The Three-In-One

“So what does “OCG” stand for anyway?” folks often will ask.  Well…  “OCG” literally stands for “On Common Ground”, the original name of this website when it was founded back in November of 2007 as a spiritual research and resource blog.  It’s simply another way I like to call the place where we all happen to be while we live, learn, and love here on dear ole planet Earth.  In 2010, the original website received a face-lift, a shift in purpose, and also a name change in order to communicate and support a slightly bigger mission and vision as my own path began to unfold onto a slightly large plane.  Here is a basic overall view of the three major pieces of The OCG Project as it has evolved and stands today…

06-29-heartPART ONE (the BOOK) is the story of a boy and his journey and his evolution through life from growing up adopted, gay, catholic and eldest son of a military family to become first a financial planner, then restauranteur, then antiques dealer, then interior designer, to eventually spiritual teacher, healer, occasional poet and roaming gypsy traveler.  It’s a modern-day “hero’s journey” with plenty of “dark nights of the soul” fraught with the telling of long treks through the lonely deserts of the heart, moments with mystics upon venturing into the caves of the human mind in order to reach the many a mountain tops of immense clarity and Universal connection as the path unfolds for this soul-traveler on an ancient journey through the human experience. It’s a story that many will find hard to believe but will not be able to put down until they’ve discovered where the highway to heaven leads for a man with an important and profound mission in life.

482959_10151311758406183_2073874176_n1PART TWO (the DOCUMENTARY) explores the journey of people in community by exploring and filming the experiences of living and participating in intentional and consciously evolving communities, primarily through volunteer work exchange opportunities around the country and very soon around the world. The current leg of the project takes me into the greater unknown traveling around the world for the next two years visiting sacred sites, intentional (and unintentional) live/work communities, holistic learning centers, ashrams, monasteries, and Lord-only-knows-where (literally) while I film and connect with amazing beings doing amazing light/consciousness work around this big blue planet of ours. Through traveling, writing, filming and offering service work to people and communities around the world, I plan to exchange and record stories with others from all parts of the world with whom we all share space and time with in a world-wide community.

tumblr_mbwq6a5HHB1qh9s5oo1_500PART THREE (the AOM WISDOM CENTER) is the culmination of the next 3-5 years through phases one and two above, guiding us to the final piece of the three-part process (the holy “tri-unity”, if you will) which symbolizes the journey of the collective body of the conscious evolution of all beings on this common ground we all share, our dear Mother Earth. Through this grand exploration, we will attempt to answer many of the questions that are being asked about how personal, spiritual and even global economic and geo-political changes are affecting humanity and how we live in, on and around this living planet today.  And more importantly, the bigger question to ask is… “How can we all come together to build a new paradigm of community centered around a central school for higher learning, personal care and collective growth?”

THE VISION: the AOM Wisdom Center and Live/Work Community is on the leading edge of change… the creation of a fully co-operative live/work/learn/play culture and community  based on wisdom sharing and practical applications to Life via some of the most innovative and co-passionate thinkers and doers on the planet today.

THE PURPOSE:  To address and implement real and tangible solutions for living in peace and harmony with the planet, her resources, and each other within a community which also contributes back to the collective whole.

THE MISSION:  Serving as both a center for higher learning built upon, nurtured and sustained by a 24/7 live/work/play community, the AOM Wisdom Center for Esoteric & Practical Studies and AOM Self-Sustainable Live/Work/Play Community seeks to attract like-minded people from all corners of the world to live, learn, explore and share the many truths and life-enrichment tools that connect us all to one another and the ever-changing, ever-expanding whole of Humanity.

So, how are all the issues we are being asked to take a serious look at shifting and changing the world we inhabit and stewarding today?  How are humans not only a major part of the problem but also a primary source for the solutions… if we so choose?  How is the planet as a whole literally “waking up” to the truth that every single thing on the planet is connected to the greater whole more seamlessly than even some of the greatest minds ever once thought possible?  And how does all of this affect not just humans but all sentient beings along side, within and above this common ground we call home.  These are the parts of The OCG Project that I and many other connected beings are currently exploring in-depth… the individual, the local and the global pieces of the whole.

My hope is that, whether old or new to the Project, that you will stick around.  My request is that you will take the time to explore the contents of these pages which have been compiled with much love and attention with the intention of helping provide resources and inspiration for your own path towards awakening.  And if you have received benefit from the many teachings and sharings on these walls, that you would consider not only sharing these resources with others but also supporting the Project with a financial gift (something I like to refer to as “green energy” =) so that we may continue to share and expand this work and its presence in the world.

My wish is that we all learn, grow and expand with each other.  That we continue to remember what it truly means to be able to share our individual lives on this very special planet at this very special and unique time in human history.  That we continue to expand in ways of wisdom of how we can share this space in more harmonious ways as a collective body of humans, plants, animals and everything above and in between.  That we continue to shift our awareness towards a greater understanding, appreciation and utilization of the planet’s resources… and one another.

We all sleep, eat, play, laugh, cry, love, learn and stand together on this common ground called planet Earth.  The OCG Project continues to explore all of that which make up the life experience, and so much more that is yet to be revealed as we continue to ride that mighty elephant into the greater unknown.   Please enjoy the ride!

Infinitely inspired and eternally grateful for each and everyone one of you,

Pheonyx Roldan Smith


The OCG Project 365+: One World. One Journey. Three Parts.



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