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Totally Awesome QiGong (aka: Divine Breath Form) Lower stress, strengthen and build muscle endurance, increase your body’s own ability to heal itself of injury and disease by increasing the flow of Qi (chi) in your life. Come and learn the ancient martial art and meditative practice of QiGong. Qi (pronounced “chi”) Gong is a 5000+ year old energy art for strengthening the flow of life force & improving health. Similar to its ancient martial art practice of Tai Chi, Qi Gong’s recent surge in popularity has been a result of its simple and dynamic movements of practice.

Magnetic energy fields are formed and created in a slow graceful manner. The Qi (life force) literally throbs and pulsates in your hands. Some say it’s the most tangible experience of the spiritual life force energy. It yields a strong “Qi Feeling” in minutes. Based on the fundamental science of life and regardless of a persons beliefs or cultural background, Qi Gong yields the same result – enhanced vitality, and a clearer relationship with the True Source of that energy. There is a miraculous universe of Qi within each and every human being. Qi Gong is the practice of becoming more intimately aware of the miraculous energy that sustains all of our lives. Discover for yourself the joy and benefits Qi Gong provides as a regular part of your practice for health and wellness.



“I first began to really feel the movement of the qi during qigong which just opened me up wide. … I finally was able to connect to that energy flowing between my crown chakra and the far reaches of the Universe.  Thank you for the gift of providing the space for me to reconnect with the dance within my body.” -Geri L.

“Pheonyx’s QiGong class is meditative and rejuvenating.  The peace provided by the practice allows for insight from the internal to arise” -Stephen H.

“Thank you!  I embodied so much energy here today, my first QiGong class.  Thank you for explaining breath… I needed to hear that intellectually.  I very much enjoyed the self-empowering form.  I felt like a bird.  Everything was awesome!”  -Skysea

“Awesome class, Roldan (Pheonyx)! That was my first time doing qi gong. I am so glad Laurie turned my on to your class. Namaste, hugs, and kisses! ♥♥” -Mona R.

“For the last few years, I have heard of the word “Qi” and always wondered what it meant and what it was all about. Around six months ago, I decided to search the internet web. I looked around for a while and found great information and felt myself really enjoying the type of work and people that I had found. I eventually stumbled upon a video on of Pheonyx talking about Qi/Chi, and how it worked. I felt his passion for his work instantly! After this first video, I watched another of his and another and another. I eventually found his “the OCG project”, a page that he and friend(s) run, and many of his other webpages. I also downloaded and listened to his podcasts. His presence and work; and Qigong, have all incredibly changed my lifeAll of the benefits that I have experienced are unlistable. Some are though: Experiencing self wholeness, self-centered, feeling far happier, far more relaxed, far more intrigued with everything about life itself, and feeling much friendlier and open to everybody and thing of the world.  Qigong, Pheonyx, the OCG Project and everybody who helps to run it, and everyone who is a part of The OCG Awareness Project 365 facebook group page; You Have all changed and far bettered my life. My greatest thanks to all of you.  Much love and much thanks!!!  -Kevin

“A beautiful and powerful offering to the community.  Through Pheonyx’s guidance, I am able to access the energy in my body and move it throughout, which is such a healing and awakening experience!  I am so grateful for this practice.”  -John A.

“It was an awesome experience! Blissed out all day-thank you soooooo much brother!!” -Jonathan

“So I held onto the little thing, closed my eyes, and took deep breaths to calm myself. I could feel my heart slow down and as I gained control of my speeding emotions I looked at the little creature teetering on the edge of no return. It was barely breathing and just twitching. I set my other hand just above it and emptied my mind to allow myself to pull Qi (chi,energy) into my body.  I’ve been practicing Qigong for several months now, so it was a good time to use it. I think the most difficult thing about using it this time was having to get MYSELF under control. It was so difficult to get control when my entire system was under panic mode, but I knew it was all I could do, because I had a feeling getting to a vet would be next to impossible. There aren’t many bird vets around in the area and the closest one would probably be too far to even try to get that bird there in time… (read the full story by clicking here: “A QiGong Miracle” by Kikue Mugen)


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