BlogShare: “The Hug” by Susie Burkett


“The Hug” by Susie Burkett The empathy makes me strong. Omigosh, does it make me strong. Sometimes we stop at this gas station/deli to eat before we commute home. Sitting at a table… Continue reading

Pheonyx Feedback: “Silence and the Source of Happiness”


————————————————————————————————–——————————————– CT WROTE: Pheonyx I have some questions that really needs answering: Why must you be still and silent to be in tune with yourself? What if moving is what you love doing… Continue reading

BlogShare: “What is Mercury Retrograde?” by Molly Hall via


“What is Mercury Retrograde?” by Molly Hall via WHAT IS MERCURY RETROGRADE?: This happens three to four times per year, when the planet Mercury slows down, and appears to stop (station) and… Continue reading

Pheonyx Feedback: “Shedding Some Light Upon Why Some People Suffer”


————————————————————————————————–——————————————– NF WROTE: In our last coaching session, something you said in the beginning stuck with me. Basically, that some people may not “get it” and will have a life of suffering – that… Continue reading

BlogShare: “We Accept Limits When Really There Are None” by Skye Burns


Time shifts and changes us as we shift along. Some hold fast to their ways and thus only change in the physical – caught in some kind of weird and painful limbo. No… Continue reading

“Are You Okay With Being Strong?” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


So, are you okay? With being strong that is? Because it’s okay. You don’t have to “be strong” all the time. Yet, here’s the deal… surrendering does not mean that you are weak.… Continue reading

Pheonyx Feedback: “Crying to Release Conflict Between the Heart and Mind”


————————————————————————————————–——————————————– TJ WROTE:  Thank you for your post, it really felt like a synchronicity, something I needed to see. I’ve been crying all day and past emotions/memories are coming to the surface for… Continue reading

BlogShare: “The Illusion of Separation” by 11:11 Awakening Code


Don’t fear the people who you no-longer feel so connected too. The distance of those who once you were very close to you is only temporary. Also, please remember energy never separates and… Continue reading

“Peace, Power and Persuasion: The Art of People Being People” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Peace, Power and Persuasion: The Art of People Being People” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith The realm of expectations is a pretty tenuous one.  I’ve written about it almost ad nauseum.  I’ve spoken about… Continue reading

“Within My Heart of Hearts” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


“Within My Heart of Hearts” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith No matter where I go, there you are.  “Where?”, you ask.  Here… right here in my heart of hearts.  You walk with me upon the… Continue reading

“The Journey” by Mary Oliver


“The Journey” by Mary Oliver One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice — though the whole house began… Continue reading

“Mirrors and Medicine: Taking the Steps for Healing Heart, Mind, Body and Soul” by Pheonyx Roldan Smith


————————————————————————————————–——————————————– “The pain body is the emotional aspect of egoic consciousness. When the ego is amplified by the emotion of the pain body, the ego has enormous strength – particularly at those times. … Continue reading

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