“Setting New Sails: The Art of Flowing Life in Abundance” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


Recently, on the way home from the grocery store I was facing a few of my old “worry warts” around the issue of Abundance in my Life. You know, around one of the… Continue reading

“The Truth About Love and Intimacy’s Rippling Effect” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


It will be some of the most challenging, frustrating and soul-expanding work that you will do, BUT somebody’s got to do it… and you ARE somebody.  Most people will not understand it or even… Continue reading

“An Allegory for Love” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“An Allegory for Love” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith Friend #1: I love you. Friend #2: No you don’t. Friend #1: Yes… I do. Friend #2: No you don’t. I can’t see how you can… Continue reading

“In Stride” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“In Stride” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith All things ‘good’ and ‘bad’ shall fall away too under the Sun.  Be not attached to their comings and goings  no more than you would be attached … Continue reading

“The Universe is a Teapot” by Susie Burkett


Look! The Universe is in a teapot! Let us drink the tea, then the Universe will be in us. Sitting cross-legged on an ancient quilt marveling at all the stars created to light… Continue reading

BlogShare: “How to By-Pass Your Reptilian Brain and Restore Your Creative Power” by Isabelle Beenen


Your mind is a sophisticated broadcasting system. We emit and absorb frequencies according to the frequencies (thoughts and belief systems) that we hold in our mind. In order to reset our innate power… Continue reading

SoulSong of the Day: “Aloha ke Akua” by Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People


————————————————————————————————–——————————————– “Aloha”: To love others as one’s self and to do so unconditionally, living a life of charity, compassion, and forgiveness towards others. “Aloha ke Akua”: To recognize ke Akua (God) as the supreme being,… Continue reading

“Meeting Ourselves Halfway” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


As we cross the halfway mark of 2013, it’s apparent that there is still a good bit of shifting still to do on the planet. The first half of this year has revealed… Continue reading

BlogShare: “The Five Mindfulness Trainings” via Buddhism.net


BlogShare: “The Five Mindfulness Trainings” via Buddhism.net The Five Mindfulness Trainings represent the Buddhist vision for a global spirituality and ethic. They are a concrete expression of the Buddha’s teachings on the Four… Continue reading

BlogShare: “Divine Feminine Versus [or Not] Divine Masculine” by Teal Scott


BlogShare: “Divine Feminine Versus [or Not] Divine Masculine” by Teal Scott via theSpiritualCatalyst.com How is gender balance restored within the human race? It is a common and preciously tended belief in the spiritual… Continue reading

“Seeds of Sour Grapes Being Sewn by the System?” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


————————————————————————————————–——————————————– “Barack Obama recently signed a bill into law that was written by the billion-dollar corporation that will benefit from it. The Monsanto Protection Act allows Monsanto to override United States federal courts on… Continue reading

Pheonyx Feedback: “The Source of Happiness Vs. Seeking Success”


JOURNEY WROTE: Happiness or Success? Go! PHEONYX: Both. The two don’t have to be mutually exclusive. JOURNEY: But one can not truly seek both simultaneously. Do you think to have both, you should… Continue reading

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