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The MerKaBah Method Lightbody Activation Workshop integrates sound, light, energy, movement, and transformative breathwork in order to activate the inner light body, clear mental and emotional obstacles, and open up the path of understanding to your life purpose… (click here to learn more)




“I attended this workshop and it was one of the most powerful, emotional releasing experiences I have had in a long time. Pheonyx takes the participants on a journey into intention and creation, empowering each person to fully manifest their authentic Self through a series of exercises and breath meditations that engage the mind, nourish the soul, and will literally rock your body! If you are able to attend this workshop, DO IT!” -Marc DeSharc, founder

“I am grateful our paths crossed! Since the light gathering I feel so very grateful, in general. Moments seem different. Breathing feels so light and yummy. I was told my eyes are brighter. I feel lighter, so much space has opened up inside. I also feel my body requesting a different intake. My cravings have changed. I notice my mundane thought patterns, mostly without judgment. I believe time means less and moments more. It’s amazing what occurred during those moments I was at the light gathering. I feel lifetimes away from where I was just days ago. I’ve been reading a lot about angels and light. Definitely more aware. Thank you ♥” -LaToya R.

“Intense, loving, cathartic, supportive and awakening… even as i use these words to describe what I am experiencing, somehow they do not seem adequate at all. It always amazes me how the Universe puts me exactly where I need to be… I was really feeling stuck and confused and indecisive. I knew I needed something to help me unblock the energy that was “bottle-necked” in me.  At this moment, I feel peaceful and am excited about what will happen next, and how this will ultimately help me live a life full of more love, joy, peace and clarity and to be more loving of myself.  Thank you, Pheonyx, for guiding all of us to the door!! And for your continued availability.” -Jules S.

“Since our time together, I have noticed a marked decrease in negative self-talk and a strong sense of inner calm and a pervasive sense of the parts of myself coming together into wholeness. Feels good. I notice I am listening to my body and honoring its needs. And I feel myself healing and becoming much more present to life than I ever have been. It’s like I am finally playing in the mud of life, taking the clay in my hands, and enjoying what I am molding it into. Yum!” -Mona R.

“It was a miraculous experience for me; it gave me the space to let go of beliefs that no longer suit me and breathe in more of who I truly am.  Thank you for being such a loving and intuitive facilitator of the Divine.  I am in your debt.  Blessings and You are Marvelous!” -Vivian S.

“Thank you for such a beautiful and sacred experience two weeks ago. The way you teach that love is the key to activating our lightbody and higher consciousness has been a pivotal step for me personally.  At the workshop, I felt so inspired to be strong with love, rather than “right:”.  I felt such awe-inspiring, electric LOVE and acceptance for everyone on earth, exactly as we are. Thank you from my heart!  That you are reminding us of the unconditional love that we are is tremendous.  So grateful to be connected with you all along the path of light,:  -Suzy H.

So blessed to have attended this workshop. With the gentle and loving guidance of the facilitator, I was able to go deeper than I ever thought I could. Since the workshop, I have been using the tools and skills I encountered to open more fully to the limitless potential of my light body and my Love connection to all. I have been presented with vivid dreams and visions, auditory cues, and a more comfortable sense of standing in my own power. The path is clear, my heart is open, my breath is strong, my love is infinite. Namaste.” -Phil H. 

“ I can not express how truly grateful I am…  Thank you for being the facilitator and conduit that you are!  I have woken up even more. To my light, to my strength, to my frailty, to the importance of relationships in my life, to my truth. I am that I am. In love, where nothing is hidden, and light, where all things are possible.” -Liz C.

“Powerful!  If I could explain it in one word… powerful!  I felt everything just exploding with energy. An amazing experience and a lot to process and continue to learn.  I opened up a lot of new doors and I’m learning a lot of new things and have moved into a better place ultimately. I feel this experience has definitely beneficial to my conscious growth, and I would definitely do it again!” -Jordan D. of Spirit Science.

“I participated in my second Merkabah Activation and it was the most intense yet. I felt balls of energy rotating in my hands!  During the first exercise I at first wondered if I’d feel called to write down any of the things that I had first written down on my first night. I was pleased that I did not, and took it as a sign that I did indeed release them. New words appeared on the page, and I had the choice to clear out even more. Now I am focused on how I currently show up in the world and the excuses I have found myself voicing for not getting done what needs to get done. With this second activation I went deeper, released even more, and opened myself more to Source and Spirit communications.  If you can make it happen, get to the Merkabah Method Workshop!  Things are moving so fast now and it’s time to get on the train!” –Laurie Burkhead

“Pheonyx is a wise and powerful soul, and his work with the breath is divinely inspired. I am intuitively and pragmatically guided, and I don’t trust just anybody to learn from. Good teachers like Pheonyx are rare. He is not only good at what he does but he is good at facilitating classes.I personally recommend him as being altruistic, humble and genuine. If you have the opportunity to study with him, do it. Listen to your gut, but if you can’t hear your gut then you should probably just do it. You will get more in touch with your inner truth, and as a result our world will improve.”  –Michael-Tree-Nye LMBT, Reiki practitioner, engineering student, human

“What an incredible experience! BREATH OF FIRE rocked me IN and OUT! I enjoyed the energies of everyone I’ve ever shared that experience with, and even the energies of the ones I want to breathe with! God is awesome and great! I am totally open to receive all I want and desire and to release any negative entities and thought processes. Joy, Joy, Joy, Peace, Love and Namaste!” -Anita Y.

“The workshop was extremely powerful and brought many lessons and gifts into my life. Participating in the workshop brought so much light and energy into my body. I could feel how much love I truly had for this planet and the pain of the distance from feeling that love. After the elation of the experience subsided, many of the patterns that block the heart came flooding to the surface soon afterward. The deep breathing has continued though, which has been quite a blessing. Thank you for your time and compassion.”   -Geoffrey G.  

“It was like someone had hooked an electrical current to my tailbone and shot all through my spine (“pranic tube”) right out of the crown chakra. I’ve worked with my chakras before but never this intensely.. WOW!  I was vibrating out of control, couldn’t stop laughing on the out breaths, and just felt so incredibly good afterwards, full of unconditional love for everyone, which I already had, but this really solidified and took any kind of shield I still had down.  I was told I was “glowing” afterwards by a few people.. It also brought everything that I had buried inside of me up to the surface – good and “bad”. It put a mirror in my face of things I need to work on and I am now currently working on in order to reach the next level of this incarnation known as “Brad”, and to transition more smoothly and with ease and excitement. Some of the work is a little tough but oh so worth it. It was perfect, and I was meant to experience exactly what I did.. what we all did. Much Love and Gratitude to ALL!!” -Brad R. via Three Days of Light (3DL) Gathering

I couldn’t stop crying on the out breaths, hahahaha ~ but in the best, RELEASING kind of way.  I love your description, Brad, of the electrical current….I felt much like that too….like there was this build up of energy that all of a sudden blasted every bit of residual resentment, bitterness, hurt, judgement….everything that wasn’t LOVE, straight up through my crown chakra and down through my root chakra. Much like two rocketships blasting off from my solar plexus area, and some moments left me uncertain as to whether I would stay grounded or take off with them!” -Mia Lou via Three Days of Light (3DL) Gathering (check out Mia’s full report on her overall experience on her BlissfulNewBeginnings Blog)

“I just now finished your lightbody activation video (see Journey to Rockmont – Pheonyx’s Merkabah Workshop belowWow. I thought I’d share my experience. I feel so happy. The first round was kinda tough to get through. Towards the end I started rocking. The second round there was more rocking and almost bouncing. I’ve experienced that before and I’m lead to believe it was me really feeling and being my pulse. I laid down at the end and let it out and it was just like a hum, and I cried a little. The third I started, then stood up, then nealed down again. For much of the whole thing I was in kind of a child’s pose, or prostration, but my hand were in front closer to my knees. I got a quick craving for ice cream as well.  lol. At the end I laid down, and hummed ohms and after that smiled and said ‘I love you so much!’ and Thank you, Pheonyx!” -Dayvid DesRoaches, via


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