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482959_10151311758406183_2073874176_nTHE JOURNEY… On March 21st, 2012 and through the next twelve to twenty-four months, Pheonyx Roldan Smith… teacher, student(of life), writer, adventure traveler, friend-maker, occasional poet, budding film documentarist, avid karaoke fan, metaphysical healer, professional volunteer and exploring founder of, will be traveling and documenting a long-awaited and eagerly anticipated journey around the world.  Documenting his venture by pen & paper (and occasional napkin or empty paper-bag if need be), his trusty computer, and as much digital film as both his youtube account and future film editor can muster, Pheonyx seeks to capture the stories of those dedicated to a life of service to the greater whole, and the deep exploration of the human spirit and the many people, places and communities which embody it.

THE INTENTION…  To explore sacred sites, intentional communities, holistic teaching and healing centers; and dedicate the next one to two years of his life to work exchanges and volunteer service projects around the world, and film the journey as it unfolds.

THE PURPOSE (in three parts)…

  • To serve those who dedicate their lives to serving others;

  • To highlight the people and efforts of many unknown heroes in the world and develop a resource network to connect these beings and communities to one another… and even more importantly, to you, the seeker and vital supporter of such efforts in the world; and

  • To bring awareness to these individuals, communities and relatively unknown projects which strive to help and uplift humanity and raise consciousness, love and compassion to those beings which they are here to serve…  On this Common Ground we all share, Planet Earth.

AND WE ASK YOU TO JOIN US…  To learn more about the overall OCG Project and how it all evolved, check out the “What Is the OCG Project” page.  To follow along and become an interactive part of the Project with your feedback, guidance and suggestions, and  to meet fellow seekers and energetic supporters of the Project, visit us on facebook at The OCG 365+ Awareness & Documentary Project!

Also visit the Communities & Causes page, and help design the journey by telling Pheonyx where you’ve been and recommending people, communities and service projects in the world which you would like to see highlighted for the film documentary.  We can’t guarantee that he will get to all of them (but hey… anything is possible, right?!), but we ask for your participation in helping direct the journey and the film project with your feedback and suggestions.  Our promise?  We will follow the Universal guidance toward such leads as best we can and see what unfolds before us on the journey while capturing every possible moment of it on film!

We also ask of those of you who have the ability and willingness to support this project financially to make a donation of your choice by clicking on the “Donate Now” button below or in the right hand column of this page. You can also make a pledge to our campaign (COMING SOON!) Check back for upcoming announcements, or sign up to receive updates by email.

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with deep love and gratitude,

 The OCG Project Team of Partners & Supporters


The OCG Project 365+: One World. One Journey. Three Parts.



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