’m sure there will be more to write on all that when the time comes, but for now I’m just going to let that be, too.

In truth, as much as I love people and observing them in their natural (and man-made) environments, I look forward to getting away from the common places where people tarry. I look forward to taking a break from busy market streets, over-priced coffee shops, lakeside restaurants watching people doing their thing. I look forward to looking into some different faces… the faces of mountain peaks that reach up to kiss the sky. I look forward to shaking the hand of ancient rocks and river bends. I look forward to sharing silent conversations with birds and bees, blue skies and trees. Of course, There will be the occasional fellow traveller with whom I’m sure to engage whether passing along the same path along the trail or hovered around a hot stove or wood fire in some random tea house at the end of a day. But for the most part, this solo part of my journey shall continue, giving me an even greater opportunity to explore those inner peaks and winding river valleys of the Self as I reflect upon the body of this beautiful planet we all share. Nature has a way of doing that, and I realize that it’s been a long time since I’ve actually been alone with it/her for any extended amount of time. I look forward to the sojourn into the exterior unknown to see what can be discovered even further within. See you on the other side. I love you. Keep breathing, Pheonyx


551029_10151580119701183_545783434_n-104.16.13 [Kopan Monastery, Nepal] Rain. The sound and smell of it permeates the air. Thunder rolls just over the northern central ridge of the famed Himalayas grumbles like an old man in his rocking chair. Technically it’s still the dry season and the monsoons are officially another month or two away, but the sound of thunder and the cool pitter-patter of rain is a welcome gift here at the end of my second full week in Nepal.

I’d been praying for rain, hoping that a little bit of liquid manna from the sky would clear some of the dust and air pollution of Kathmandu enough to allow one to breathe a bit of fresh air for at least a short while as well as afford a decent view of the mountains which had otherwise been obscured by a constant thick grey haze of smoke, dust and vehicle exhaust. So it seems, the rain gods were pleased and have proffered me my request.

I left the busy crowded streets of Kathmandu two days ago seeking higher ground and a little more breathing space (and air). I landed in Kopan, a foothills village just on the outskirts of Kathmandu Valley, a stone’s throw away, and yet a world apart from the noisy, congested, peddler-pushin’ streets of Nepal’s capital city. Kopan Monastery, my home for close to a week, sits high atop a hill overlooking the town which remains sparsely populated and picturesque from this bird’s eye view with Bhoudanatha, home of one of Nepal’s largest stupas.

Shortly after I checked into my room the thunder began to roll. Apparently, however, that was only meant to be the sounding bell for not a single drop of rain made it over the ridge. Yet, the following day was a different story all together as Mother Nature unleashed a lovely torrent upon the hill valley. The rain had an equally cleansing effect upon my own heart and mind as I sat by candle light in my own little monk’s quarters quietly listening to what the weather had to say.

At around 5am the next morning, I arose as usual with the first sound of my beloved bird friends, the caroling of the usual cocks and crows mixing with other various song birds which share the sanctuary. I was eager to take to my morning meditation with hopes of clearer views of the mountains to the east as the sun made another round over the foothills. I was not disappointed, and though not crystal, the sight ridges yet before unseen was met with an unusual coolness of breath as the wind ushered in a cool breeze from the northeast corridor of the valley.

The question that came to my awareness during both the previous evening as the thunder rolled and the rains fell and again that morning as the sun rose over the mountains illuminating the morning mist was, “What am I doing here?”

I had to laugh at the question which was sourced by the makings of my own thinking mind. Morpheous, whom I refer to as the egoic nature of my self, doesn’t much like not knowing, and though he is better at relinquishing control of the unknown these days, We (Pheonyx and I/We/Source/ the Higher Self) still have to have some casual conversations of assurance with this more rational part of our self.

“We are here… just being,” the internal dialogue between the heart and mind commenced. “Just waiting for the next sign to appear as to whether our next move is to the east or to the west.”

“But what are we doing here in Nepal?” Morpheous persisted.

“Again, we are just here. Moving with the flow. All internal signs pointed north, and north we came. Relax. All things will be made clear in time. We have to trust.”

With those familiar words, Morpheous relented a bit and allowed the mind to become clear and at peace. What was replaced was a beautiful receiving of energy, clarity, physical and emotional stillness. As I breathed facing the morning sun a new breathing meditation began to circumnavigate the outer recesses of the higher mind.

Breathing in the words came to me, “As I breathe, in I open the channels of my Mind.” Breathing out, the following words ensued, “As I breathe out, I release all obstacles that stand of the way of total receiving.”

Eyes closed, the breathing began to slow and become even deeper. Moving beyond the realm of thought, further instructions followed as my listening became deeper as well. Dropping the awareness to the heart center, “As I breathe in I open the channels of my Heart.” Exhaling, “As I breathe out, I release all obstacles that stand in the way of total receiving.”

Going even deeper still as my awareness dropped into the first and second chakras, the point of origin and the energy points most associated with the physical form of beingness, “As I breathe in, I open the channels of my Body.” Allowing the breath be exhaled down into the Earth,” As I breathe out, I release all obstacles that stand in the way of total receiving.”

Additional aspects of this newly received mantra-breathing meditation began to reveal itself at the eastern base of my tiny meditation mound in the temple garden. It had been a while since I’d received any new information involving healing meditations from my guides and I/We (even Morpheous) were delighted to be receiving some new instructions. The breathing meditation was then combined with a new sounding meditation I began to use and share with others while in Vietnam. The technique utilizes the primordial sounds of “Uhh”, “Ahh”, “Eee” and “Oh-m” in correlation with the three major dantiens (energy points) and astral realm as utilized in the ancient practice of Qi Gong. More on that to come soon.

And thus with the clarity of Mind, Body and Spirit, we remain still and yet ever-changing. Following the meditation, the call to head west to Pokhara felt strongest. So, we shall head there and see what the Universe has in store. There is much to explore for the next several months. A great deal more lies between the valleys and ridges of the inner/higher mind which I have come to realize are now seeking further exploration. THAT is why we are here, dear Morpheous. As above so it is below, and our exteriors are nothing more than a reflection of what is within. We shall seek even higher and awe-inspiring ground. And so it is, and so it shall be. In full faith, trust and ever-lasting grace of the Divine, we shall continue. ♥, Pheonyx


547232_10151580071581183_1155491486_n04.12.13 (Kathmandu, Nepal) Day 10 in Nepal, the place where time seems to both stand still and fly by at the same time. Was greeted upon arrival by dear brother, Dharma Khidrnaji Gyatso (aka David from Denmark) and immediately introduced by a plethora of beautiful human beings the first night. Mostly fellow travelers from places like Australia (Emily Immerse and Lauren Monty Montgomery), England (sweet Emily Sams) and Amsterdam (dear brother Michalis Maroulakis and a handful of really lovely and gentle-spirited Nepalese.

The locals here, and even parts of Kathmandu remind me Ubud, Bali, particularly the area of Thamel which most caters to the tourist crowd with tiny streets packed with shops overflowing with wood, metal and textile wares while rickshaws, humans, and bicycles compete for travel turf with an increasing number of motorbikes and cars (which should be outlawed on the tiny sidestreets in my opinion.) One important tip I can share with you if you ever find yourself in the streets of this colorful cornucopia of sights, sounds and smells is to watch your feet! It’s all too easy to have your toes run over by any number of speedy peddlers or motored vehicles alike. I have found the best time to walk the streets is in the early hours of the morning. Despite many of the shops and quieter coffee houses (always my ultimate quest) not being open until 9 or sometimes even 10am, one can usually find a street baker and a hot cup of tea along the path while shopkeepers sweep and bless their front stoops with sprays of water (again, be aware of where you walk or you could also end up, with an unexpected morning baptismal), and people make their way by the various mini-shrines to various Hindu and Buddhist deities for morning offerings and blessings. You can often tell who has been to the shrine thatday by the very recognizable red dot on the forehead otherwise known as a “tika” blessing representing the “light of God” or Goddess depending on what shrine you so happen to visit that day.

The first week has also brought new brothers, sisters and friends into my knowing via the Kundalini Singing Bowl Therapy Center (aka as the “Divine Cave”) and the Kundalini “Guest House” where owner and brother and friend, Chaitanyashree, has welcomed me with open arms. The guest house has been a haven with a simple private room provided on the 4th floor rooftop terrace where the breeze constantly blows and birds sit and soar at dawn and dusk as they too search for their daily blessings of food.

A recent trip about 7 hours south with several devotees of a home-grown Nepali guru who goes by the name “Dharma Sangha” also revealed some of the lower regions of Nepal which not surprisingly looked and felt much like its neighbor of India which was just a few hundred meters over the border further south. Everything from food to the style of dress is more “Indian” than Nepali there, including the not-quite-opressive (but close) heat that was there. Days were dry, arid and very very dusty as it’s still two months until the monsoon season. sadly, in addition to the dust and dry heat, the southern Nepali people have a penchant for burning things, particularly forest ground cover. Everywhere you looked you could see smoke rising from the mountain hillsides while leaves, dry grass and underbrush slowly burned its way through massive swaths of land. Sadly, no one could really give me a good reason as to why all the burning was taking place, as these were not fertile fields for planting that were being burned. The only thing I could think of is that the locals harvest the long grass to feed their many goats and cows after the monsoons come to replenish the hillsides with fresh growth… if the hillsides don’t was away first due to excessive erosion from burning and tree-cutting which is also another major, out-of-control practice as demand for growth and resources increase here in Nepal. One last side-effect of the constant fires was a grey haze that obscured much of the sky during the day and blocked the view of much of the long terrain of the southern mountain ranges. That and the fact that I suffered from headaches from the heavy carbon levels in the air the whole time we were down there. Ironically, I can actually breathe a little better here in Kathmandu, one of the heaviest polluted cities in the region, if not the world. Go figure.

And yet, my journey continues. I am not meant to stay here in valley very long. The mountains of the north are calling and in a few days I head just a little further north to Bhoudanath for a few days, and then west and a little further north still to the Annapurna mountain range just outside Pokhara. Two magical places where the energy is clear and strong and empowered by thousands of Tibetan monks who have made these areas their refuge since having to leave their homeland of Tibet. And in these places I will sit and be still and listen more deeply than I have ever listened before. There is a deep stirring in my heart seeking some silent recognition. I know that there are still several inner caves to explore and mountains of the higher mind to discover.

I have atleast three months to do so here in Nepal, a place dubbed “the top of the world” and the “home of the Gods” as it is the thinnest place between where the earth meets the sky. It is also the refuge place of many sage souls who carry many secrets of the soul and the universe within their own hearts, minds, words and songs. I look forward to also meeting some of these wise masters who have overcome mara (suffering/illusion) and have come to understand and embody the true essence of both worlds of samsara (life/karma/incarnation) and nirvana (that which lies beyond). I look forward to and presently upon the journey as I step more fully into phase/year two of it. I thank you all for being a part of it. I wish you love and well-being always. Love, Light and Life everlasting, Pheonyx


580596_10151542949341183_1093882206_n03.18.13 [HO CHI MINH CITY, SAIGON] It’s official, and just like clockwork, this watery reflective Mercury in retrograde in Pisces is officially over for me and the flow is once again moving forward and energy is beginning to rise again. It’s tough being an energy sensitive sometimes but oh so worth it. Everything is here to teach us, further giving us plenty of opportunities to surrender, let go, go within, rest, release and build up new strength and courage for new flights. Eyes are now set upon the west. Been appreciating my time in Asia this past year, but I believe these wings are ready to fly to even greater heights. destination… northern India, Nepal and Tibet. Get ready roof of the world, here I come! Aho. SO grateful for this journey. Happy one year anniversary to The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project and little on me on this challenging and beautiful journey indeed. I love you all. Keep breathing. Much more to come. ♥, Pheonyx


IMG_253003.06.13 [SAPA, VIETNAM] Day four in Sapa (northern Vietnam). Feeling the full effects of Mercury in retrograde. Introspection. Pure observation. I took a long walk into the country yesterday. After walking for a few hours, I found a hill that sat overlooking a small rural village. There I sat for what felt like eternity, just off a rocky path leading down into this most perfectly serene place on the planet. I simply watched as village life unfolded… children playing, people tending the fields, a puppy exploring the top of a hill, a boy fetching a mother water buffalo and her calf, a pair of village girls with woven baskets overflowing with spinach and greens carried upon their backs, the mist flowing over the mountains, and rice and garden terraces as far as the eye could see. Truly magical. No tourists. No sight-seeing buses. No cars. No horns honking incessantly. I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like to feel this type of peace and stillness every day. No internet. No classes to teach. No emails to reply to. I have to say it’s tempting. I have to be honest… Nepal keeps coming into my mind. Something is stirring. There’s a voice within that’s calling. It probably won’t be long before I have no other choice than to answer. ♥, Pheonyx


IMG_232103/03/13 [SAPA, VIETNAM]  LOL… So, apparently I won’t be off the grid as I thought. Sapa has grown exponentially. Tourists abound where there were virtually few to none eight years ago.  Just survived a fun (not really) 13 hour (was told it would be 8) overnighter on a sleeper bus (think mobile hostel with “beds” instead of seats no wider than one’s shoulders). The weather here took a turn for cold and wet and was scheduled to do a hiking tour through the country to a small village a few hours away where an overnight homestay in rustic accommodations were on the docket. However, was informed that I am the only one scheduled for the trekking tour today, and the passage is pretty wet and slippery and probably would not be so enjoyable with a cold wet mist falling all day.

It’s early yet, just shy of 10am local time, but the tour operator has given (encouraged) me to consider the option to settle into their cute little boutique hotel with a ride to the village later with another small group of travelers who prefer to ride rather than walk at no additional cost to my pre-paid package tour price of $58 U.S. for this little 3-day journey (did I mention that also includes 3 meals a day?? crazy. =).  I’m all about adventure but not sure I want to rough it at this stage in the game after 13 hours in less than desirable quarters.  So, I think I will take them up on the offer and simply explore the local surroundings by foot with ride tours to outlying villages for further respite.  So, now just chilling in the hotel restaurant which obviously has wifi. One of the things about traveling off the beaten path has taught me is to be, not the least of all things, very flexible and open to how the path unfolds as one moves along the road of life.  Not attaching oneself to outcomes and having a trusting and open mind can certainly bring some nice rewards beyond whatever challenges the journey has to offer you. For that lesson I AM immensely grateful and appreciate how it adds such color and flavor to the story of life.

Meanwhile, the first Seven Points of Light and Introduction to QiGong workshop went really beautifully in Hanoi yesterday evening, and I AM also very grateful to the room full of folks who came out yesterday to learn and experience something new for themselves. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I look forward to one more week of conscious conversations and practice development upon my return to the bustling city of Hanoi on Tuesday before heading down to Ho Chi Minh to do more of the same.  Really looking forward to also venturing to Danang in the center of the country to meet and greet some new awakening minds in the midst of Vietnam, a country of fascinating cultural color and texture indeed.  It’s an honor to see and experience again first-hand again but in a new and different way. more to come. ♥, Pheonyx


02.28.13 [HANOI, VIETNAM] : Day 3 – It’s been nearly eight years to the date since I first and last visited Vietnam. I have some romantic notions in my mind around visiting this country which has a deep history of both political and social conflict over the past several centuries. However, I found the Vietnamese people, much like my own Philipino culture on my mother’s side, a very resilient, loving and friendly people who love to eat, meet new people and most importantly, bargain for a good price! =)~  Today, I return as part of‘s goal to discover what lies underneath the surface of the Vietnamese people. What makes them tick? What are they thinking about? How do they worship? And what role do they see themselves playing in the world at large, as cultures and communities of nations continue to evolve on this big blue planet we all currently inhabit, that which I fondly refer to as the On Common Ground we all tarry upon.


559813_401023233328024_1373795362_n02.23.13 [HANOI, VIETNAM] : So this is how they hold the line at some places here in Vietnam, I see… “Thai style” as the original photo description states via Vietnam Best Tours fb page. LOL… this is going to a fun and interesting trip. =)  I’m looking forward to meeting up with a group of local folks this afternoon in town to set up some conscious conversation meetings and educational gatherings. Also, am very excited about doing a day-long sacred water festival and village tour tomorrow with the local CouchSurfing Hanoi group who are apparently VERY active here in Vietnam. I’m very excited to see that there is such an active group here since I haven’t been utilizing CS much during the first year of this multiple-year tour of The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project due to the fact that I’ve met so many wonderful folks and new contacts through facebook and personal references from friends and family back in the states.

But I surfed my first couch my last night in Singapore just a couple of days ago and had a lovely time, laughed a lot, had some good pizza and a bit of wine, and got to learn A LOT about the real life in Singapore by a South African-born Canadian who has made his home in Singapore for the past 16 years! And now that I’m pushing a little further out of my comfort zone and exploring places beyond the Philippines, Bali and Singapore which have become like familiar gloves for me this past year, it’ll be good to branch out and meet some folks via the world-wide Couchsurfing web.

Pretty much it for now. Warming up the cameras to capture some really good stuff about how the local Vietnamese celebrate and collaborate their personal and spiritual paths through life! More to come. In the meantime, feel free to check out the latest written and video log updates at

And just on a little side note, the OCG Open Market Place is now online at and we’re looking for partnership venders! If you are a creator open to collaborating with the OCG but don’t currently have an online presence for your one-of-a-kind, cool and sacred goods, hit me up with a personal email and let’s chat. Otherwise, please feel free to check out these wonderfully whimsical and lovingly designed wearable works of art at

Much love, light and appreciation for all of you and the opportunity to explore all of it! ♥, Pheonyx


02.20.13 [Posted via] Greetings, brothers and sisters. My name is Pheonyx and I’m traveling around the world right now teaching, learning, writing and working on documentary project about how people are waking up around the world. I’ll be arriving in Hanoi in a day or two and will be there for a couple of weeks. It’s been 8 years since my last visit to Vietnam, and I’m really excited about visiting your beautiful country and experiencing again some of that amazing Vietnamese food!  I have a host for the time that I am there, so I don’t need a place to stay, but I would love to meet up with anyone interested in some conscious coffee chat. I’ll also be hosting some meet-and-greets and a workshop or two for anyone interested in delving deeper into the issues around raising your awareness and personal vibration of thought, words, e-motions (energy in motion) and actions. Hit me up here or with a personal email if it’s anything you think you would be interested in and I’ll be sure to let you know there those gatherings will be. In love, light and lakesh, Pheonyx @


02.19.13 [SINGAPORE]  Yup.  Surprise!  I’m back in Singapore for a few days on yet another brief stop-over while I await my Vietnam visa to be approved.  In the meanhwhile, I figured I’d post my tentative travel schedule which I first shared with my family members a couple of weeks ago.  This is for the next few months as a few folks have been asking…

02/05/13: Bali to Singapore (booked my tix yesterday) and will spend a few days, maybe a week there just chillin’

02/12/13: Singapore to Hong Kong just in time to celebrate the Chinese New Year for my birthday! (do some documentary work)

02/17/13: Hong Kong to Singapore to hang out a little more with my buddy, Chip, from the states and await for visa approval for Vietnam.

02/22/13: Singapore to Vietnam for 2-4 weeks to meet up with some guys there wanting to create some workshops; (do some documentary work)

03/15/13: Vietnam to Thailand to explore some teaching centers there. (documentary work and teaching)

04/01/13: Possible quick jump up to Nepal to meet up with a fellow seeker/traveler and his teacher, a young and auspicious man by the name of Dharma Sangha. (documentary work)

05/01/13: Nepal to Philippines for a 4-6 week teaching tour of the islands (documentary work and teaching)

06/01/13: Philippines to Bali OR head up to India for a couple of 10 day retreats in the northern regions (documentary work and teaching)

07/01/13: Trek up through Mayanmar, Nepal (again) and Northern India if I head that way (documentary work and teaching)

08/01/13: Back to the Philippines to help prepare for the next OHM Tallks Holistic 2-Day Conference in Manila in late Sept.

END OF THE YEAR: We”ll see what the Universe has in store.  There’s a probable chance I’ll be back to the states to teach and present at some major consciousness festivals in Nov/Dec/Jan. But we shall see. All this is, of course, subject to change but that’s what it’s pretty much feeling like at the moment. ttyas, xo Pheonyx


31460_4499609091282_1004845106_n02.14.13 [HONG KONG, CHINA]  {giggling}  I just LOVE this picture sent to me by my dear sweet soulsister Michelle Infinity, as I was doing that just this morning in a big comfy armchair meditating deeply on GRATITUDE here in … wait for it… wait for it… Shangri-La!  LOL… yup, staying in the 51st floor of the Hong Kong Island Shangri-La Hotel ( looking out onto Hong Kong Harbor as we speak.

From WokeHome Capsule Hostel Singapore pea pod, to sleeping on airport bench (see the  update just prior to this one below for details on that story) to the Shangri-La compliments of a dear friend in honor of my birthday.  {all smiles and giddy appreciation}  And if you don’t know the symbolic significance of Shangra-La, you can read more about it at

Life is one great adventure if nothing else. =)~ Big love AND thank you all for the equally abundantly overflowing wall of birthday wishes (on facebook)! And although I may not be able to personally respond to each and every one individually, know that I love and appreciate each and every one of them (and you) individually!

Now, go and have an awesome day and/or night! Actually, go and have an awesome Life! Live it to the absolute fullest! Let go of every bit of dark and irrational fear that gets in the way! And, who knows…. you just may find yourself on the 51st floor of Shangri-La for your birthday some day.

Live, love, laugh, learn and love some more… and more… and more. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! ♥, Pheonyx  {this is dedicated to you: “Within My Heart of Hearts” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith}


528604_10151479169206183_579606132_n02.12.13 [HONG KONG, CHINA] Stranded… well, stuck… okay, well, just hanging out in Hong Kong International Airport.   LOL… well, I have a little confession to make… I screwed up. =)~ Well, sorta… Well, not really. Why? Because everything happens for a reason, right? Right! But I didn’t book a hotel or hostel or do a couchsurf search in advance not realizing that everything would be sold out or priced out at HUNDREDS of dollars for a single night in in Hong Kong for New Year’s.  The lady at the info counter here at HK International said the cheapest room for one night is like $300 US! And with an 8 to 1 conversion ratio, that’s $2,400 HK dollars by the way! LOL… My head just couldn’t wrap itself around either figure. I just laughed and said, “Yeahhhh, I’ll pass.”

Until now, booking a bed in a hostel or even an inexpensive hotel room anywhere here in Asia has been simple, relatively cheap and often easy on the night or two before departure or even upon the day of arrival! But it seems I have underestimated and miscalculated the massive market saturation of literally millions of Chinese returning home to the city and buying out just about every available room in a 20 to 30 mile radius AND driving up the prices up ten to twenty times or more the normal prices. Ahhhh capitalism at it’s finest. Mistakenly… obviously… I actually thought the whole thing would be over by now since I knew that Chinese New Year was officially on the 10th. Little did I realize that it really only just begins on the 10th and apparently runs for quite a few days with great fanfare and tradition. Alas, this is how we live and learn.

So… with all that being said, I haven’t been availed an affordable room in all of Hong Kong and I don’t have a visa for the mainland. The area that lies beyond that 20-30 mile radius mark. And you have to have a separate visa to enter the mainland. Now I understand why they have what is called the “Forbidden City”. =)~ And even if I wanted a visa right now, it wouldn’t be ready until Thursday. I’m only here for a few days and actually visiting with my friend Chip starting tomorrow. Strange as it may seem, I really don’t feel called to tour all of China right now. So, it’s Hong King or bust!

After much self-realized research and sticker shock fatigue, I decided I would put a few feelers out for a last-minute couchsurf or friendly facebook offer. Alas, that was a few hours ago with nothing appearing. I knew it’d be a long shot, and the bain of most couchsurfing hosts is to host any poor sop who failed to do his planning. LOL… other sops, of course… not me. But seriously, I’ve spent nights in airports before, on this and many other journeys. It’s really not so bad as long as you keep with the right attitude. So. it’s already becoming a fun night hanging out in Hong Kong International. As a traveler, it happens. And like I said, there are no accidents.

I’ve still got a huge bit of online work to do with booking some new life coaching clients who took advantage of a recent Chinese New Year promo I recently (and rarely) offered. There’s also a large qeue still a good many new article updates to the website, a litney of new video editing work I’ve begun to train myself on (it really is quite fun!) for The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project youtube page; and I get to focus on the final last touches to the first product launch page of some really great one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry line for‘s new online Market Place page!

So, needless to say, I’ve got enough to keep me occupied for the next 12 to 24 hours. AND there’s free wifi and tons of restaurants to choose from here! HK International is not quite up to the same snuff as Changi International, sweet Singapore’s lovely air traveler’s mini-paradise, but it certainly will do. And a busy night exploring and working and maybe a little bit of sleep will flow right into my official birthday, my meetup with Chip and the search for wonderful and well-awaited, truly authentic Chinese birthday buffet lunch or dinner! Plus, any good writer and travel journalist worth his weight in salt knows that it’s moments like these make for such interesting people-watching and story writing/telling! =)!

So, don’t cry for me, Argentina… or America… or anyone at all for that matter. There’s plenty more to come! And anywho! They actually DO have an IMAX theatre with late-night screenings right here in the airport! And with the money I save on over-priced hotel rooms, I can afford to even take in a double or triple feature! So, what’s there to complain about? I mean really? =)~

With love and appreciation for even when the flow skips down a few steps and babbles like a little brook. It certainly makes life all that more interesting indeed!

Temporarily grounded but still very grateful in HK, BrotherBird Pheonyx


02.11.13 [Singapore] Exploring the Mele That is Bugis Street Market


02.10.13 [Chinatown, Singapore] Happy Chinese New Year! (Part 3)


02.01.13 [Bali, Indonesia] Tour of the Future Home of the New Bali Beji Learning Center and AOM Wisdom School in Ubud


01.31.13 [Bali, Indonesia] Walking the Road Less Traveled


Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 5.13.44 PM01.26.13 [UBUD, BALI INDONESIA]: Must have been the full moon. So, I walked into a bar/restaurant called Bar Luna, my favorite musical hangout in Ubud (oh look at that, even the name Luna means Moon… didn’t even think of that ’til just now. LOL =)~  to sit and have a drink and enjoy a little food and libation. It was a Saturday night and I never go out in Ubud on a Saturday night, specially during tourist season.  But it’s the off season and it was a full moon.  A full moon in Leo I now realize. LOL… now that makes a lot of sense as I share this story.  So, after walking the streets a bit and just taking in the night air, I decide to head to said bar hoping there would be some decent live music that night because I was hankerin’ to be entertained. Little did I know that I would become part of the entertainment that night. But it’s a Leo moon remember. (see for more on that), and the Universe knew exactly what it was doing. I was feeling antsy and I felt like I needed to move.

So, I walk in and the first person I meet is Chara, the restaurant’s event coordinator. She had just sent me an email earlier in the day asking me if I would read some of my poetry for an upcoming event in Feb. The first time I found Bar Luna there was a poetry slam contest. I decided to read something and ended up taking first place that night. Thank God for the internet. I actually read the piece from my iphone. LOL… too funny.

So, this night there was a band singing acoustic covers! The band was just finishing their first set. At the break, Chara came up to me and we were talked a bit about the music, and, I just off the cuff said that it would be fun to sing back up for them. I was actually thinking this while they were performing. I was like, yeah they’re not bad but they could use a backup tok do some funky vocals and harmony with them. LOL… of course I’m thinking of myself when I put this subtle order out into the Universe somewhat subconsciously. Chara’s the event coordinator for the bar remember. She says, “You should!” and drags me over (willingly of course. =)~ introduces me to the boys and the next thing you know I’m on the mic. LOL… so fun. Now, in my slight defense, I didn’t have any time to practice or rehearse. It was al spur of the moment, dan le joie du vivre!, as they say.

And so listening to this I know I ain’t going to go quitting my day job anytime soon, but here’s the point…

Well, open up your mind and see like me Open up your plans and damn you’re free Look into your heart and you’ll find love, love, love, love Listen to the music of the moment, people dance and sing, we’re just one big family And it’s our God-forsaken right to be loved, loved, loved, loved, loved

So I won’t hesitate No more, no more. It cannot wait, I’m sure. There’s no need to complicate, Our time is short. This is our fate, I’m yours.

-Lyrics to I’m Yours by Jason Mraz 

Life is what you make it. Don’t just sit there. Stand up and sing when you have the chance! Special shout out to the band Lampu Taman’s Ketut Bejo, vocalist; Dewa Gede, guitar; and Agus, bass! Your guys were great and I thank you so much for allowing me to share the stage with you!  Namaste, Pheonyx


01.16.13 [Bali, Indonesia] Water Temple Birthday Rededication Ceremony


IMG_039712.29.12 [Ubud, Bali Indonesia] Greetings, friends and loved ones! So, it’s been a little while since my last update, and indeed things are moving incredibly fast. I arrived back on the island and into the little rice paddie haven of what what is Ubud, Bali on 12/12/12, warmly greeted by my friend Tjok Gde, his wife Wiwied and their son Adi (who was gracious enough to allow me to crash in his room while he slept with mom and dad) for a couple of nights while I searched for my next new “home” for this second duration of my stay in Bali.

Within a couple of days, I relocated to a lovely little (actually, it’s pretty big) place about 15-20 minutes by foot from the center of town. Set just off a river and flanked by dense bamboo canopies, Rhoda II (as is the name of the place) is run by a most gracious Balinese couple and at 80,000 ruipiah (about 8 bucks a day!) INCLUDING an amazing breakfast of fresh fruit, coffee and eggs (or sometimes banana pancakes), I feel as if I’ve stepped into a little bit of a prince on a pauper’s budget. Indeed, there are a myriad of wonderful places to stay in and around Ubud, but my needs are very simple. Hot water, a quiet environment and a good bed are the basic luxuries I seek, so breakfast cooked and delivered daily at my door for the past two weeks has truly been a treat, and one that I will miss sweetly. Alas, my morning make-my-own-breakfast skills will have to be warmed up as I make my transition today to my next home for the next three or so.

From river and rice fields to a slightly more more “suburban” setting, I will relocating to the northern side of Ubud into a lovely little villa owned by an English woman who is has made her home in Bali for many years, and has in fact been living in Indonesia since the mid 1990’s. As healer and traveler in her own right, she is heading to Thailand for three weeks to do some work with a center there. Meanwhile, she leaves behind Perry, a lovely 14 year old canine “teacher”, as Nicky puts it, whom I will have the pleasure and privilege to get to know while we caretake for one another over the next few weeks. I’m looking forward to the relocation though as lovely as Rhoda II has been, it’s a bit more raucous being surrounded by many of the local family farms ripe with plenty very vocal roosters, pigs and occasional children playing in the river from time to time. It’s all wonderful to observe, but can be somewhat distracting from a writer’s point of view.

The flip side? The new place, set on the edge of a little development of homes mostly looking like they have built for and by foreigners, will provide a little bit of a respite from daily local Balinese life which I WILL miss immensely. But for the next three weeks, it will be just me, Perry and no Internet. Oh, and Ealu, the maid who will visit morning three days a week to take care of basic house-keeping requirements. So, as much as you guys know I love communicating and keep up with you all here via facebook and the world wide web, it’s time for me to go back into “the cave” and apply some much needed focus on writing the book as the self-imposed 02/13/2013 completion deadline fastly approaches. Thus, no Internet access is definitely a good thing and will force (aka encourage) me to channel that energy into the book. However, I won’t be COMPLETELY out of pocket as in order to make sure things don’t get too terribly backed up here over the next few weeks, I will do what I’ve done in the past and head into down once or twice a week to check in and connect in necessary ways. Just so you know, if you send me a message, the usual response time will be slightly extended over the next few weeks due to the above circumstances.

And after that? Who knows. We shall see. Taking each moment as they come and moving right along with what is showing up more and more on a daily basis. I thank you all for being there/here, and I look forward to sharing much more as time progresses. Wish me luck with knocking out some serious progress with the book. I even got a working title yesterday (finally) with help from a guy who I met over lunch and was asking me what I was doing in Bali… “Pheonyx Rising: A Journey Through the Third Eye”. LOL… I don’t know. I kinda like it. Like I said, it’s a working title. We’ll see what it actually turns out to be in the end.

Okay… well… that’s pretty much the gist of it for right now. Thank you all and know that I love and appreciate each and every one of. Please enjoy the recent pics I finally got around to uploading just now, given this is my last bit of open access Internet for a little while. Talk to ya’ again soon!

With love, light and eager anticipation of what is to come, ♥ Pheonyx


IMG_106912.13.12 [Ubud, Bali Indonesia] The electricity in the air is palpable. Thunder begins to roll through the ridges and bounce off the walls of the many temples around me. The monsoon (rainy) season is in full swing in Bali, and I sit and revel in the cleansing effect of the rains as I sip on my first cup of Bali coffee on the covered open-air patio at a little warung (local eating joint) just off a little side street, a stone’s throw from the center of town.  It’s good to be “home” here in Bali, having touched ground once again on the “Island of the Gods” only a short twenty-four hours ago (exactly to the minute as I notice the 1:10 time stamp at the start of this writing). My mind is beginning to slow down its frenetic pace of teaching and traveling during the past three months during a surprise half-way-around-the-world tour of two months back in the U.S. followed by another month in the Philippines. It’s a bit hard to believe that three months have passed since my first tour here in Bali, but I knew that, God willing, I’d be returning to pick up where I left off with some important work, and to focus on finishing my first book. And I’m making a public announcement of commitment to complete it by my birthday on 02/13/2013. So… there it is. Feel free to hold me to it, by the way. =).

And so, fulfilling my personal commitment of returning here on 12/12/12 (yesterday) is significant for me on many levels as we, as a planet of beings, complete a very significant cycle in the history of mankind over the coming few weeks. Most of you don’t need me to explain what that cycle is as we move through the final days of this year. Like the cycle of the annual monsoons in these tropical parts, the larger cycle surrounding the evolutionary consciousness of humankind is about to go through some very significant clearings.

No doubt, storms are currently raging within the hearts and minds of men/women as recent external conflicts incite in spiritually and culturally significant epicenters such as Israel, Palestine and Egypt. As well, more subtle but deep-seated political tensions continue to fester between China and surrounding Asian countries (it’s all in the papers here), enough so that even the U.S. has decided to increase its own naval presence here in the Pacific for the first time since the second World War and Vietnam conflicts. Meanwhile, the economic stability of the U.S. and many E.U. countries continue to struggle for a firm foothold while the fate of countries like Greece and now Spain (so I hear) and even Ireland continue to face dire financial dissolution as these countries experience literal bankruptcy. Their own economies flail like fish fighting a river torrent of failed economic policies under a “one world order” system. I’ve heard that many E.U. countries are now looking at leaving “the Union” in an attempt to regain political and financial solvency. And the list goes on…

Of course, as the saying goes, “in order to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.” And so quite a few eggs are cracking under the pressure for massive change, and change is indeed, inevitable. I think that’s why I like the rainy season. The weather is much more apt to change on a dime. And personally speaking, I’m a big fan of change. I get bored too easily. Must be that quadruple Aquarian (uber Air sign) thing I’ve got goin’ on… =)~

In the equatorial regions there are primarily two seasons… wet and dry. However, in the U.S. and other more temperate northern or southern hemisphere countries, it’s the springtime which usually brings the rains. As the seasons shift from winter to spring, things literally begin to “heat up”, and that can bring about some pretty spectacular events… thunder storms, flooding, wind, lightning, even twisters (tornadoes) in many parts of the country. These can be very devastating and life-altering events for the lives of many. And as it is above, so it is below.

The political, social and economic twisters that are beginning to spin their way through the many areas of the human experience will also affect countless lives. In fact, such events will translate into a loss of life for some, and causing others to take a very serious and important look at how they choose to live on the planet at this time. A planet that is getting smaller by the minute and moving quickly towards a pinnacle event that will force everyone to look at how they live, work and play on this common ground we all share.  (WHOA! a huge crack of lightning just occurred as I wrote that. LOL… just about jumped out of my own skin. Okay, it seems that someone is listening… =)~

And so, dear ones, it’s important to pay attention to the signs. Trust me when I say that these signs are everywhere. Nothing happens by accident, and even the internal conflicts that are arising in your own lives are important to recognize as opportunities for huge shifts on how you see yourself moving and being in the world today. Of course, as with all good storms, one can either live in fear of what is occurring, or one can take solace in the knowing that, “this too shall pass”. The key to successfully riding out the storm is to become more conscious (increased awareness) of the coming cycles, taking shelter (going within) when necessary, walking in full faith and trust while seeking higher ground (morally/ethically/karmically speaking) when the opportunity presents itself. If you know this already, then it’s simply time to put the knowledge into practice (increased wisdom) and wait out the storm.

“Whether we are headed towards Armageddon or sailing into the New Age, our work is the same: to keep our hearts open. To let them break when they are breaking. To keep being true to something deep and luminous within ourselves. To act when it’s time to act, and to be still when stillness is called for.” -Ram Daas

For me, I feel the call to continue the journey of sharing the message that there is much more to come, and that every cloud has the potential for a silver lining. One only needs to develop the keen ability to see those silver linings when they come. To put it point blank… if you keep focusing on the darkness of these times then that is what you shall manifest as part of your experience of it. Energy always goes in the direction that one’s attention flows. Remember that. So, if you sharpen your own ability to see BEYOND the old-world perceptions of fear, internal/external conflict, and self-destruction, then you will be able to see that even these storms simply have a purpose to serve… to cleanse, clear and open people up to the reality of what is. Even the most intense storms play an important role of clearing the debris, cleansing the land, and bringing forth new growth for personal and collective conscious evolution.

Thus, many of us will continue to remain assured in the knowing that the rains will bring about much needed nourishment upon a still very ego-based, spiritually-parched planet; for it has indeed been written, and many know that it too shall come to pass. I’ve seen it already happen in the lives of many, and have no doubt that the process of healing and cleansing will continue until the process is complete. Eventually, these days of reigny/rainy days of clouded judgment, fear and all-out war will too come to pass, and the sun will again shine to nourish new flowers/trees/beings desiring to be born and nourished from a tender and yet fertile ground.

Even as I draw this writing to a close, the rains have begun to ebb and literally draw to an end, as if perfectly on queue (lol… but of course =), and the light begins to shine again as the clouds move on to their next destination. Even now, the children begin to take to the streets to play in the streams and puddles left in the storm’s wake. And the people emerge once more to go about their daily business of making the most out of life, knowing that it’s the season of the monsoons, and that as a country and a culture, they realize and appreciate the value of the rainy season… for healing, for cleansing and for nourishing the Earth for the next cycle of new growth.

Water is life. Earth is Life. Sun is Life. Air is Life. It’s all Life. Honor the water, earth, fire and air within you. Know that it is all here to serve one purpose and one purpose alone… ALL LIFE. Keep breathing, trusting, learning, loving and growing. All this too shall pass. All Life passes. It’s YOU that is Eternal.

In Love, Light and everlasting Life, ♥ Pheonyx


11/14/12 [Tokyo, Japan] Helloooooooooo from Narita International Airport, Japan! Just touched down for a couple of hours before connection to Manila, Philippines on my 17 hour return sojourn from my recent two-month surprise stint back in the states, primarily between Asheville, NC and Atlanta, GA. So cool to see both the sun sunset twice as we our little Boeing 747 (or was it 777?) double-decker was a lovely 13 hours in the hour with a couple of really fascinating and eye-opening movies… Jeff, Who Lives At Home and Chronicle were as different a genre as could be but as were equally powerful and provided subtle messages about the direction of where the future of mankind aims to grow into (when the time is right and the people are ready). Truly enlightening in their own different ways.

Amid the many in-flight hours, also was able to make some good headway into a book which actually came to me exactly three years ago this very week… Isaiah Effect by Gregg Braden is such a powerful read right now considering the many prophecies written among many cultures with ancient texts, not withstanding the Mayans of course. Gregg covers the collective importance of an ancient scroll “discovered completely intact among the 25,000 fragments of papyrus, parchment, and hammered copper known as the Dead Sea Scrolls: the Great Isaiah Scroll. Nearly one thousand years older than existing copies of the Old Testament’s Book of Isaiah, the twenty-two-foot-long parchment was still rolled and sealed in its original earthen vase when it was discovered in 1946. The completeness of the Isaiah Scroll offers unprecedented insight into the power of an ancient mystery — a lost mode of prayer — that modern science is just beginning to understand. Displayed today in Jerusalem’s Shrine of the Book Museum, the Great Isaiah Scroll is believed to be so precious by modern scholars that it’s withdrawn into a vault beneath the building’s floor in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.” you know. just a little light readying… =)~

All right, need to take care of a few bits of business on the break, but just wanted to also thank all the beautiful beings whom i was able to work, play, experience and expand with during the most recent Bhakti Bliss Gathering & Retreat, the Alex and Alyson Grey Cosmic Gathering in Atlanta and to all the beautiful beings who gathered forThe 3DL (Three Days of Light) Gathering/Festival! To my family, both biological and soul alike. To challenges, expansions, celebrations, love, learning and SO much amazing practice and personal growth. I LOVE LOVE LOVE and THANK YOU, ALL! see you on the flip side! ♥ always, Pheonyx


10.20.12 [Atlanta, Georgia] 10 Minute “The Full 360” Mini-MerKaBah Breathing Workshop


click the pic to view this post in facebook.com09.27.12 [Asheville, NC, U.S.A] Okay dear ones, can you feel it?? I’m telling you, there’s a profound energy that certainly is palpable in the air these days. All you need do is simply learn how to pay attention. It’s still a bit surreal to believe that I am home at what I lovingly refer to as my little “bird’s nest” of Asheville, NC. It was truly a bliss-filled three days this past weekend as I stood in deep awe and appreciation of the hundred or so amazing beings that came out to share space, time, information, song, dance, breath and moments of silence at the Spirit Science Bhakti Bliss Gathering at beautiful Sunswept Farms just outside Asheville. So much openess, love and light was shared among so many wonderful beings who travelled from near and far. I was so humbled at the distance by which many traversed from places like Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, and even as far north as Canada to this little southern hamlet just to be a part of the beautiful gathering.

I give huge kudos to the team of co-creators lead by such loving and powerful light beings who go my the name of Holly Bullman, Forest Sage, Jordan David, Ray, Victoria Hope, Nathaniel Elijah, Dan Linehan, Laurie Burkhead, Vieve Nahvar, Sarah Southerland and SO many others who may currently go unnamed but whom we could not have accomplished what we accomplished. It truly was a divine expression of collective contributions from all.It’s clear to me as to why I made the somewhat surprise journey half-way around the world from beautiful Bali to be here for these precious, life-transforming moments. And as I continue to share space and time with some very significant soul-family members here on the outskirts of Asheville in one of the most picturesque and tranquil settings in the Universe, I AM reminded of the Infinite Abundance that the Universe it capable and willing to share with those who are willing to shout a resounding “YES!” to all that exists within this human experience.

So in light of all that, and as we move into the fullness of the energy of yet another full moon cycle in the powerful constellation of Aries “since the initiation of the [most recent] New Moon cycle, Pluto has exactly squared Uranus and we have weathered a change in seasons moving the Sun into Libra. A tremendous tailwind for doing our part to move down the evolutionary track is upon us. Some are soaring like never before practically bursting with all the new dynamic energies coursing through their lives and others are doing the deep work of clearing, accepting, forgiving and moving the whole closer to stronger self-love than has ever been experienced on the planet. We cannot underestimate the power of Pluto. As a transpersonal planet, it holds the energy for the transformation and evolution of the entire human species. Combine that with the Uranian archetypes of ‘the Awakener’ and ‘the Liberator’ and its characteristic love of the unconventional, eccentric and sudden shift and Anything Can Happen At Any Time! Remember this is ongoing for the next three years!” (read more at

And thus, I AM reminded that we are in truly special and very unique times. It is no small undertaking that we take to be in the Life during these particularly shifting times. There is much occurring and yet so much more to be revealed. Even in my own personal experience of this past week, I have come to realize the immense expansion within the experience of allowing the Union of the Divine parts of me within the essences of my own body, soul and mind. It’s an amazing journey indeed, and it’s that journey where the answers to so many questions do lie. God does truly hide itSelf within plain site. Just look around (and within) you for the answers which may trivialize your mind., for that is where the ultimate expansion lies.The more We are willing to give, the more We are able to receive from the Divine Flow of all energies to get us to where We are going. So, join me should you feel so called to explore. We are here. We have been waiting for you. And we have much plwork (play and work) to do.I Love you and appreciate our innate abilities to create together. I hope to see you on Saturday coming or the next. After that, I go back into the World to offer this in other places of space and time. But if not now, then shall we meet again in some other right and perfect time. We each get to decide. I’m just here to tow this line.with deep love and appreciation for the ALL that IS, and may We see you on the other side, ♥ Pheonyx


Screen Shot 2013-01-01 at 1.40.08 PM09.17.12 [Changi International Airport, Singapore] Hellllooooooo from Singapore! Well, from the airport at least. Oh, look 2:21pm. (LOL) Why am I laughing? Well, besides from the fact that I do that a lot more lately, there’s really no reason not too, if you think about the amazing silliness of the Universe and how serious we humans take it all But, let me not digress too far from the current path of conversation/reflection/contemplation brought on by those numbers, 2 and 21.

More so I want to focus on the number “21” (and 2 +1 makes 3… remember that for later. =). The number 21 has been showing up a ton for me lately… 10:21, 11:21, 12:21, 1:21, 3:21, 7.21… etc, etc, etc… You get my point. Those of you who have been having similar experiences with increase sightings of “numerological messengers” (as I like to call it) during this past year or more may very well already know of their significance. The consistent showing of repeated number series can speak a great deal one’s process, if you know how to pay attention to the signs. The frequency of such sightings have been increasing exponentially for a lot of people. Several people, many of them strangers, write me with excitement over the repeated number spotting.The most common series of early pattern arrivals are numbers like 10:10, 11:11, 12:12, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, etc, (again you get my drift.) Most if not all of these folks iterate the fact that on a conscious level they are NOT actively looking for these number combinations outright, but on a subconscious or super-conscious level they are definitely speaking to them.

Awareness is not thinking, but simply an acknowledgement of thought, and therefore the two are distinctly linked. This is how it is with number spotting. And the greater your awareness of the energy around them, the greater the likelihood of spotting them in the right and perfect time. And when is the “right and perfect” time? (pun intended =)~ Whenever you see them, of course.And what they mean when they show up in those right and perfect times? Well, pay close attention to what you are thinking and/or doing right at that moment, and something within you can very much hear the answer. Know that, in general, the numbers are here to serve us as guide markers. Each individual number and series of numbers means something very significant. The most consistent the pattern of receiving, the stronger the message to pay attention to and LISTEN. Listen your self. Listen to your words. Listen to you thoughts. Listen you actions. And begin to pay attention and LISTEN to what the Universe/God/Angels of the guiding and guarding sort have to tell you.

Yes, kiddies, the Universe does work in simple and yet still amusingly mysterious ways.“But what do the numbers actually MEAN?” I hear you say. Okay, okay… well, depending on who you talk to or which numerologist or mathematical geometric mystic you subscribe to, the numbers can mean a myriad of things. For those you have absolutely no clue as to what it is I’m talking about right now, a good place to start would be to check out “The Symbolic Meaning of Numbers” at The author takes a more astrological (aka, star science) approach to the numbers. However, one of my favorite experts on the meaning of numbers is Doreen Virtue ties meanings of numbers with the angelic realms which is pretty cool… if you are into talking and communing with angels especially. Check out her interpretations of the nuances of the number sighting game (and it is quite fun actually) at

But for me, no matter what the combination whether they show up in two’s, three’s, four’s or even more (and that’s when it REALLY gets fun and interesting!), the showing up of number signs simply means that I’m simply on the right path for where it is I desire to go. And the number connection I currently happen to be dancing more and more with these days are the numbers “12” and “21” which I believe holds a great amount of significance right now in the world we live in today. Of course, there’s the obvious 12/21/2012 date which we are quickly approaching with such immense curiosity and conversation flowing around what may very well be one of the most significant dates in the history of human consciousness to date.

Now, I’m not going to get into all the thoughts, implications and of the 12/21/12 date right now. There’s enough circulating the now infamous date which continuous to inspire books, Hollywood movies, film documentaries, and a mass of websites purely dedicated to holding the conversation for the world wide human web. My own thoughts and opinions are perhaps just a sprinkling upon already extensive collection of soul-inspired writings on the subject. If you haven’t been paying attention or simply have yet to be in the flow of conversation conversations and cosmic implications of numbers, it’s worth a strong consideration. I encourage you to do your own research and come to some of your own conclusions. You will know what will be true for you in the end. Simply by opening up your own heart/mind to the flow of conversation the Universe has an amazing way of revealing what exactly you need to know. It may take some time to see it, but that’s where an exercise of patience and practice comes in.But what’s the point of me bringing all this up at the moment anyway? Well, the primary purpose of this writing is to more or less give an update on the present moment as I travel from point A to point B over the next 48 hours… quite unexpectedly, I may add. Actually, it’s more accurate to say that I’m traveling from point B (Bali) to two points of A (Asheville and Atlanta). LOL… I just love the little ideosynchrocies of how that works out. Oh! Here’s a fun word-play for you…

ideo = idea/thoughts sync(h) = cosmic “coincidences rocies = as in everything is coming up “rosey” (lol… hey, works for me!)

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. It’s just how my mind is working right now. Thoughts and words are viable things with energy. When thoughts come together they form something made from the very elements themselves, gathering their energies in order to convey and idea or belief into physical manifestation. Sound familiar? You know this stuff. Just one of the simple variations on the basic Universal Truths referred to as the Law of Attraction. Another way of saying it, “What you think about, you bring about.”, or as I as we say in the eastern practices of zen meditation, qigong and tai chi, “Where the mind goes, the Energy flows.” Inherently, anyone having walked further along on the path to consciously creating their own life experience as opposed to life “just happening to them”, knows how simple and yet powerful this little bit of awareness of how the energy of thoughts and intention really flows.

And thus, I AM aware that at the right and perfect time of this writing I am about 12 hours into my 48 hour trip. My flight landed here at Changi (Singapore) airport at approximately 2:10am. And things are (so far) flowing very nicely. It did begin with a slightly bumpy start when I realized while confirming my first of three east to west legs, that I mistakenly booked myself to Jakarta instead of Singapore!!The long of the short of that is that I had to do a last minute rebook to fly out that same day (yesterday) in order to arrive here in time to meet my connector flight with a different airline to Manila, where I will get to spend another perfect 12 hours before the 20 hour flight, with one more layover in S(e)oul, Korea before hitting the ground in Atlanta.

And here’s another little synchronized fact… two of three birds I’m riding are Boeing 777’s. (LOL)  Yet, another number of vast significance for me as a someone who has a Life Path of 7 in this karmic go around (see to look up your own Life Path number) It really IS all so very amusing when you really start to pay attention to the numbers. I’ve been doing it for years now. First as a test of the theory itself, and I saw how the patterns showed up more and more up as evidence of something shifting within me as my own awareness began to grow.And to answer the those of you are asking (or atleast thinking) the question right now, “But doesn’t one’s awareness of something automatically increase its probability of occurring?” ABSOLUTELY! It works both ways. It’s the simple koan of “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Neither… they both have to exist in order for them to… wait for it… wait for it………. both exist. Which came first was the thought that created the chicken AND the egg in the first place. They are, in fact, two and one in the same. Peck on that for a while. See what tasty morsels come up.

So, better to me mindful of your thoughts and create more conscious flow rather than simply allowing your thoughts to create you by way of the ego. That’s how it works. Don’t believe me? Try it and see for yourself. It may not be easy at first, but with dedicated and consistent practice to simply increasing your level of awareness, I promise you this, you will definitely begin to experience some things that may very well amuse you, and quite possibly blow your mind.Meanwhile, at exactly 3:27pm (oh, look! add them together and you get a 12… it’s almost too easy really! =), I write to say that all is well and perfect under the sun which moves through its own 12 and 24 hour cycles every day of the 12 beautiful months in a year. Each month represented/energies by one of the 12 beautiful constellations of western astrology. And on December 21, 2012 (or thereabouts) the planet completes yet another 26,000 year cycle, and we enter into a literal new age of cosmology as we traverse into the Aquarian Age. And, oh lookie there… 2×6 = 12! Come on guys and gals, don’t make me do the work for you. Oh, and there it is… 3:33pm. (LOL) Perfect. And on that note, I bid you adieu for yet another cycle of my bladder is now complete and needs to be emptied. =)~For those attending Bhakti Bliss – A Spirit Science Gathering & Retreat, I’ll see you there!and the beat goes on and on and one… ♥ Pheonyx


Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 7.31.39 PM09.15.12 [Ubud, Bali Indonesia] Okay… now THIS is a new one even for me… Some new energies are DEFINITELY afoot! (LOL) while I was editing a latest journal update, I began humming a tune. THEN some words came in. Not too unusual. As a writer that happens at times, something we actually look forward to very very much. Especially when sitting in front of a computer working on writing. So, words just started popping into my mind and began to flow just like usual, and I began to feel like it was going to be a new poem. The words were choppy and a little rhymie… almost too cutsie through, you know? But it was fun to sing and I just decided to go along with the flow. See what happens.

AND THEN the words started going along with the tune in my head which I was now humming as if I was rehearsing for some talent show or something! LOL… Again, not too unusual per se, we all do it (well, maybe not with as much enthusiasm, but still). AND THEN… BAM!! I was SINGING this song full on! LOL… I knew the words and I was belting it out like Mama Cass (see if you don’t know who that is).  LMAO… I’m not going to lie, I was actually doing the stage musical version (my own really) of “Go Tell It On the Mountain” just before this other thing happened. So, it was like a shower session without the shower out here in the middle of the Balinese rice paddies in my little hermitage. But then this song came out and I had to write it down. LOL… four stanzas and real cute, yo’! Simple but deep. It’ll be perfect for the Bhakti Bliss – A Spirit Science Gathering & Retreat next weekend!

The article I was editing when this little creative detour took began is actually about all that and my turn-on-a-dime decision made/received to make a short but travel trip home to Asheville (NC) and Atlanta (GA) from here (Bali), and some other creative/reflective thoughts about this process of faith, hope, love and trust on this grand around the world (and back again) adventure.  So, the Creative Muses are DEFINITELY afoot, and I know it’s occurring all around and all over the globe. And the fun and love gods/goddesses are shining down with this Virgo new moon. So, have FUN! New thoughts, things and creative beings are being birthed at the very moment as we (well, I) speak! So, embrace it! Have fun with it! Let it flow! Take a picture, draw it, paint it, write it down, and/or sing it out! LOL… I just felt called to share my child-like enthusiasm for a little bitty song. Thank you for allowing me to share. I’ll let it simmer for a little while before presenting it… maybe after Bhaktifest. We’ll do a little group audio and/or video recording of it or something so EVERYONE can eventually sing along with they want too! (=O~… laahhhhhhhh)okay, namaste and I na-mast-go now, Pheony-xo


09.15.12 [Ubud, Bali, Indonesia] Mmmmmmm-mmmm… AHO! Packing for the first stop of many more newly developed legs of the journey over the course of the next 3-4 months of 2012. In a few days, I’ll arrive back into the sweet boroughs of family and friends in Asheville, NC and Atlanta, GA. I think it’s fair to say that it’s a bit of a surprise return since I really didn’t “think” I’d be heading back stateside for atleast a year, maybe two. But as all things are, I know the Universe has this seemingly impromptu journey back home as part of its perfectly and divinely unfolding plan. And it looks like I get to taste the season of my favorite season out of the year, beautiful Fall! AND I get to receive and perhaps even create some good yummy cooked meals of heart, hand and home with so many I love.

So, I shoot out of dear, sweet Bali on Monday the 17th (two days from now), with a two-minute (practically) pass-through Singapore for a connecting flight to Manila. Then a night in Ninoy Aquino International (good thing I travel with pad and sleeping bag… =)~ as I wait for my Tuesday morning airbus across the Pacific pond from Manila to Atlanta via a few hours stop over in Seoul, Korea. By the time I touch ground again in the ole U.S. of A., it will have been a good 48 hours of back-to-back travel through airports and a few laps up and down airplane aisles. So, I am also deeply praying/Intending that the body, mind and spirit will automatically and perfectly be aligned with the shift in time zones (i.e., no jetlag, no jetlag, no jetlag =)~.I’ll atleast have a single night to shake it off and four hours in the car on the following day, Wednesday morning, Laurie B., my partner in manifesting, drive up to the mountains of Asheville to meet the amazing planning team of the Bhakti Bliss – A Spirit Science Gathering & Retreat, made up of Holly Bullman, Jordan David, Forest Sage, Victoria Hope (wow those are some highly charged names, are they not?!) who are ALREADY together at “the farm” somewhere away from the hustle and bustle gelling out all the beautiful, blissful details. Such love! Such dedication.So, as I was checking on some last minute flight arrangements and taking a packing break, the following song began to play and it hit me… “All Things Change” by Ka’Nal…

I mean it REALLY hit me. I know this song. I love this song. I’ve danced, and meditated and have honored this song, as well as every other songs they have on their self-titled album, simply “Ka’Nal”. However, on this day, all things did change. Something within me is even shifting and morphing still. Well, that’s pretty much the concept of change, isn’t it? (LOL) Of course, it is. But you KNOW that feeling you get when you feel like something BIG is going to happen? Something good. Or maybe not so “good” (relative term). That’s what I’m feeling. Something big, and beautiful, and enlightening and blissful and fun!The fears I let go yesterday are replaced by a sense of Knowing I AM receiving today. And the sense of Knowing I AM receiving today builds upon the letting go of fears and judgments around all kinds of things from the past… the pursuit of money, egoic ideas of romantic relationships, a single place to call home, etc., etc.

Those of you who know me and have otherwise been following my journey the most recent five years (and some of you even longer) know what I’m talking about. Many of you have done or are doing the same thing in your own lives. And the giving away of our attachments to things, thoughts, ideas and limited belief systems have continually been replaced by amazingly new things. Like what, you ask? Like a sense of peace… freedom… forgiveness… HUGE forgiveness, of both the self and others. Also, compassion… and laughter… and tears… and friendship… interesting and unexpected adventures. Oh! And clearer purposes for Life. And for me personally, the greatest gift of them all thus far… Trust. It’s my mantra. It’s my prayer. It’s my meditation. It moves beyond faith into something I don’t know, but sits square dab in the middle of the seat of my Soul.

TRUST.  There it is, for me and all to see. What does it look like? Whatever it is supposed to. But when it arrives, or when you arrive to it, you Know. There’s no doubt, for doubt feigns Trust. Doubt puts one back into the other square of garnering Courage and Faith. Those are beautiful, too. Don’t get me wrong, I still have those. But something is different. There’s this strange Knowing and the evidence of it is showing up all around. Mundane miracles are multiplying exponentially. Physical manifestations of thoughts and desires are happening almost instantaneously. Perhaps this is what the advanced master-teacher-students (I’m going to come up with a new word for that some day… soon.) experienced as well. The historical accounts and handed down stories of their journeys suggest that it is one in the same.Anyway, I know I have been writing (and some of you have been reading) a lot lately on the topic. ESPECIALLY these past two intense weeks of shifting and shaking on/in/around the planet. I know people are feeling it.

On some level, everyone is feeling it. Some are more aware than others about what it means, either for themselves for a society of human beings as a whole. Yet, no matter the sense of it, I truly believe that there’s a large portion (dare I say a majority of the masses?) who know that at the least “something” is up, and things are about to truly make another big leap of Change.And so this song simply speaks to all that. For me personally, it speaks to a place that I have arrived to to-day and so much of the energy I’ve been feeling around this whole journey referred to as simply as Life. But it’s not so easy, is it? Sometimes, yes that is true. Certainly not at first, for it IS a process. And it DOES take time. How much? It depends. But Life really IS and/or can be beautiful once you let go of what you think it’s supposed to look like. LOL… it truly is this miraculous thing that teaches us so much about ourselves through our interaction with the lives of others be they animal, mineral, plant or other. I have such a new and deep gratitude for all of it. Even I can not say that has always been true. Except for now… within this moment that is and keeps on getting built upon.I really believe that the windows and doors are about to open up, if not get blown off there hinges completely! In a good way, of course. I AM excited about what is coming down the cosmic pike. I hope you are too! And as we sit on the precipice of brand new shiny black moon in Virgo, be assured that now IS the time to make some decisions, get off your duff and make some moves. You don’t have to travel half-way around the world to figure It out. Just look around you. See where you are now. And make a decision. Make a choice. Make a move. And make a change. Sit and listen, and then let Change help you make a Life which you so desire to truly live.

with love, hope, aspiration, faith, courage and trust in all of you, I love you, and I’ll see you soon, ♥ Pheonyx


sages-updated-BahktiBliss-781x102409.13.12 [Ubud, Bali, Indonesia] So… after much prayer, contemplation, conversation and meditation, I decided to take a big leap of faith earlier and accept an invitation received about a month ago to be a part of the beautiful Bhakti Bliss gathering of light beings in Asheville, NC on Sept 22-23, which happens to coincide with my spiritual birthday of last year’s Aries full moon Fall Equinox on 09/23 (should I mention it was also a lunar eclipse if I remember correctly? whoa, is right. trust me. lol). That was the day (night actually) that yours truly as “Pheonyx” was reborn! It’s a long story. But I did write a poem about it which you are welcome to read here:

As to the decision to up and leave Bali for a half-way ‘round the return adventure, it took a while to process and let go of the reigns of control of what I “think” that this journey around the world (and back and back out again apparently… lol) should look like. It feels good and perfect and I have let Jordan and the other organizers know (or am doing so now depending on who’s reading this at the moment =). And in my own little mini pre-Bhakti bliss of self-surprise and wonder, I decided to pull a card and see what the angels have to say about it. LOL (again), of course, this is what arrived (see photo below).There are no accidents when it comes to the work of the Spirit, and I AM on this journey as a test of my immense will to TRUST the Universe that I will be doing exactly what it is I AM supposed to do. Soooooooo… with that being said, it looks like I’m coming home Asheville and Atlanta, for a few short weeks! I look forward to this somewhat surprise visit home and exchanging some knowledge the great wonders of the Universe that reside within the inner heart and higher mind! Expect a few extra treats… anyone up for some MerKaBah Lightbody Activation Gatherings?! I believe a few of those will be in order.

Then it will be back to Bali to continue the work as well as to Melbourne, Australia in mid-October, then Bali again to settle in to do some more writing (and such), followed by a return trip to the Philippines (surprise!) in November (possibly) and December (definitely) for a couple of light worker educational summits. Special FYI note for those of you living in and around Manila… keep a lookout for an announcement about a huge two-day educational/experiential/existential light body gathering on 12/12/12 in downtown Manila! Then it will be back to wrap up this adventurous 2012 back in Bali just in time for preparations for a big 12/21/12 event in the beautiful, literal heart of Bali, Ubud!Whewww… talk about some major expansion! Looks like the wings are getting a full workout over the next few months! LOL… can’t help but laugh in wonder at all the beautiful and somewhat unexpected (but not really) unfolding. The Truth is written in the stars. The knowing of it within our very own hearts. The evidence of it shows up wherever we are. The joy and wonder of it comes when we are willing to let go and trust our dreams to take us far along our journey through Life and eventually back again to the very stars.I AM so deeply grateful to all that is, and I look forward to sharing more with all of you as I tarry along by foot and train and plane and bus and car… oh and a ready set of wings which have been preparing for this part of the journey for, well I dare say, all my life.With deep love and appreciation, I love you, and will see those that I will see soon. The others… I’ll see you in the cosmic facebook called my heart. until then, ♥ Pheonyx


09.12.12  [Planet Earth]  I AM SO GLAD that I came across this photo AND that the organization that posted it exists in the Philippines. I was recently in the Philippines for four months visiting family for the first time in 10 years, and I was deeply saddened by the level of trash pollution just about everywhere I went. I know my fellow Philipinos can feel me on that one. Now spread the word, fellow Pinoys!

Our nations and our world are in dire straights when it comes to dealing with pollution.  Not only in places like the Philippines where the amount of land (let alone air and water) pollution was a bit of a shock to my system.  The problem of what to do with our trash is an increasing and exponentially growing problem for every city, state, and country all around the world.  It’s one planet.  It’s round.  We’re all connected remember?  The problem of your trash that you toss out in North or South America, for example, affects all of those there in China or Indonesia, and vice versa.  Even what you toss out as trash there affects what happens in the middle of practically nowhere in a place that you will probably never ever see or visit in person, but is bigger than most states in the U.S. and even small countries in the European Union!  Don’t believe me?  Then see or the youtube video  “Garbage Island” at for more about that.

We really are approaching a “do or die” time when it comes to destroying the delicate (yet also resilient if given the right circumstances) eco-systems of our rivers, streams, water tables and eventually our oceans!  Here are SEVEN SIMPLE (yet, it will still take practice) yet VERY EFFECTIVE tips on how you can IMMEDIATELY start making a difference:

#1 RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.  Look around.  Don’t ignore it.  See and feel what if feels like to see trash in your streets, rivers and oceans.  Even in your own front and back yards.  Apathy is the greatest immobilizer.  And get rid of the thought that even one person can’t make a difference.  Rivers and Oceans are formed one droplet at a time which eventually come together.  So, Read. Watch.  Pay Attention.  Involve yourself in education.  And help others become educated.  Share thoughts.  Share ideas.  Share opportunities for action.  It’s really that simple.  But don’t NOT do anything.  Every change starts there.

#2 Say NO TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BAGS (aka, grocery bags) at every possible moment!  Everywhere you go!  But if the vendor doesn’t hear you or understand you and they put it in a plastic bag, but it’s something you can carry or put in one of your own bags (purse, backpack, re-usable sac, etc) then take the item(s) out and give the plastic back to the vendor and say, “Better we help the environment by not putting another one of these in it.”  Smile and thank them for their understanding.

#3  So, in order to effectively do the above, this will help… PLEASE CARRY YOUR OWN BAG(S)!   And USE it!  This is the basic idea of eco-friendly(er) consumerism.  It’s simply all about increased awareness.  Face it, you’re going to have to get buy something at the store.  So, be prepared.  Carry your own reusable bag(s) in your car, in your purse or in the bottom of your  backpack!  If you go into a store, carry at least one with you!  More if you are planning to buy alot of things.  If you get into the store and your forgot your bag(s) in the car, turn around and go back and get them.  It’s inconvenient perhaps but trust me you will only forget once or twice before it’s automatic you grab a bag to in order to save you that walk back.  Do this until you have retrained your mind to think eco-friendlier when you have to go to the store.  ANY store…  grocery store, department store, gas station or mini-mart store.  This is really so simple and easy.  You can get little nylon (or even better now, natural oganic!) collapsable sacks that take up no more room than your sunglass case.   If you drive a car, then store a few reusable handle bags in the trunk or floorboard of your car for quick and easy access!  And this too I promise you, you will FEEL GOOD having done it.  Yes, every single time. I certainly do, because I  KNOW I have done something that is make a small perhaps, but very impactful action.  And considering the lifespan of a piece of plastic is about 1000 years, your action of not putting another single bag into the environment, let alone half a dozen or ten on a single grocery store run, is no small impact.  Times that by a few million/billion people, and that’s a HUGE difference in a very small amount of time.

#4 Okay, this is a BIG ONE!  Especially for people who eat out a lot in fast food restaurants…. When DINING IN, ask for your food and/or drink to be served on a in-house plate and in washable cups and glasses. In other words, DO NOT DINE-IN ON PLASTIC OR STYROFOAM!  Five minutes after you are done, that stuff goes in the trash and straight to the landfills. Talk about a real waste!   In other words, unless you are literally taking your food or drink WITH you TO GO, do not accept it be served in a plastic cup, bowl or bag!  Insist on non-plastic wear if it available.  And again, if they try to put it in a plastic bag for your “dine in” experience, then kindly refuse it and ask them to help save the evironment.  Smile and walk away.  And if you are ordering it to-go (aka “take-away” as they say here in Asia) , then please see #3.

#5  VOLUNTEER with your local neighborhood, city, state clean up efforts!  Don’t have one?  Help create one.  Get your neighbors, friends, family, organizations involved.  Host a clean up day early in the morning (when it’s cooler) on a Saturday or Sunday and then have a potluck gathering of good food, friends and fellowship afterwards.  Remember though, NO DISPOSABLE PLASTICS here either! You can do it!  We had potlucks long before plastic existed, remember?? Only paper and washables!  Make it at least a monthly or bi-monthly endeavor.  Create a facebook page and share it with others.  Post pictures of cleanups and gatherings so that others can see the progress and know how to get involved.  If you live in Manila, see these folks… and get involved!

#6 BUY A FILTER AND SAY NO TO SINGLE-USE PLASTIC BOTTLED WATER!  Refill your own water bottles.  And just like with the eco-friendly reusable bag concept, PLEASE carry your own refillable water bottle with you in your car, in or clipped to your purse and/or backpack!  It’s not that hard really. And if you are dining in a restaurant, guess what, they will usually fill your own water bottle with fresh, clean and usually chilled drinking water… as much as you want!  And it’s FREE!  I know, crazy right?!  Again, retrain yourself to think differently when leaving the house.  I also have a water bottle on me.  Fits right in a special water bottle pocket made exactly for that purpose on my daypack. Otherwise, I simply carry one with me wherever I go.  Can even clip it to your belt loop or onto you purse. (Well okay, maybe leave the bottle at home on your Friday night out with the girls or dinner and drinks with the boys. =)~ But if you find yourself somewhere where you just HAVE to buy a bottle of water or juice or something,  then make a personal intention to either use the bottle more than once, perhaps refilling it a few times before tossing it.  AND when it is time to toss it, you toss it into a recycling bin, NOT the regular trash bin, unless you are 100% sure that your city separates recyclables at the trash processing plant, if your city even has a trash processing plant!  This is rare but that’s up to you to find out.  But most trash goes straight from the dump truck to the landfill.

#7 STOP BLAMING OTHERS!  Stop pointing your finger of blame for the problem to someone else… the poor, the uneducated, the young people, the old people, the greedy consumerists, the careless corporations, etc., etc, etc.   And stop waiting for the government to CLEAN UP YOUR MESS.   Trust me, the governments have their own mess to clean up right now… and it is meeeessssssyyyyyy.  It’s going to take a while. Probably will have to be burned to the ground in order to be rebuilt in the end.  But I digress, for that’s another topic for another day.  So, stop waiting on governments to take create and carry out the solution.  It’s called “red tape” for a reason.  It’s time to take ownership and take care of your own front and back yards, business fronts and PUBLIC parks and streets.  You have two hands.  Pick it up and toss it in its proper place. Help a brothah out here, ESPECIALLY when you come across trash along green spaces, rivers and streams!   Hey, remember you have a re-usuable bag in your purse or backpack (note: washable ones are the best).  So, pull it out and use it on your nature walks and become a one-person Earth friendly NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)!   And make a commitment to empty and dispose… oh wait, I’ve got one… how about REDUCE your own trash consumption.

RE-CYCLE. RE-PURPOSE. RE-NEW.   Create a compost bin.  Buy some worms.  Plant a garden instead of grass.   Grow some of your own food.  Share and exchange some of that food with your neighbors and friends.  Create a Community Garden!  Do it together!  Make it fun!  EACH ONE, TEACH ONE to better  live, learn and grow.  Come on, people… how hard is it really??  Or have we just become so lazy?  I’ll let you answer that. I’m just here to shine some light on the subject.

Okay, that’s my slightly personally unexpected (that seems to be the order of the day with me here lately) and passionately believed E.S.A (Earth Service Announcement) for today.  PLEASE share this with others.  Especially, those who love the Earth and wish to make a difference in the care and stewardship of the planet… which honestly folks, right now, ain’t so good.  It’s really downright atrocious.  So, wake up and work for solutions!  Charity begins at home.  Clean it up and give to yourself first, then go out into the world… rinse and repeat.

I love you.  Remember… our outer environments DO directly reflect our inner.  You know that ole saying, “cleanliness is close to godliness” that the sister-nuns and Sunday school teachers used to tell us all when we were young?   Well, guess what, on some level it’s really quite true.  So, clean up your acts, your yards, your neighborhoods, your cities, your states, your water ways, and watch what happens to folks on the inside!   Trust me, it’s like night and day.  Or something more in line with something like this photo…  Thank God, we’ve still got time to make things right again.  And until we do, I’ll keep tooting my horns.

love enlights,  <3. Pheonyx


09.11.12  [Ubud, Bali, Indonesia]  I have been receiving a ton of “spider medicine” today and exponentially more so in the last 2-3 days I’ve noticed.  More than the usual even for living in the tropics of Bali.  And though the spiders are prolific here in the luscious greenery of coconut trees, long grasses, and flowering plants here of the rice paddies, I haven’t come across but maybe one tiny spider in my 5-6 weeks here in Bali.

However, that changed when about three days ago I “met” an eight-legged friend in the middle of the floor of the bedroom that measured about 2.5 inches across.  I didn’t exactly take out the measuring tape and ask it for its measurements, but it would have easily expanded the center of the palm of my hand.  I asked it to not go anywhere while I went and retrieved a glass and a piece of cardboard for a capture and release approach.   The next morning, I woke up to find that it had taken residence in a 3 foot wide web between the branches hanging over the entrance portico of the Hermitage.  Although, I do have to say that it looked even bigger and more looming hanging on an practically invisible web 12 feet up in the air.  But she gave me some nice things to meditate on that morning, the spider in the sky, as I sat on the mat gazing out into the adjacent garden.

The next day, while sitting and working on the book, a tiny crew of tiny newborns on a search and discovery mission floated in with the breeze on tiny threads of angelic like webs through the window which faces my writing desk.  I smiled at their adventurous, wind-swept nature.  Like I said, it was a tiny crew of maybe three or four (not an invasion of hundreds, thank goddess!) which apparently got separated from the rest of the brood.  They were really not much bigger than a few flecks of dust.  Small enough to hardly irritate or do me any harm, so I simply observed them as they floated to the floor and continued on their search for greener pastures.

But then… last night, about the same time (3:30am) as when a miss-two-inch-long-legs came strolling by a couple of nights ago, I happened upon her half-sized sister,  who was black and was very fast.  As I walked back into the bedroom from the kitchen, I spied upon her in a second. The floors in the Hermitage are a shiny white ceramic tile, so a even a speck of dirt, or occasional gecko  (it’s like a lizzard) poo on the floor beckons like blackbird against a clouded sky.  So, miss midnight crawler’s presence was quite eerily pronounced.  In fact, this one kinda made me want to let out a little shriek (don’t judge me =)~ when I saw her.  She startled me.  I was just in the room, went away to grab some water and came back and, BOOM out of the sky she fell to my creamy faux-marble ceramic tile floor.  She sat for a moment contemplating me, as did I with how to uninvite yet another eight-legged guest.  I asked her, as I did her leggier sister before her, to just sit still before turning to retrieve said spider capturing device.  However, as soon as I began to turn, miss black-speedy-legs shot towards the direction of the bed.  I startled and thought in that split second, “Oh, no m’am, I’m sorry, that is not going to work!” as I instantly contemplated the idea of lying in bed while she ministered below me just waiting to pounce upon a toe or the tip of my nose while I attempted to sleep in HER new found cotton and polyfill abode.

And thus with my sleep, sanity and now psychological survival at stake, my body jumped into flight mode as I pounced upon her before reaching the edge of the foot of the bed.  Sadly, the sounding of my flip-flop slapping ceramic also meant the end of her days of running.  I lifted my foot sullenly and apologetically scooped her up with a tissue and gave her a watery burial to sea via la toilette (sounds more respectful and “funerally” when you say it in French, oui?).  I  felt really bad.  I really did because in the end, I know that spiders are generally good.  And from a Native American “animal medicine” perspective, spiders represent a great deal of good.  However, I had to make a lightning-flash judgment call on that one, and the fact that she began to run made me think that she must have been guilty of something.  I mean, right?!

LOL… alas, I said my prayers and few ho’oponoopo’s (see for more on that), and cleared both my conscience and, with hope, my karma with a bit of that.  At least now I knew I would be able to sleep in peace should and when the time came.

And then today, I have found that the word must be out to the insect kingdom that one of their own have been demonized, judged, condemned and executed by the hands (well, in this case foot really) by one of “the humans”.  All day they have been popping up and either landing on (or near) me as if deployed from some B-12 spider bomber above.  Or I simply find them walking right across my path pausing to look up at me as if to say “We see you.”  It’s almost as if I can feel the stare of those 6, 8  or 10 eyes that spiders usually have.  I just look at them, nod and say, “I see you, too.  It wasn’t my fault.  She ran.  I was scared.  I’m sorry.  Now no biting.  And no going into the house.”

And thus, it came to me to reflect upon the meaning of all this, for I know everything is here to teach and/or reveal something to us.  And when the patterns and signs of something occurring becomes too obvious to ignore, it’s time to do some inner looking to see what both Nature and her amazing creative cohort, the Universe, has to reveal.  I also know that, according to the Native American’s and more than a few other indigenous nature-based cultures, the Spider holds significant purpose and meaning as a symbol of vast creativity, ingenuity and transformative change.   And if you have been reading any of the many recent reflective writings which have been pouring out of me this past week, you know that I’ve been receiving and sharing a great deal of information and insight on the heightened energies of both the cosmic and planetary change that are occurring even at this very moment.  There have been lots and lots of story-telling within this past week, and much focus on the story of my own life that is being channeled into the first of three books.  Writing, aka story-telling, is the primary purpose for this time in Bali in the first place.

The author by the name of “Spider Woman” writes, “There are many different stories on whom this legend is and the medicine [the spider] offers; the symbolism is usually quite similar and always (in my research) feminine. As I go through life, I continue to learn about her, and am constantly reminded of how I relate to and teach through her medicine. In many of the Native American folklore, Grandmother Spider was the woman who, out of her dreams, created the earth and the people who reside here (energy and the power of creativity). She is known as a great teacher, storyteller, as well as a protector and keeper of knowledge.

In her web she brought the alphabet to us (a form of communication and learning), as well as the ancient language of geometric shapes. In her web, she weaves the connections of past, present, and future (time) together. The web is spun in spirals, and she generally sits in the middle of it, gathering patience for things to come. As she waits there, she reminds us that we are all the center of our own world, but keeping in mind that we have a strong interaction with the rest of the universe. The web also represents the medicine wheel and the wheel of life. The web is constantly changing by what the universe brings to it, as mother spider begins her web anew each day. However, not all spiders weave webs, but they all produce silk, which is one of the strongest materials known to man, and is in liquid form when inside the spider itself. Also, not all silk is sticky, only those on the outside of the web (to snare prey). Silk is used in other ways too: to make egg sacks, for draglines, and for ballooning (floating though the air to a new place). The spider knows to follow the most direct route.

Each spider has eight legs, which also form the number eight (8). When you see the number written, you will notice that it forms the infinity symbol, which encompasses all of time (past, present, and future). I believe that if you break down what infinity really is, it’s just unconditional love and the energy of it. The eight legs are also representative of the four winds of change and the four directions. The body of the spider has two oval or round parts, also forming the number eight, and can represent the flow from one circle of life to another; death and rebirth; change. As the spider grows, it sheds its outer layer just as we let go of the things in life that we no longer need and which no longer serve us.”  (-via

As I like to say, it’s all very fascinating.  Life is fascinating.  The beings in, on and within this amazingly intricately woven web of life on Earth is fascinating.  We can either fear it, or we can come to try to understand and appreciate it even more.  Now granted, we all still hold a certain level of fear and doubt sometimes when the time comes to practice.  Sometimes we have to make split decisions and instinctual safety/boundary/self-preservation judgments.  But even in those times we are given the opportunity to reflect on both the consequences and/or the rewards of our decisions.

All life is temporary, says the Buddha.  Most of life’s suffering is illusionary, a concept of the mind as we navigate the field of infinite potentials in this lifetime.  And when it’s done, it’s done, and all life moves on.  No point in lamenting the inherent “loss” of it, for all of it has the potential to give us so much more to gain in wisdom, insight and life experience.  And if you should make a decision that seems not to honor the life of another… through thoughts, through words, through action… then you have the opportunity to make amends within the life, or rest assured such amends will be made some time in the hereafter, or at some place in between.  That is the basic rule and understanding of the Universal Law of Karma.  It’s all about balance.

And thus, I dedicate this writing to all the little (and not so little) bits and pieces of Life which I have so offended and/or extinguished.  May you be recognized if not re-ignited into the cosmic threads of the Universe as  I ask for the grace of your forgiveness.  And I thank you for the immense lessons your coming (and perhaps leaving) have offered me.  I accept these gifts of both light and dark experiences and weave them into the web of my own temporal and eternal Be-ingness.  I balance the flow of all Life by allowing it to flow into, out of and through my daily experience, and I offer up these words and concepts to others so that they too may increase in their awareness to do the same.

Thank you all for listening. Thank you even more so for caring and participating in the act of sharing as we each weave our own beautiful webs into the greater cosmic fabric of Life.

blessings, love and happy weaving,  ❤ Pheonyx

To read more about Pheonyx’s reflections on his journey and observations on his trip around the globe visit, and we invite you to share this with others.

PHOTO NOTE: This was a tiny (less than an inch wide spider web that was nestled between the slats of an arm chair that sits out facing the alter garden out front of the hermitage. When i took the photo one early morning last week (it caught my meditation gaze as the sun rose and glinted through the tendrils) I become mesmerized by it.  In fact, I usually am mesmerized by the magical silk-spinning of spiders. Anywho, I forgot about it until the following piece of writing flowed through me today. When I thought about an appropriate photo which would embody the essence of what I was speaking, it came back into my consciousness, this perfect photo that the Universe encouraged me to break my meditation in order to capture it for later perfect connection to this story… LOL, the perfect, wonderous webs of Life.  Be still and watch it flow… ♥


09.09.12  [Bali, Indonesia]  My heart aches at the receiving of this message. I was so wonderfully impressed by Jordan and all the amazing young people representing their indigenous roots and Philipino culture during my attendance at Kapwa-3 International Conference in Baguio City, Philippines just a few months ago. My heart goes out to Jordan’s family and all those involved and affected with this recent personal and cultural tragedy. I AM holding light and faith that Jordan’s journey will not be in vein and will help raise consciousness around the deep rooted issues of corporate greed and destruction of natural and cultural resources. I am a native-born Philipino (yes, I prefer to spell it with a “Ph” instead of an “F”.) who happened to be raised in the U.S. with my full-blooded Philipina mother (hi mom!) and Atlanta-born father (hi dad!). However, more importantly I identify myself as a citizen of the World, despite what limits and arm-bending constrictions certain governments might try to wrangle my personal identity for the purpose of taxes and paper tracking they may attempt to apply. And as such I have signed the petition and encourage my fellow concerned citizens of the World, members of the same Earth Family, to also share this video and the message that lies herewith.

Ironically and in Divine perfection, I came across this message while listening to an interview I did with a small but active group of spiritual healers back in Manila, at the exact same moment I read this, one of the interviewees began to talk about the concept of “Kapwa” explaining to it me for the very first time as it was the first time I had come into contact with the word and concept. This is also the same meeting that introduced me to Rem Tanauan (LOL… i’m listening to Rem speak to the Kapwa now. So weird… like being in a time warp at the moment. =)~. In fact, here also is a beautiful article that Rem wrote post-Kapwa Conference covering not just the etymology of the word, but he also speaks to the deeper social, spiritual and psychological meaning of the word (read and understand more about it at Rem was the one who ended up facilitating my attendance as a volunteer for the Kapwa conference where this video was taken and where I met so many wonderful Philipinos such Leny Strobel, founder of the Center for Babaylan Studies in California, and others doing the work on the and in the communities such as fellow natives of heart and mind if not also of body such as Rem, Krysta Gabriel, Sarah Queblatin, Inday Tibo, Kriya Velasco and his amazing mom, Mila Anguluan Coger, Marybelle Mb (from whom I received word of Jordan’s recent departure from this Earth), and SO many others whom I’m failing to mention at the moment but are doing immense work on both sides of the Pacific pond. Thank you all for that and for the small, and some not so small, connections we have come to make.

On a side note, I also just discovered that the word “kapwa” is also the same word for “neighbor” or “togetherness” in both Maylasian and Indonesian languages (I currently write to you from Bali). And in my first four weeks of being in Bali, I have realized that there are greater similarities than there are difference between Bali Indonesian and Philipino people. The major difference that I HAVE seen however, is that the Balinese people have very much honored and maintained much of their indigenous cultural heritage and traditions while also living within the influences of a modern world with western cultural influences, despite also having to deal with nearly 300 years of Dutch colonial rule, then the Japanese during WWII (see for more info). For the Philipinos it was the Spanish usurption for about the same amount of time (look, i’m no history buff buff though! wikipedia is definitely my friend. you can read more on that at

The key words here are Honor, Balance and Respect, and the Balinese people get that. They honor and appreciate it and are engrained with the knowledge, understanding and most importantly however, the PRACTICE of coming to balance with all that the world to offer physically, emotionally and spiritually. It’s a lesson, I believe, that many in the world deeply benefit from, not just in over-developing communities and countries around the world. And the nations of even western cultures could stand some serious fine tuning around their own attitudes and actions around how to create balance within their lives… not just once or every once in a while, but on a daily, time-honored basis. I do believe the consciousness of the world and the people in/on it is shifting. I just pray that we get there sooner than later as a whole. But I also know that all things work in their own Divine and perfect time. And so I trust, have courage, listen (meditate) and pray and share the thoughts, words and actions that evolve from that own process of natural flow.

The greater energies for love, light and expansion, the essence of the Christ (translation: the “annointed one”) Consciousness and the idea of the Compassion of the Buddha (translation: the “awakened one”), both of whom of which we all are. I am thankful for the receiving of this message and these words. I am also thankful for the opportunity to share them with you and with others.

With love, light and deep appreciation for all of you (especially you, my sweet Philipino choo choos! =)~, ♥ Pheonyx

To see photos from the 2012 International Kapwa Conference visit … ♥

To sign the petition in honor of Jordan and all those working to protect and honor the rights of indigenous people, visit

To see the video of Jordan Manda performing a traditional native dance at the 2012 Kapwa Conference, visit


09.08.12  [Ubud, Bali, Indonesia]  I’ve never really considered myself an “island boy”, Bali is definitely beginning to shift my perspective a bit.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not the first time I’ve donned a sarong.  Not just here in Bali but at many places, parties, events and special ceremonies or gatherings where the gender-bending activity of wearing loose flowing fabric versus a pair of chinos or cargo shorts was widely accepted.  But in the U.S. unless you live in the gay ghetto, reside pretty much on the beach 24/7 in places like Hawaii, Southern Florida or the Baja Peninsula, or in towns with names like Shasta, Sedona, Chelsea or Asheville, seeing men gayly walking around in skirts is not every day practice.

Here however, it’s different.  It’s not only tradition, it’s honored and respected.  And there’s something very special about it indeed since in most cultures touched so heavily be western influences, people are often seen wearing the same western stamp of blue jeans and t-shirts promoting names and logos of Polo, A&F, and Ralph Lauren… even if they are Chinese knock-offs as is common throughout Asia.

However, to the Balinese people it’s even more than simple tradition.  It’s an integrated and much esteemed part of their culture which is honored by both young and old.  I can’t tell you how much my heart smiles when I walk by a group of 12 and 13 year old boys gathered in front of a local warung (Balinese version of a privately owned convenience store or local sit-n-eat) all dressed in sarongs.  Now that being said, male sarongs are worn very differently from the women, and there’s just something very natural about it in terms of way of look and style.

I mean, if we think about it, the pant (short for “pantaloon” by the way) hasn’t really been around all that long as standard male culture wear.  And even less as long for women with the first women shaving bodices for boy wear in the late 19th century during the Industrial Revolution.  “Pants” began as a very Anglo-European thing made popular among the aristocracy of the day in places like Italy, France, England, etcetera, etcetera, eteceteraaahhhhhhhh.

According to one source, the idea of the pant really only came “about 1760 (when) most men begin wearing breeches, a tight garment worn from the waist to the knee (I think today we call them knickers =)~ with stockings covering the rest of the leg, ‘Britches’ was an informal word for breeches.  Prior to this men were wearing various form if skirts and dresses (but that’s another story).  Pantaloons (where we get the word pants) were made popular in 1812 by George Bryan ‘Beau’ Brummell who wore his with a foot strap (like modern ski pants) to keep the pants tight and avoid creases. Brummell, buddy to the future Hind George IV, developed a dress code that anyone, not just royalty, could follow. He dispensed fashion tips and stressed cleanliness (a novel idea for the time).”  However, one or two other sources claim that both the Greeks and the Persians had versions of the two-legged contraptions as far back as the 6th and 7th centuries B.C.E., but I don’t know about that.  All I can remember from the movie “300” was a bunch of men running around in leather skirts and no shirts.  Hollywood or not, I think that’s the version of history I like to remember.  =)~ (-via

Meanwhile, back to the modern day Balinese, the tradition of wearing a sarong is practical and simply a part of daily lives.  Entry into any one of the 20,000 or so holy temple that exist on the island require that all are covered from the waste down in lovely wraps… men, women, boys, girls, local and foreigner alike.  Oh, by the way. here all throughout Asia, the white people are called foreigners.  Being a Filipino-American, that just makes me laugh sometimes. =)~  The traditional ceremonial wrap consists of actually two layers (well, three if you count what’s underneath… assuming there is something underneath.).  The first layer is the sarong itself, which the Balinese call a “kamben”, wrapped in a very specific way with a large gathering of fanned out in the front.  Imagine unfurled peacock wings at the front of the bird instead of the back.  Just resting.  Swaying in the wind.  Ahhhh, now isn’t that lovely.

The second layer is another shorter wrap referred to as the “saput” which is usually bright yellow or royal blue or white, or slightly contrasting in pattern to the sarong/kamben  layered below. It is often more intricately embroidered in gold thread throughout and trimmed in detail along the bottom edge.  The saput gets tied over the top of the sarong, and secured with fabric “belt” called a “sabuk”. The front of the saput can either be overlapped and closed over the front of the sarong, or can be left slightly open for those peacock feathers to be displayed through a space in the front.  Sometimes not, but usually yes. Personally, I prefer the latter.  Hey, when you’ve got ‘em flaunt ‘em, right??  LOL… plus you just never know when it’s time to unfurl them and grab someone’s attention, you know?  But I digress…

The fourth and final piece, aside from a shirt which is usually white for special ceremonial days but could be a western polo or traditional batik shirt on any other day or as part of the “everyday wear”,  is the “headdress called an “udeng”  (see!  isn’t learning fun?!) . It is symbolic of the Ulu Candra, which is a symbolic Balinese letter.”   Oh, another by the way,  “the front wing-like vertical appendage, called the ‘jambul”, symbolises Siwa  [aka “Shiva”.  most Balinese are Hindu]. It is also a symbol for the male lingga [for you non-yoga/sanskrit people, otherwise known as the man’s penis”]. The lingga is itself symbolic of Siwa. The part wrapped around the head is like a half-moon or sun, the symbol of Brahma. The whole thing may also be a symbolic yoni or female principle, since Brahma is the creator of life. All in all, complex and deeply symbolic, as well as hard to put on.” (-via

Also, get this!  Also from Murnis’ awesome Balinese clothing explanation… “There are six chakras of the body that are controlled by Balinese formal dress. They are:

“The third eye” (ajna) located in the pineal plexus, connected to pure energy or spirit, is associated with enlightenment. The purpose of a man’s udeng is to tie and focus his consciousness to this point of utter purity and distinguish it from all other personal desires, which hold a person down. Many women wear a white headband for a similar purpose.

The throat (vishuddha) located in the crotid plexus, connected to the ether, is associated with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. This area remains open and flows freely.

The heart (anahata) located in the cardiac plexus, connected to the air, is associated with sharing, love, devotion, selfless service and compassion. It is above the boundary created by the selendang and although it is covered by a shirt or kebaya is open and flows freely.

The navel (manipura) located in the solar plexus, connected to fire, is associated with immortality, longevity, fame, power, authority and wealth. These desires are harnessed by the selendang.

The genitals (svadhisthana) located in the hypogastric plexus, connected to water, is associated with family, procreation, sexual urges and fantasy. These instincts are harnessed by the saput and sabuk.

The perineum (mulhadhara) located in the pelvis plexus, connected to earth, is associated with being grounded, security, physical comforts, basic biological needs and shelter. These instincts are harnessed by the kamben.”

Now for those of you who truly know me, am I not in the right place?  Huh??  Huh??? LOL… I just found this out just now while researching for this impromptu article, and I’m just lovin’ the perfection of it all!  There is so much more to learn.

So, you see, it’s all very fascinating, and I simply love it.  There’s a sweetness, kindness and simplicity to the Balinese people, and yet at the same time a deepness and a richness of reverence for how the past can be very easily blended into the present moment.  There’s a deep honor and more importantly a wonderful sense of JOY as the Balinese people go through their daily lives integrating both the mundane with the mystical.  These people really are happy, and their smiles and their attitudes are contagious.  I’ve had the privilege to share space and time with a couple of really sweet men who have welcomed me into their homes, their temples, and allowed me to take a up close and personal glimpse into daily lives with their wives, children, parents, and the spirits of their ancestors.  They have even literally dressed me up and given me my first set of lessons on how to properly engage with my kamben, jambul, saput and udeng!  LOL… I’m still practicing, but hey, that’s what life is about.

So, now the version you see here is what I call my “simple sarong setup” for my every day in-and-around the house routines… and for a quick trip to the warung or the laundry mat.  It’s in no way as elaborate as the more purposeful arrangements described above.  And yes, that is my favorite pretty black belt with big silver buckle (god, I’ve had that thing for a long time) poking just above my jambul!  And yes, it’s to help keep my skirt up more easily, but also I feel it adds just a hint of western cultural flare into the mix.  If it wasn’t a belt it’d be a silk scarf, but I reserve silk for Sundays.  Don’t laugh.  I might not be kidding. =)~

In the end, it’s all just different ways of finding comfort in what clothes our own skin.  Here it’s very natural and dare I say “normal” to be walking around in what my western mind still wants to call a skirt which then brings up all sorts of interesting connotations… even just for me.  But I’m happy.  And it feels good.  And I don’t have to be at a hippie, tree hugging convention or Asheville Dance Church to feel comfortable in allow my skin to feel the loose flow of fabric around my legs.  And so, I’m going to play with this.  That too is what we are here to do… to play!  And so I AM.  And so I will.  And so it is.

Now where did I put that tiara??  =)~, Pheonyx


09.01.12  [Ubud, Bali, Indonesia]  So, my journey with limited Internet access continues. LOL… I have to laugh at myself because I realize how much I’ve asked to the Universe for assurance that I remain off the “world wide grid” during this particular time in Bali so that I can remain focused on the task of writing.  And since there is no internet at the Hermitage (what I’ve affectionately come to call it) which I’ve rented out in the rice fields, I packed up the electronics and few snacks, and ventured into the main part of town to Starbucks to grab some internet time.

It’s late Saturday morning in Bali, not my favorite day to venture into town due to the tourist traffic which I’m sure will be higher than usual being a weekend.  But honestly, it’s summer and peak tourist season here, so I’m not sure even if that matters.  There’s plenty of curious backpacking and baby-toting holidayers on any given day in downtown Ubud, and though it’s more than I prefer to be around, I can’t help but appreciate for the local as tourism is their main source of sustenance and income.  And I’m told that if I stick around long enough, the tourist traffic (and prices) tend to drop off significantly in September and into October.  However, it’s also my brother Mark and my dad’s birthdays back in the states, and I promised my dad I would try to catch them while they were together at family dinner on Friday night (their time now) to wish them both a happy birthday.

There’s plenty of places with wifi in Ubud, however, most of them are hotel lobbies or restaurants, and unless you are paying for a room or ordering a meal of the menu, freeloading is not so gainly looked upon, and I myself, tend to feel a little self-conscious when I’m not able to make a reasonable energy exchange for free wifi. Starbucks is usually a good and easy bet despite the fact that it goes again my sense of “supporting local” versus spending my dollars, or rupiahs in this case.  However, for the price of a scone or a two buck cup of coffee, I feel less guilty to rush my online browsing time, and today is one of those days which I’ve set aside to try to catch up several long standing and somewhat intentionally neglected emails as well, which means at least the better part of six or seven hours on the web with proper bathroom breaks and moments of reflection and/or inspiration.

Than being said, I set up shop in the farthest corner of the coffee house with a view out on the already busy Ubud Main Street providing only a minor distraction, and order my chocolate chip scone.   Hey, if I’m going to be here a few hours, I might as well enjoy it.  I packed a fresh cup of coffee in my to-go cup from home, economy’s sake (I still have a hard time paying $2-$3 U.S. for a simple cup of coffee no matter what country I happen to be in), and I sit down to log in.   Lo’ and behold… nada.  “I’m sorry sir, our Internet must not be working at the moment.” says the young and aspiring coffee clerk from behind the counter. “It’s usually working, but not today.  I have called the Internet company and they said that they will work on fixing it, but it may be a few hours.”

I laugh at the clear message from the Universe on it all.  Okay, I made a commitment to keep writing and recording some recent conversations between me and the Adameh Guides as of late.  Plus address neglected writings in both my recently re-vitalized Dream Journal as well as review and make any corrections to a recent message from the Guides in my Writing Journal.  Three journals to work in (this one is going in the official “Travel Journal”),  no Internet (again), a chocolate chip scone and my home-brewed Balinese coffee.  Here we go…

In truth, I have absolutely come to appreciate being off the electronic grid… the quietness of space and time without all that information going through my head.  Facebook alone can be a daunting experience mentally when trying to keep up with so many dear friends, clients and colleagues around the world.  Checking in, making sure one isn’t missing some significant event like a birthday, wedding, death or illness of a loved one, or the birth of a child.  Then there’s the email inboxes.  And not just facebook inbox, but yahoo and google inboxes as well which seem to constantly be bursting with information from public listserves and notable sources from all around the globe, as well as personal notes, inquiries and anectodes from both friends and coaching clients as well as people I’ve yet to know personally but are willing to share bits and pieces of their own story with me in response to an article or video they happen to come across.

Even prior to going into my current “limited access” state (really it’s only been the past two to three weeks), it seemed that the level of information and personal  inquiries was building up to a somewhat unmanageable state.  While still in the Philippines in recent months, I would open my inbox and literally feel overwhelmed at the number of emails and inquiries that would come through within a single day or two.  I realized then, and even much more so now, that I was also in a deep state of overwhelm of just being in the energy of Manila (Philippines capital city) and not having my own space to retreat to in order to fully re-energize my own personal batteries.  I was in a great deal of service to others during the two months in Manila, which in itself was wonderful in many ways.  I love the people there immensely and feel a deep honor to be a part of each of their journeys.  I also look forward to returning some day and doing more work together and see how much they continue to grow and expand.  However, I realize too that even on this journey of serving others as I travel around the world for the next two years, I have to have my own private space to be able to withdraw from the outside world, go within and rebuild the internal reserves of body, soul and mind… in silence.  And honestly coffee houses and public parks simply do not cut it.

And thus, three weeks ago I arrive to Bali.  One of the most tranquil places I’ve been to since my days up at the Omega Institute in upstate New York, last summer.  That too was a blessed five months of much appreciated service to self while also serving others.   Granted, there’s still noise and congestion at times wherever you go where people gather.  It’s part of the nature of being in a heavily influenced human world.  However, one can always find pockets for solitude and self-reflection.

However, in Manila, simply due to the fact that it’s a majorly populated city of literally millions, with as many motor bikes as there are people, the sanctuaries were a bit more difficult to find.  And if you did know where to find them, you had to run a gauntlet of noise, smog pollution, traffic, and people to reach them.  It was not easy task, mind you.  Doable but daunting.

In the places like my dear home (of my spirit and heart) town of Asheville, NC or the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, the task is a bit easier.  An early morning rise and a walk or a bike ride along any one of the adjacent country roads, a jaunt along a stream or river to a water fall, a hike in the foothills of any of the surrounding ridges, and your cares and concerns are easily and almost effortlessly swept away.

One of my favorite memories and personal past-times at Omega was waking up just before dawn and heading down to the lake with a short pass through the woodlands surrounding the lake on the way.  Sometimes there would be one or two other early birds meditating, journaling, yoga-ing or tai-chi-ing, but more often I would be left to a solo sunrise service with me, myself, and I.  As I sat and observed the sun rise over the opposite ridge of the trees, I would sit in utter awe as the world around me to began to stir and wake up as well.  As I breathed in the morning cool air, I loved watching the mist begin to dance up from the surface of the lake. I remember one time in specific as I watched the dance begin to take place as the morning sun began to warm the water’s surface, the mist literally began to take on human forms with sinewy arms and legs and heads and began to move in tandem with one another.  As I sat in my usual lotus form on the sand, I silently breathed in the scene of dancers of wind and water as they skipped across a glassy stage and continued their journey in the ethereal as they faded away into the blue field of sky above.  I often giggle at the wonder of such moments of simple miracle such as this.  If only I could capture this moment for others to see, I sometimes thought to myself.  “No, this is just for you at this moment, dear one. Enjoy it without any need to attach anything to it.” I’d often hear in response to this thought from somewhere deep within.  And I do.  I simply sit, appreciate and enjoy… Sanctuary.

And here in Bali, in my little writing cottage (aka the Hermitage), I’ve found another bit of heaven on Earth.  Away from the touristy hustle and bustle of the main center of town of Ubud, it’s wonderfully still and quiet. I do have a few local Balinese neighbors, and the rice fields are actively tended to by resident farmers.  But aside from an occasional overheard conversation about how the rice is growing, or who’s baby is being born or what ceremony is in need of being prepared for, there’s very little going on in way of conversation.  And, of course, I don’t really speak or understand Indonesian or Balinese except for a few recently obtained pleasantries, so I’m really only guessing that these are what the morning field conversations are really about.

But as I sit upon my cushion and mat in the morning while facing the rising sun with the scent of the sweetest of incense sticks burning at the daily offering alters  (thank you to my dear friend, Tjok Gde, for the wonderful incense!), I am in literal heaven at the simplicity and relative quiet of it all.  No cell phones buzzing or beeping.  No “you’ve got mail” notification bells or whistles from the computer.  Nothing.  Just simple conversation and laughter from the rice fields, the coos from some resident morning doves (sometimes they go on for the whole of the day), and the only buzzing comes from the variety of fascinating insects exploring the fresh flower buds opening their arms to absorb the morning light.

I take another deep breath and think about all the people I love.  I think of my family and friends back home the U.S. I think about what they might be doing in their normally very busy, American lives at the moment.  Assuredly, some may be preparing for sleep being on the other side of the world.  The sun has just departed its sojourn with them there filing their day with light, but now it rises to meet me with these thoughts this morning.  And I think about the immense love I have for all of them even from so far away.  That somehow it really doesn’t matter… whether I am here or there, the magnitude of that love and appreciation does nothing if not grows stronger in my physical absence.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder” as the saying goes.  But whether absent or present, the level of love in my heart remains constant, and I can see each of their smiling faces and feel the energy of their hearts and minds within an instantly as thinking of them and seeing them in my mind and sending them love with my mental and emotional body/mind.

I have been a nomad for quite some time now.  Even before recent years, I realize that even choosing to incarnate into a military family was early training for a curious mind, a relatively fearless disposition when it comes to trying new things, and a keen adaptability which allows me to feel strangely comfortable and somewhat at home no matter where I happen to be.  However, I now enter into the third year since leaving my former home in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.).  In 2010, I sold and let go of just about everything I ever owned minus a few personal effects which in part remain in storage in one bedroom of my brother’s place, and in part with my dear, personal friend, Laurie.  The condo (which I owed for nearly 10 years); the car (it was a lease); the fancy, form-fitting clothes, stylish coats and cool shoes…  LOL… all of it let go.  But in a deeper way, what I let go most was the past.  So much of those things represented a life I once created and even enjoyed for a time being.  But in 2010 and during the relatively few short years leading up to that time, I felt the need (the calling really) to let it all go.  It was crazy to my thinking mind to even consider it.  I had never known anyone personally who had ever done something like that before. I had only ever read about it in books or heard stories about it, and knew that it was part of the path of a few significant way seekers and teachers.  And I’ve never really looked back since.

The journey of my year in Asheville (2010-2011), and my summer at Omega (2011) and now on this journey through Southeast Asia, so far by way of the Philippines and currently now in Indonesia, is still somehow yet the beginning.  “Stop thinking so small.” I can still here the words my Spirit Guides (the Adameh Guides) say to me when they informed me that I would be moving to Asheville.  “We have bigger plans for you, and this year in Asheville will only be a springboard for you to go out into the world and do what it is you are meant to do.”  And with that I again surrendered to the greater Path of the Unknown.

It’s been a fascinating journey, to say the least.  I could write a book (oh wait… that’s right, I am. =)~ on the utterly amazing and no less miraculous events which have carried me to this place.  Do I still have doubts some times?  Of course, I too am having my own unique human experience as well.  But do I hold onto those doubts long or even at all any more?  No way.  I’ve learned to let go and Trust the unknown, for it is only unknown to my own thinking mind.  Something higher and much more connected Knows what I need to know.. and do.  And right now, I know I need to write.  The Guides are pushing me to do that daily, and I am beginning to remember things I once forgot.  It’s been a somewhat slow and arduous process.  They know very well that there’s a part of me that doesn’t like to be told what to do. (LOL), but I’m letting of the reigns around the resistance to that as well, and just creating the time of the ample amount of it which they have currently given me.  Would I like more of it?  Absolutely!  And I’ve made that request to the Universe and am waiting on the reply on how that will all unfold in the current Now of time.  I trust that what will be will be, and I’ll know what to do in the meantime.  Infinite possibilities, remember?

The past is the past, but it has the ability to affect everything we think, say and do in the present.  And the present moment helps define our future experiences.  There’s a myriad of them out there… infinitely so.  We all live within an infinite field of possibilities.  The Buddha knew this.  Jesus even spoke of it as the kingdom of God (expression of the Infinite) within.  And modern day scientists of both physics and medicine such as Albert Einstein, Gregg Braden, and Deepak Chopra have gone to great lengths to espouse upon it.

“The journey of a thousand (infinite) miles begins with a single step.”

–Lao Tzu, The Tao Te Ching

As I take these defining moments to trace my steps from the very first to now, I am in awe of the wonderment of how I actually arrived here.  The divine coordination of people and places and events who/which are willing to take us even to the ends, if not simply to the other side of the Earth so that we may more poignantly see ourselves and our place upon this planet more purposefully at this very significant and highly charged time of the Ages.  Perhaps this journey is not for everyone.  I am convinced and confirmed by Sources beyond this basic realm that it is not.

We are all here to do exactly what it is we shall do.  Some will light the way.  Some will follow.  Others will turn away from there own callings all together and follow another path that will still eventually lead them home, perhaps just with a few more obstacles and detours than would be necessary.  But in the end, we all return to the Source.  And the Source is within us, so that is the place one should first consider looking when considering how to get there.  The rest will be revealed.  You job then is to learn how to trust it.

To my loving and supportive father, Thomas, I wish you a beautiful birthday, and thank you for the unending support you have given me these past four decades of my own life.  I know you have not always understood, but I know you have always loved and genuinely trusted in me in the learning, knowing and understanding of my own process.  I could not have asked for more than that.  I love and appreciate you and send you great wishes of joy and celebration for your being here on this planet and a positive and loving influence to your family and friends.

And to my dear brother, Mark, I wish you too a congratulatory 34th year of your own life!  Funny how my thoughts of you always goes back to when mom and dad brought you home from the hospital.  I was seven and in awe of how small and helpless you were then.  Now  you are neither small nor helpless, and I can’t say enough about how proud I am of the man you have become… a hard-working father of now two of your own precious boys, a loving and caring husband, and a kind brother.  I appreciate our time and our talks together before I left on this long and varying journey.  Know that I carry the words and thoughts with me daily and send you also much love and celebration for your own life journey with family and friends.  Thank you too for your unending support, even silently and from afar.  I know that know words need be expressed between for the love and admiration I believe we both hold.  It’s an honor to call you brother and friend in this lifetime.

And with that, I give this lengthy account its due.  Believe it or not, it’s taken a few hours to compose, and I believe I may need a fresh cup of coffee before I begin work on the next account.  Not sure what that will be, but the Universe does, and I’m sure that if it’s something I’m meant to share with you all, that in no short order that I will.

I love you all.  Be well.  Be blessed and be a blessing for others to behold.  In-light and appreciation, Pheonyx


08.24.12  [Ubud, Bali, Indonesia]  According to the calendar it’s been a little over two weeks since arriving in Bali. Had an amazing time with my dear friend Chip, and can not say enough in words of appreciation for the charity, friendship and love he bestowed upon me in introducing to many of the must-see-and-do’s on one’s first visit to Bali. Alas, the time flew too swiftly by, but I am forever grateful for the brief leg of the journey together here in this magical place which he holds to his heart so dear. I am certainly privy to understanding his point of view about Bali, and am grateful to be here this very special place. And thank you to dear Jiwa Made for being such an excellent guide around Ubud and the surrounding countryside. If you need the expertise of a local guide, Jiwa is definitely a man for the job.

The past five days have been a shift in gears as I moved into “the hermitage” located on the edge of a rice paddy about a 20-30 minute bike ride from the center of Ubud. The one room cottage is flanked to the front by a big beautiful banyon tree (the same kind the Buddha sat under upon achieving enlightenment =), trailing vines and several fruiting trees including banana, coconut and what my dear friend and local Bali soulbrother, Tjok Gde, refers as a “bread fruit” (two of my favorite things! =)~ tree. On the other side, a cascade of beautiful rice terraces which provides a constant soft chit-chat of water as it flows from terrace into the one just below flowing all the way down to the river about a 100 meters or so at the base of the gorge. Needless to say, it’s the perfect spot to write if not just simply BE.

Over the past 5 days, the gears have been shifting down to a more inward focus from action/doing to non-action/being, I’ve been enjoying the silent retreat of simply admiring my current surroundings while also reflecting upon the journey of the first 40 years of life which have delivered me to this juncture within it. Of course, not ALL my time has been just sitting and reflecting. When not doing those two things I’ve been heavily engaged in both sleeping and reading. More reading, mind you, as I have devoured four books within these first five days. Three of them fictional novels of other life journeys and two “self-help” books on health and healing… one based on the work of one man who studied in India under the auspices of Yoga, Ayerveda and Tantra, and the other book about local Balinese healers (called “Balians”… interesting how similar that word is to the same Filipino term of “Babaylans” which I recently discovered and interactions on my recent return-home travels through the Philippines).

It’s been some really beautiful medicine for me to come into this place. Also perfect considering the name of village of Ubud where I’ve been called to spend this time while writing is Balinese for “medicine”. (LOL… there are no accidents.) And beside from setting aside time to meet with Tjok twice or thrice a week to share conversation and qigong lessons, that is pretty much the gist of it for the current time being.

Currently, I write from you from the Pomegranate Cafe, which is the only place with wifi within walking (or bikiing) distance from me that doesn’t require me to go all the way into the tourist-filled center of town. There is no internet or cell phone service at the hermitage (exactly what I requested the Universe) and so e-world contact with me over the course of the next several weeks will be intentionally sparse as I focus my energies on reading, writing the book, and simply being here with the moments in between.

Know that I love you and I believe in each and every one of you very deeply. I ask that you hold me in your own light as I go more deeply within to connect with stories of my past and bring the beautiful lessons and learning more rootedly into the present and help pave the way for an even brighter tomorrow. We shall see, said the blind man… we shall see.

love-en-lights, ♥ Pheonyx


08/10/12  [Ubud, Bali, Indonesia] : Life is so sureal at times LOL… after 2 months of room sharing with my cousin, Roger Fonollera (whom I love, appreciate and adore!), in the southern Philippines; followed by another 2 months of couch-crashing in the home of my dear sweet hosts, Nathan De Leon and Jake Jariolne Batoon (whom I love, appreciate and adore!), in Quezon City, Manila; punctuated by a little bit of hostel-hopping in places in places like Cebu (southern Philippines), Singapore and Kuta (Bali), I now find myself in the lap of luxury at the Ibah Resort Hotel in Ubud (also Bali) with new and already very dear friend, Chip Conley (whom I love, appreciate and adore!=), who is also serving as my official host for a week and a half in exploration of local food, fun, and festivals Balinese style! I Am feeling so blessed and appreciative beyond words really right now. Well, maybe not too much beyond words… LOL, for those of you who already know me, you know very rarely a man without them. =)-

In less than 24 hours of checking in at Ibah (, built and owned by the Prince and Princess of Ubud. Chip received a call from the Princess inviting us to a teeth filing ceremony just up the road. Don’t worry, it wasn’t us who were getting our teeth filed, but rather a group of young people from the local area as part of a major right of passage as a teenager in Bali. But yes, Chip just happens to be friends with the local royalty here. LOL… of course he is. The hotel dressed us in traditional Balinese ceremonial wear, and we were off to explore the local customs.

And on the way into town we popped in and had lunch at Michael Franti’s yoga retreat center, Soulshine. Unfortunately, Michael isn’t here in Bali at the moment, but his place is absolutely lovely and I look forward to the possibility of doing a series of classes or workshops there some day in the future. Time will tell. But in the meantime I’ve got some sights to see, people to meet and a book to finish.

The next morning we shared a lovely breakfast with Princess Asri (who is originally from Australia) and her oldest son, Tjok Gde, as well. I was pleased to discover that Tjok is a homeopathic healer here in Ubud with a thriving practice, and once he found out that I teach qigong, there was a certain light that turned on his eyes. We shared some conversation about traditional and alternative healing medicines, and I shared more with him about the principles of my approach to qigong. We now have some sessions scheduled, and I have a sense that is will be the first of a few over the coming several weeks. And he has agreed to an interview about his holistic work and whatever he can share with me on Balinese culture, community and healing practices. =). and I met his dad, Prince Tjok Raka, last night at the ceremony who apparently is a bit of a thinker/philosopher/spiritualist in his own right based on some brief wise words he shared with us.

LOL… all this within a short first 48 hours?? The Universe definitely has a certain way of surprising you when you least expect it. And that’s the true key… no expectations and trust the Universe/God/Spirit to guide you to where you need to go. Trust me, It absolutely knows.

Get out of your head and into the trusting heart. Believe in the power of divine guidance and child-like wonder in every moment. Just open to the flow and allowing the Universe to take me where it wants to go. And yes, I will be riding on the back of An elephant very soon! What an interesting adventure! Feeling so so so very grateful for the journey. … and it’s only just the beginning.

I love you all. love, light and learning to trust the Universe in deeper ways than ever before, Pheonyx

(To learn more about Pheonyx and his work and documenting his travels while connecting  with local communities, cultures and the people that inhabit them visit today!)


07.21.12 [Quezon City, Philippines]  It’s been a full four months here in the Philippines.  In fact, I realize it’s been exactly four months to the date as I’m writing this.  No wonder I felt deeply compelled to write more than usual today.  It’s so funny how the Universe works.  It’s been a beautiful blend of intense personal journeying reconnecting with family and cultural roots and gathering experiences and information on community and cultural healing modalities for the documentary project..

My mantra as of late has been one word mostly… FASCINATING. And it really has been, from the people and places I’ve had the opportunity to see.  From the regions of my mother’s birth place and childhood home in southern Vasayas province regions of Negros Oriental to the absolutely splendid mountain villages of northern Luzon such as Baguio and the very sacred setting of Sagada to the busy, exhaust fume filled streets of Manila, it’s been a fascinating journey of contrasts and blessed comparisons of the hearts, minds and livelihood of a very spirited people.  Of course, as an island nation made up of over 7000 (7,107 to be exact =) individual islands, nearly 200 uniquely spoken languages (otherwise referred to as regional dialects with Tagalog and English as the two official languages spoken throughout), and over 100 still active (but sadly shrinking) indigenous tribes throughout the islands, one could easily spend a lifetime here exploring the many possibilities of this very diverse and somewhat under-appreciated country.  (continue reading…)


07.09.12 [QUEZON CITY, MANILA PHILIPPINES]  So, Back in Quezon City, Philippines with hosts Jay and Nathan. The Manifesting Abundance workshop on Saturday was a beautiful success with lots of sharing, growth and conversation about moving the energy towards creating a more abundant attitude towards creating the life experience. Will be catching up on a slew of emails and other communications over the next few days. Looking forward to also writing down some reflections from the Kapwa-3 International Conference conference and time spent in Baguio City and Sagada appreciating the immense diversity of even the Philipino people and the many facets of the culture here in these very diverse islands. But in the end, an even greater acknowledgment about how we really are all one.

Everyone is striving for the same thing. We are all driven to move from fear into greater expressions of love. Everyone has their lessons, learning and offerings to share. We are all here walking each other home, back to the Source. Life has the full potential to be this amazing thing to catapult to the next level of the overall experience, and with less fear and more appreciation, all that the Universe has to offer is there for the receiving and releasing back into the collective whole. The more you do it, the easier it gets. I am constantly getting out of my head around this entire journey. (continue reading…)


07.07.12 [SAGADA, NORTHERN LUZON, PHILIPPINES] What amazing experience the past week at the Kapwa-3 International Conference! So grateful for the many insights, people and experiences which have connected me even more deeply to my Filipino family roots. barely have the words to describe the overall experience at the moment but will be writing a proper reflection in the coming weeks before heading to Bali. After a six hour bus ride high up into the mountains, just arrived into the sacred town of Sagada in northern Luzon for a few days before going back to Manila for the Manifesting Abundance workshop on Saturday. In addition to maybe a little bit of down time away from the city, I’m looking forward to seeing some really beautiful sites and people and experiencing more great laughs with the element quartet, Inday Tibo (fire), Marybelle Mb (water), and Kriya Velasco (earth)! More to come! Love and light to you all!  xoxo Pheonyx (air)


07.04.12 [Baguio City, Philippines] Road Trip to the Sacred Mountain Town of Sagada


07.01.12 [Baguio City, Philippines] Kapwa Conference, Baguio – Evening Dance Circle


06.30.12 [BAGUIO CITY, PHILIPPINES] Sitting at ZOLA Resto / Cafe and uploading a video update now from the campus of the University of the Philippines in Baguio City where the main lectures and sessions for the Kapwa-3 International Conference is being held.  As long as my laptop remaining battery holds out long enough got A LOT of thoughts stirring and much of it desires to be expressed but very little time to actually sit and write at the moment. I’m sure in the right and perfect time. Everything in its right and perfect time. this I have come to know. hope you are all well. much love, Pheonyx


06.29.12 [BAGUIO CITY, PHILIPPINES] Having an amazing and deeply enlightening time here in Baguio at the Kapwa-3 International Conference! However, no internet anywhere around here. Literally have like three minu on a wifi stick of one of my fellow volunteers to say hello and that I love and miss you all. Connecting deeply to my roots and some stirring of my root and second chakras has occurred today on day number three of five. There’s so much energy… mental, emotional, spiritual. taking tons of video and photos for the conference organizers as well as for The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project. really getting the opportunity to define in more succinct terms with people i meet. bottom line… it’s about culture, community and and how we all connect with one another on this big beautiful planet as we each traverse upon it together… On Common Ground. More to come. Will post photo and video updates as soon as i can get to a longer internet connection. with love and appreciation, ♥ Pheonyx


06.28.12 [Baguio City, Philippines] Thoughts from the Kapwa Conference


06.27.12 [MANILA, PHILiPPINES]  am so excited to be heading to Baguio today to volunteer and catch some video footage and some interviews with some of the indigenous scholars, teachers, artists and healers (shaman elders) attending the Kapwa-3 International Conference! will be back in Manila next week sometime and for the greater part of July (so it seems) where we’ll be setting up some more mini-workshops and a full day MerKaBah Method LightBody Activation Gathering (visit description)! looking forward to visiting the northern mountain region of Luzon. i read that the average daily temp is in the 70’s F, and the evenings get down right chilly! sounds like my beloved of Asheville, NC in spring and early summer. hhmmmmm… ♥


06.15.12 [MAKITI-MANILA, PHILIPPINES] Had an amazing three days with a deeply connected brother named Troy Bernardo, who found me on and end up hosting me and showing me around Makati. We hit it off right off the bat, had a great deal in common via energy healing modalities, personal philosophies and spiritual beliefs and the such. One thing to remember, especially when one is actively seeking and walking the path, is that there are NO accidents. Every meeting, every person, every experience is divinely designed to get you to where you are wanting and needing to go. Well, Troy and I had some work to do. (continue reading…)


06.14.12 [Makati, Philippines] Rush Hour on the Philipino Metro Out of Makati


‎06.11.12 [MANILA, PHILIPPINES] Day three in Manila and lining up some talks at a couple of metaphysical centers and meeting some cool folks. Spent a good part of the day yesterday catching up on communications also connecting with some local couchsurfers and looking forward to attending a few cool community gatherings both in and outside the city. Especially to a viewing an independent documentary film show at a local temple tonight and caving and camping outing near WaWa Dam next week. Then off to southern Thailand to do a story and a ten-day vipassana silent retreat a Buddhist monastery by the end of the month! Have had a lovely time at the 1 River Central Hostel here on the outskirts of Makati. If you are in the area and need a place to stay, check them out! Nice staff and the air-conditioned rooms, free wifi and complimentary hot breakfast are well worth the price of $10 U.S. per night. But time to move on and do some couch surfing with a new friend and fellow healer and soul-seeker, Troy Bernardo, in another part of Makati tonight and then in Quezon City neighborhood with my gracious host, Nathan De Leon, later in the week. Both of whom are connected with the local spiritual community quite well here in Manila. Thanks for everyone’s love and support! More to come! love enlights, ♥ Pheonyx


06.03.12 [TUBTUBON-SIBULAN, PHILIPPINES] Just joined SoundCloud and look forward to sharing 1-2 minute clips (I knowwwww, that’ll be a real challenge for me. trust, this I know. =)~ with updates from the field about the project and latest developments.  Thanks for your support and look forward to connecting further!  xo, pheonyx


06.01.12 [DUMAGUETE, PHILIPPINES]  Note to self… When travelling around the world and working on a documentary project, charge ALL laptops, tablets, cameras and phone the night before now matter how much power you think you have on them.”


05.21.12 [DUMAGUETE, PHILIPPINES]  Just met two Guys from the U.S. doing holistic healing work here in the Philippines.  They leave the island tomorrow so gonna attempt to snag an interview with them just now for the The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project!  I love synchronistic events like this!  =]


SNC0196705.20.12 [Tubtubon, Philippines] ::  Just booked my ticket for Manila from Dumaguete for June 7th on the SuperFerry for $40 bucks (U.S.) via, as we move further into the first 6 month leg of The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project through Southeast Asia! I’m hoping to meet some interesting fellow travelers on the boat. I will be in Manila for a short while: two weeks max I’m thinking. Although no confirmed word from the A Liter of Light (Isang Litrong Liwanag) organization despite sending them two or three emails. Will try one more time, perhaps give them an actual call tomorrow now that I know my arrival date back into Manila. Otherwise, it’ll be a quick pass-through as I set further sights toward northern Vietnam (or even possibly southern China) and trek my way down. Other option is to head straight to Thailand. (Hey, Sonh Patrick Chong!! You still in Bangkok?! I may be coming to visit! Got any room at the inn?? =))

So, I’m looking for some cheap travel deals from Manila to the mainland if anyone knows of any, please let me know. I hear Philippine Airlines runs some killer last minute deals for well under a $100 even if you catch them right, but would love to catch a passenger boat/ship ride across the South China Sea if I can. That’s certainly something I’ve never done before. Gotta sea (teehee) how I can make that happen. I’m open to suggestions from anyone out there who’s done it, or knows someone who has! Please let me know. xo, Pheonyx


05.09.12 [Dumaguete, Philippines] Do you know of any good projects out there?


photo by Pheonyx Roldan04/30/12: [Tubtubon, Philippines] :: Monday morning… a slight breeze flows in from the east as the sun begins to crest just above the palm tree line across the horizon.  The air is not as thick as it usually is here in the mornings, and the usual haze of smoke from morning breakfast fires  and the dust from the dirt road that runs in front of the house is a little bit lighter that usual as well.  However, I know I have approximately half an hour here before the sun heats up the fully exposed front porch tile (and my person) enough to make it uncomfortable enough to retreat back into the air-conditioned comfort of the bedroom.  I know… I know… spoiled American.  I’m the first to admit it… for now.  It’s the dry season here in the Philippines.  “Dry” being a relative term  considering I am in the tropics.  According to one of the demographic websites on regional climatic conditions in this area, (gosh, what did we do before the world wide web? really??)  “Though some rainfall can be expected in every month, the rainfall differs greatly through the year.   In the period June – October it’s raining cats and dogs!  The influence of the southwest monsoon is  very clear.   In the period December – May  there is no monsoon anymore. The trade wind is coming from the northeast and brings hardly rainfall.”   According to my cousins and personal experience… (continue reading…)


04.01.12 [Calabnugan, Philippines] Yoga with the Children of Isla ng Bata Orphanage


580695_3322345696090_1191754538_32699976_1944345399_n04.09.12:  [Tubtubon, Phiippines] :: Today was the first day in over three weeks that I did my qigong.  Boy, what a difference it makes.  LOL… As my friend Laurie would say, “Yeah remember?  You teach this stuff!”  It’s funny how we, the teachers, also can fall off our practice wagon.  But it’s okay. Sometimes it’s necessary.  Life is about ebbs and flows.  Expansions and contractions.  And being a triple Aquarian (sun/rising/north node) with my itty-bitty but powerful Capricorn moon, I know very well how to expand (…and expand… and expand…) and then go under a mini, albeit it intense contraction periods.

So, three weeks ago on March 21st my wings expanded and took flight as the official launch of the year to two-year long around the world journey finally came around.  The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of experiences from adjusting from primarily solo travel to traveling with others, more specifically my parents, as we have been sharing the first leg of this journey together.  This is the first time in about five years since my mother has ventured home to her roots.  And as I shared in an earlier writing, it’s my first time in nearly ten years.  And my father?  Well, he met my mother in Manila about 38 years ago and he’s never been down here in the southern islands where my mother was born and lived in until about the age of ten or so.  So, this has been a real interesting ride for him. (continue reading… )


04.04.12 [Dumaguete, Philippines] Kids on beach doing acrobatics


SNC0189403.28.12 [Tubtubon, Philippines] ::  One of the beautiful things that I love about travel is that it can open your eyes, heart and mind up to a whole ‘nother understanding.  The last time I was here, about 10 years ago, I was a completely different being from the one I am now.  A lot can happen in a decade.  And as much as I have evolved, I see the similarities of my surroundings, but much more the massive differences.  First of all, signs of growth are all around.  And once, not too long ago, all five cousins and the first of several grandchildren and my aunt and uncle and several domestic animals all lived under and around one roof that itself was made of bamboo and thatch.   Now, there are three homes, all within walking of one another.  The Fonollera family unit is still close… and has grown quite exponentially with several grandchildren, eight out of ten of them boys, and thatch roofs have been placed with more modern and sturdy material, indoor plumbing and even air-conditioning in the home of the eldest son, my cousin Roger, who now also serves as the family patriarch since the passing of my uncle several years ago. 

And so as I come “home” to the place of my mother’s birth and early years, I am reflective upon the mirrors of my own journey and my connection to these beings called family, tied in direct association by the content of our blood and cultural heritage.  And although this marks only the third time over two decades that I’ve been here, I sense a deep connection to something not clearly felt before.  Sadly, I don’t speak the language.  Something I’m working to rectify over time while I am here.  However, despite the verbal communication challenges although most Philipinos speak English, as do most of my cousins, there’s a deeper communication on a soul level (of course, I would say that right?) with this journey here.  It’s that thing I can’t quite put my finger on yet, but it’s there.   Dreams have been very active and I feel something inside shifting somehow.   Deep breaths are important for me right now, and internal messages and perhaps the antennas that have been recently extended to receive them are getting a little upgrade from the place of origin. 

There’s much to explore here.  However, given that It’s only been a week here in the country and just three to four days here with all the family, I’ve yet to shake off the curious traveler/tourist gaze and the long-time-no-see-you-were-so-young adoration from aunties and cousins.  But I’m sure I will in time.  All things will do as they will in time.  In the current moment, I simply continue to remain aware and pay close attention to what the Universe is asking me to see and hear. 


03-29-photo-by-daniel-nahabedian03.29:12 [Tubtubon, Philippines] : OMG… Just got back from a two hour motorbike ride through the mountain country outside Dumaguete City, Philippines and then back through heart of the city itself, and this photo represents about how I feel right now. time soon for a nap… =)  OH! and the interview with the owners of the orphanage went great!  I start volunteering tomorrow!!  AND I think I might have found my first official camera guy for this leg of The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project… my cousin, Monching!  LOL… I didn’t even have to ask him to do anything. He just started recording video on his own with his pocket casio camera while I was interviewing.  I looked up and was like, “Ok, okay.  Perfect!”  Then I handed him the HD Camcorder and away we went!  He wants to go back with me tomorrow on my first day of volunteering.  The Universe is SO good.  Salamat (thank you) and more please, dear guiding lights of all the Universe! XO  =)) ❤


isla-ng-bata03.29:12 [Tubtubon, Philippines] :  Mornings here easily start around 4:30/5:00am… with the lovely assistance of the many roosters, of course… a cup of coffee (capeh), and morning sunrise on the front porch with the morning “rush hour” of motor bikes, pettycabs, and people (often with an animal in tow) passing by. Yesterday began the same as such and by 9am I was down in the middle of the neighboring town of Sibulan with my cousin, Rose-Marie, talking with another one of my cousin Raqueza’s bosses about some volunteer organizations in the local area.

Next thing I knew I was joined by yet another cousin, Ann-Ann, and was then given a full escort with a full set of now-curious government employee onlookers to the office of the DSW (Department of Social Welfare).  Briefly introduced to the director as “Uncle Ramone Fonollera’s nephew” which was met in response of several “ahhhh’s” and “oh-ohhh’s”.  My uncle, who passed away about 10 years ago, which was also the last time I was here in the P.I., was a bit of a locally well-known and highly respected government official as one of, if not the only, chief representatives for his barrio (town/region) of Tubtubon.

Following a brief interview of what I’m looking for and a little sharing about The OCG project and it’s mission, I was passed onto Glise, a social worker who works with an orphanage in the next town over.  A phone call or two was made, a taxi service called (now my cousin Benji engaged into service) and we are off to Dumaguete City to meet with the director of the Bata ang Calebnugan Orphanage.  Unfortunately, the director did not get the message and had just left a few minutes prior to our arrival, but we were given a tour by Annie, one of the center’s care-takers and sister to the director’s wife, I soon found out.  So, now I head out for my 8am interview and learn a bit more about the orphanage.  Heading up by motor bike with yet another cousin, Monching.  LOL… it’s good to have family in a foreign country for sure.  Keep you posted!


03.25.12: [Valenica, Philippines] Raging River Remnants & Volcanoes of Valencia


03.25.27 [Tubtubon, Philippines] : Woke up to the rooster’s crow this morning. like music to my ears… much preferred over the honking and shouting from the streets of Manila. I really am a country boy at heart. Photos coming soon! Miss you all back in the states, but having a wonderful time. The house here in Tubtubon is really beautiful! good job, cousin Fonollera Roger!


102_078303.23.12 [Manila, Philippines] : “Houston… we have arrived.”  After approximately twenty-seven hours and three airports from start to finish, I’ve made it to the first stop of many on this curious exploration/adventure journey around the world.   I’m happy to report that the trip has been without much fanfare thus far.  The first leg, a fifteen hour direct flight from Atlanta to Korea went without a hitch.  We pushed from the gate at the scheduled 12:30am time on 03/21/12 and touched down at a perfectly ironic time of 3:33am, Seoul (“soul”?)  time.  Following a four hour layover and another three and half hour jaunt through the friendly skies, we arrive at Manila International.  And three hours after that we arrive at the hotel.

Currently, it’s the morning after, and I write to you from the street-side café porch of Manila Pavilion Hotel, where my mom prefers to stay when she comes home to visit.  It was formerly a Hilton from what I can remember when I last stayed here at the age of 18.  I remember sitting outside the casino downstairs while my mother racked up some additional funds to pay for the hotel room and a few extra moments on the town.  Now, I sit here once again retracing my steps somewhat in my mind about the journey of the last twenty-two years which have brought me back around this way.  We will be here for a couple of days before heading to the southern islands of Negros Oriental to visit and stay with family for a few weeks.

My intention is to remain present during this time of reconnecting with Filipino friends and family over the next 2-3 weeks.  But there’s definitely a part of me which is eager to see where and what the Universe is ready to show me once I go solo.  In the meantime, I look forward to the many opportunities to practicing presence and being in the middle.


03.21.12: a Heartfelt Quickie and a Layover in Seoul, Korea! 


03-13-qigong03.17.12 [Atlanta, Georgia] : Soul Destiny Card reading I received earlier in the week…. “You are now being called to embark on a new path in your journey. This is an inner path. It is the path of your Heart. It is here where you are discovering your greatest strength of all – that deep connection to your Higher Self and inner guidance. Others may be surprised by your choices. They may even react strongly to them. Do not allow this to stop you. Send those individuals loving energy and continue on letting your Heart direct the way. Take note of the synchronistic events occurring around you as life unfolds in its own divine way.”

Very much feeling this. Body and Mind has been asking for a lot of extra sleep these past several days after facilitating a truly inspiring lightbody gathering in Myrtle Beach, SC this past Tuesday. I’m sure it has much to do with current planets in retrograde which often ask us the slow down, go within and be a bit more “retro-spective” during this time. Also, feel the closing of an amazing chapter of the past two year’s growth and shift and changes with amazing journeys along side incredible and courageous beings from Atlanta to Asheville to Omega (NY) and back again.  Just a few more days of rest and personal preparations, and one more The MerKaBah Method: Light Body Activation (Atlanta, GA) gathering, a perfect number 12 out of 12 gatherings since launching this program back in December, tonight on the celebratory sweet St. Patty’s birthday.

And on Tuesday, 03/21/12, in the height of the Spring Solstice, this Pheonyx spreads his wings in a big and powerful new way out into the world heading home to the Philippines to begin the The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project and around-the-world journey into the vast and beautiful unknown. I thank you all for being a part of my own process as it has been so miraculously unfolding. I could not have done it without you, and know I take the energy of all of you with me as I am called forth to teach and explore and learn some really amazing new things which are being called to my awareness. I love you all. You know who you are. Thank you for that. <3, Pheonyx


404966_309005749145360_203126026400000_840969_308402783_n03.07.12 [Atlanta, Georgia] : Well, I am currently back in Atlanta for the short time-being. The new passport arrived about week ago in a record two-week turn around time from whence I sent the renewal application off. The passport office said that it would be all of four weeks to process at the latest, and it being a government agency et al, I took that to mean literally. Thus, my surprise when the call came in from my parents with the news of its arrival on Leap Day (02/29). LOL… I found the timing quite humorous as well as I prepare to make the “big leap” off the proverbial cliff out into the world myself. It was one of those look-up-at-the-sky-and-laugh moments with a gentle nod to the Universe as I offered up the rhetorical question… “So, you’re really ready for me to go, huh??  Okay, I get it. I’m ready if you are.“   (continue reading…)


02.20.12 [Asheville, North Carolina] : The date has been set and ticket is purchased!  the journey officially begins on the Spring Solstice, March 21, 2012 where i’ll begin the journey with family and friends in the Philippines, and tour southeast Asia for the following several months before heading further south into Australia and New Zealand in August or September!  If you have leads on projects, communities and non-profit/volunteer organizations in any and all those regions at the current moment, please go to and fill out the comment form at the bottom of the page including, name of group/organization/person/point of contact and website or email address or send me an email at!  in-light, Pheonyx


snc0104901.15.12 [Atlanta, Georgia] : Sitting here at an old haunt in Atlanta,GA… a standard issue Starbucks in the heart of Midtown.  People and cars buzzing like industrious little army ants carrying kids and carrion and miscellaneous other cargo in their hulls.  It’s Sunday, and I’ve been back in the city for about three weeks being given the opportunity to take one last look at the life I once led for nearly 15 years here in “the ATL”.  It’s a nostalgic look back as I observe just how much we are capable of changing and growing out of old life suits.

I pass by the places on once inhabited, built a home, threw parties, made love, fought with former lovers, fought with the inner workings of myself.  I ride the old routes that once carried me to former places of work where the mighty dollar and the fast city life were my life blood and raison d’être.  I journey into the places that hold sweet energies of reflection and growth, and other areas which allowed me to expand in ways I could not have previously imagined.  Life is a surreal at times. especially when you realize that there truly is no such thing as a real “past”… only faded fueled memories which we can cling to as a reference point for how far we have either truly come and/or how much farther we are ready, willing or needing to go.

One realizes also that there really is no going home.  That nothing ever stays the same.  That home is a concept or idea of the mind represented by the material, tangible things which are important to us at the time. The homes I once lived in all have new tenants with zero knowledge of the life I once paraded, cherished and sometimes berated within their now butter-beige and terracotta colored walls.  The places of work where I once sharpened my worldly skills in still buzz with their own rhythm barely missing the beat of my own drum at computers and cash registers and back room planning meetings.  And the benches and the parks I once strolled now hold a familiarity all together different as I walk their trails and replay conversations and moments of intimacy, if only in my mind… sometimes alone, sometimes with a friend. Now I see only a ghost of my former self walking among the shadows of the trees which now too seem to stand a little taller with arms stretched out a little bigger as if they wished to welcome me back to sit among them in meditation.  But I keep walking.

There is no turning back.  There is nothing to return to.  Only forward in this now and perfect moment of self-contemplation… realization… reflection… and continued expansion.   And I look out upon a sea of strangers buzzing around me as I contemplate what the Universe has in store for me next.  Well, whatever it is, nothing will ever be the same after this.  Nothing ever is.  Nothing ever will be.  And that’s okay, for every thing that ends, something new begins… again.


theocgproject-com-logo3Dear OCG Project Friends & Family,  On March 21st, 2012 and through the next twelve to twenty-four months, Pheonyx Roldan Smith will be traveling and documenting a long-awaited and eagerly anticipated journey around the world.  Documenting this venture by pen & paper (and occasional napkin or empty paper-bag if need be), his trusty computer, and as much digital film as both his youtube account and future film editor can muster, Pheonyx seeks to capture the stories of those dedicated to a life of service to the greater whole, and the deep exploration of the human spirit and the many people, places and communities which embody it.   Continue reading…


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