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Life Energetics: Integral Life Coaching & Healing Services

One-on-one, personally designed Mind/Body/Spirit life coaching and personal empowerment strategies development, practice and application.  In-person and/or phone or video consultation options available. All sessions are approximately two (2) hours.  All information is held strictly confidential.  To schedule an appointment send an email and phone number to or call 404-537-2108.   All sessions are pre-paid unless otherwise arranged. Click the link next to the desired service below to make your secure payment online with visa/mc/amex via PayPal.  All rates are firm. Payment plans may be available upon inquiry and offered on a case by case basis.

Phone or Video Coaching Sessions: $175/session (Purchase Now)
In-Person Coaching Sessions:  $195/session (Purchase Now)
Miracle Maker Power Pass: $495 for four sessions in 45 days (Purchase Now)
Energy Readings, Guide Channeling & Clearing:  $195/session (Purchase Now)
Integral Body Work, Root & Sacral Attunements: $245/session (Purchase Now)
Private & Small Group Custom Presentations and Workshops (Varies) (Click here for info)


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“Warning: Working with Pheonyx can change your life.  Only do it if you are ready for deep transformation. I began life coaching and energy work with Pheonyx in early 2012 and since then my inner and outer life has transformed. I’m feeling more balanced, connected and free than ever before and have manifested opportunities and possibilities I would not have imagined previously. The veils which kept me from my higher self and true purpose have lifted. Pheonyx is highly intuitive and will guide you in exactly the way that you need to be guided, he has the unique ability to understand each individual’s particular needs and challenges and will help you advance from wherever your starting point is. He does not do the work for you, but will serve as a catalyst to propel you onto a path toward truly fulfilling, balanced and enlightened living. If you are ready to get un-stuck and finally begin moving forward in life and in spirit, then I can’t recommend life coaching with Pheonyx highly enough!” -Rhea Jamil

“Pheonyx combines his awesome intuition and vast experience to help you on your path. He does not give you the answers, but he helps you find your own, the mark of the true teacher.” -David R.

“The guidance that Pheonyx continues to offer is so profound. He consistently provides a space for accessing the simplest of simplicities to the deepest of depths, encouraging a sense of harmony in the midst of the sometimes insane ebb and flow of growth on all levels. With lightness and laughter to focused self-inquiry and trust, I find myself feeling a deep sense of clearing and completion with each coaching session, and an increased willingness and readiness for whatever shall come next.” -Nichelle F.

“Very personally designed; unique in his approach and delivery, accurate, loving and powerful. This beautiful soul will help you on levels you aren’t aware existed in your experience; allowing you to have a greater experience of your higher self. Highly recommend coaching with Pheonyx.” – Mary S.

“Pheonyx has enriched my life in the most beautiful way. His understanding, insight & love helped me release my life of fear & control into one of hope & strength. I would recommend his services to anyone who is interested in truly letting go.  Pheonyx’s amazing capacity for non-judgement, compassion & love of humanity is both inspiring & comforting, He is truly an amazing person.  I value all of our time together & feel quite lucky to call him friend & brother.”  -Mark H.

“What makes Pheonyx such a unique, effective, and powerful coach is his ability to identify and address not only the limiting beliefs I come to him with, but the underlying paradigm that I hold which allows for such beliefs to exist in the first place. The result is that when I come to him with one or two issues to work on, I leave with multiple facets of my life being profoundly shifted. His insights, presence, and energetic healing abilities are truly an asset. I highly recommend him to anyone who is willing to stand in a place of responsibility and courage in order to better their own lives.” -Demola D.

“I am feeling absolutely fantastic… I feel such relief now that I have released assorted past experiences. What a difference that makes.” -Annie B.

“Pheonyx is one of the most talented and inspiring coaches I have ever encountered. He brings to his work a combination of life coaching skills, powerful energy healing, spiritual work, angelic guides, and all-around love and positive vibrations. One can literally feel a shift, both energetically and emotionally, in one session. Pheonyx helps release emotional and energetic blocks, and encourages action steps so that clients can navigate their futures in positive and courageous ways. Different than therapy, Pheonyx’s work focuses on the here and now, and on creating new attitudes and behaviors to move one’s life forward. He does this all in a container of safety with impeccable ethics and professional boundaries. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Give yourself the gift of his gifts.”  -BP., Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist

“Pheonyx works as my spiritual life coach to help me understand my world, my story, and establish my inner truth. He is an avid listener who not only works through his own instinctual and educational knowledge, but also with his spirit guides who assist him in the process. He gets down to the point and helps distinguish the facts of what is really going on and then works with me to bring forth choices and ideas that I ultimately decide to act upon and decide what is true. His time flexibility and optional donation prove his devotion to being in service for others and his true passion for helping those in need on their journey. I would highly recommend Pheonyx as a life coach. He has helped bring peace, love, and laughter to my reality and I thank him everyday for his unconditional love and care.” -Sarah R.

“Pheonyx has taught me so much about myself.  He knows how to get to the heart of things, what’s troubling you, what you need to progress in life, where your blockages are. But the thing that makes him extra special is the fact that he truly and deeply cares about the people he spends time with… and it makes the world of a difference. I can barely explain how much this extra special human being has impacted my life,”  -Andrew L.

“I had a call with Pheonyx some days ago, and it was AMAZING!!! Since the call things start happening for me!!! I can just say. BE READY for DOORS to be OPENED!!!!” -Mehtap F.


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